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How To Make Sex More Interesting


We always hear about some tips to have better sex and better orgasms for a better relationship. Most couples around the world are looking for the best solution on how to keep sex interesting and more other ways to making having sex more fun and enjoyable.

There are times when you noticed that your partner is no longer excited to have sex with you especially before going to bed. Unfortunately, you like sex too much. Don’t stress yourself with so many works and start bringing back the lost desire.

So, are you ready to light the fire? But, before the game begins, make sure to lock your bedroom so you can get naughty without worrying about any sudden interruptions. These moves will surely make your sex happier, hotter and sexier.

Ways to make Sex more Fun

Most couples around the world are looking for the best ways on how to make sex fun and how to spice up their sex life as well. If you are one of those lonely couples who are in search for the best remedy in making sex more interesting, below are some of the best tips for exciting sex:

  • Role Play

The best way to add spice to your sex life is through role-playing. Role-playing will set the mood, and your partner might look greater and sexier for you. To have a better sex life, you and your partner need to fantasize and set the mood. You can also create a sexy scenario and wear sexy lingerie to turn on your partner. You can also wear sexy dresses like a cowboy hat, tall boots, and blonde wig. If it does not turn you on, at least you will share a good laugh together.

How To Make Sex More Interesting

  • Bedtime stories

Many couples around the world are using fantasy as their way of getting back their desires. You can try making up sexy stories and watching scenes from a romance movie to arouse your imagination and increase your libido. Since the biggest sex organ is your brain, it is important to use your imagination to create bedtime stories that will make the two of you excited. Making bedtime stories is proven as an effective way in making sex a lot more interesting.

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  • Foreplay

Well, the name itself tells you what to do. To spice up your sex life, you have to master the foreplay. Foreplay does not only focus on the actual sexual intercourse. It starts early in the morning each time you wake up. Make sure to always stay connected with your partner. A simple text or call will make her feel secure and confident about your relationship. There are so many ways to make your sex more interesting. One of the best ways is to make sure that your partner is not stressed. Remember, less stress will make your woman feel emotionally connected always.

  • Be Inventive

Sex is indeed more exciting if you choose to improve its mechanics. Sex is not just about the usual sex positions and the common oral sex positions that you always do. Try inventing new things with your partner, and you have to make sure that the two of you are enjoying every moment. Couples who have a good sex life are always inventive and ready for new things just to spice up their sex life. So, it’s about time to try something new to spice up your sex life. You can also try using some sex toys like vibrators and dildos or simply ask yourself the things you need to do on how to have fun sex.

How To Make Sex More Interesting

  • Do something you never did before

It does not mean you need to wear some props just to set the mood. Although this is not a bad idea, it does not matter anymore to most couples. It means that you need to switch your approach and get some new ideas to spice things up. If you never tried swallowing his sperm, then why not try it. This is one way on how to make sex exciting. Start surprising him with your sexual advance by wearing sexy lingerie. If you keep on doing things you usually do, then it is time to go an extra mile to make your partner appreciate your sex effort.

  • Be Enthusiastic during sex

If you are too tired from your whole day, work and you don’t have enough energy to have sex, be careful about how you let your partner know about this. So, if it is not the right time to have sex, say it gently and promise to do it later. One of the best strategies to please your partner is to do more things that you know he always likes. This is how to make sex more fun and to spice up your sex life.

  • Try being a student and a teacher

There are hundreds of helpful ways on how to make sex interesting. All you need to do is to find out which among these tips and ways will best fit you. After thinking about on how to please your partner for a while, why not try being a teacher and a student. To do this, choose a lesson in which you know how to discuss and acts as if you are a real teacher. Then talk about things that make the two of you aroused and started talking dirty with your partner. Fantasizing and making stories is very helpful in establishing good sex life.

How To Make Sex More Interesting

  • Talk Dirty

Talking dirty has turned on many people of all ages. Since the brain is the largest sexual organ, people tend to respond to all the words and messages they often hear. When it comes to talking dirty, women can feel fully aroused the moment they hear something romantic. This is a form of art that if properly done, it can also result in excellent sexual experience.

This list has included the best and helpful tips that are proven effective to have a better sex life. Always remember that to achieve your desired results, you need to spend time, energy and effort to make things up. Life is short, so spice up your sex life now!

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