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How To Make Sex In A Car More Comfortable


Individuals thinking that sex in a car as something that’s crazy, funny, awkward and done only by horned up teenagers, well think again. Sex in cars is a thrilling and pleasurable thing not to mention if you have the best cars to have sex in and the most alluring and tempting partner.

You actually have all the right and freedom to enjoy and satisfy yourself as long as you are not causing problems to others so why deprive yourself and limit your sex life only on beds? Having sex in a car is extremely a steamy and exciting experience especially if you know the best car sex positions. If you haven’t tried it, it’s high time you try it now.

How To Make Sex In A Car More Comfortable

Sexy car sex is not just ultimately pleasurable; it might also be kinky for some considering the fear of being caught. Needless to say, having or making sex in the car can fulfill fantasies of both men and women. For the best experience, you need to have the best places for car sex and the best cars to have sex in mind.

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The Best Sex Positions the in a Car Unveiled

You can give sex in a car a try especially if your sex repertoire starts to become monotonous and boring. Bring the fire and sizzle back by adding your favorite car to the list of best places to have sex. You might think that expanding sexual horizons can be challenging when there’s a very minimal space available. Aside from awkwardness, discomfort has been tagged with sexy car sex. Regardless of how advanced car industry has been, quickie inside the car can be less romantic and satisfying if both of you are uncomfortable.

This is where the significance of the best car sex positions comes in. These positions can help men and women having sex in a car achieve the highest level of pleasure. The following are best car positions you can try to keep the fire and passion flowing and ensure that car sex is going in a comfortable and pleasurable manner:

How To Make Sex In A Car More Comfortable

  • Backseat Driver

In order to feel more comfortable in this position, you might need to flip forward the front passenger seat and this push close towards the dash as much as possible. The woman climbs romantically on top of his man in a reverse cowgirl sex position. The woman can either bend her legs or kneel with her feet out of his hips. She drives the real action, grinding and bumping as she wants. His man, on the other hand, can recline on the passenger-side back seat then come along for the sexy car sex thrill ride.

  • Belt Bondage

This is another car sex position that you should try. In this position, the man lies on his back all across the backseat. The woman, on the other hand, ties his man’s hands over his head making use of the seatbelt. The woman then climbs on top and do the grinding as she wants, but she needs to be careful. Men need to fully trust their partner when turning out to be this kinky. This car sex position definitely works especially for women who take what they really want with no apologies.

  • Seated Rear-Entry

In this car sex position, a man sits on the passenger seat with his woman on top in squat position. Deeper penetration combined with closer eye contact can provide ultimate pleasure. You can kiss and caress her breasts and coddle your kinkiest fantasy to the fullest.

How To Make Sex In A Car More Comfortable

  • Yab-Yum w/ a Twist

This is one of the best sex positions in a car and the greatest way to obtain naughty and wild in the passenger seat, particularly the front seat. Partners usually sit facing each other while the bodies are close and touching in great ecstasy. This is a factor that makes this one of the steamiest and intimate car sex positions. Your hands are actually free to caress your partner and stimulate his or her erogenous zones. Give this car sex position a try, and your passion and satisfaction will surely soar high.

Whether you have tried these car sex positions already or you are looking for new and unique ways on how to have sex in a car, the positions given above can spice up your intimate sex life. Mastering these positions can also take your sex life to the next level since these can make things thrilling and hot. Just don’t forget to turn off the car to avoid troubles and have some clean cloth or towels ready to protect your car seat materials. Also, sex in a car isn’t just for men and women, lesbian sex in a car or gay car sex are also possible these days.

Suggested Ways on How to Make Sex in a Car More Comfortable

How To Make Sex In A Car More Comfortable

The best place to experience and enjoy ultimate public sex is inside the car. However, things can sometimes get in your way. The following are ways on how to make sex in a far more comfortable:

  • Go Prepared

If you’re anticipating sex in a car, wear the right clothes. There’s nothing worse than being caught by passers-by with the trousers around the ankles; you can never disguise this kind of thing. Keep things simple. It would be best if women wear skirts.

  • Keep Everything Private

Technically, it is a public place sex. It would make your partner uncomfortable if you attract an audience so better keep everything private. It’s not cool getting caught though.

  • Create a Comfy Environment

It is indeed a great idea for you to ensure that your car has a comfortable temperature. Despite the limited space, individuals can enjoy sex in a car if it is cool inside. Turn the car AC on and play some music to set the mood.

How To Make Sex In A Car More Comfortable

All these are helpful ways and tips on how to make sex in a car more comfortable and enjoyable. Bear in mind these things before you dive into a car sex act to ensure that everything ends up smoothly.

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