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How To Make Your Dick Bigger Without Pills


Millions of men are faced with the problem of having a short penis size and have always wondered if it is possible to get a bigger dick. Actually it is very much possible to enlarge the size of your dick but the problem comes with the method you choose on using. The method is as important as the result and therefore you shouldn’t just use any method to enlarge your dick. Some of the methods that are used by some individuals are quite unsafe and may even lead to a worse state or condition. In desperation, many men have opted for surgical methods to increase their dicks which may be quite unsafe and risky. Whilst in the same desperation and stress, other men get duped with counterfeit drugs that are made by scrupulous business people who don’t care about the well-being of their clients but only the money. Some of these drugs are actually harmful to the body due to the side effects that they cause on the body.

In some cases it works effectively while in others it may backfire terribly. It all depends on how it is done and whoever is doing it.

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Why go through all this hustle when you can actually get a bigger dick in a simpler manner. There are numerous natural means of how to make your dick bigger without having to cause harm on the body functioning. If you have been asking yourself, “how to make my penis bigger?” then ask no further as we have the right answers for you.

How to get a bigger dick without pills


Using pills is one of the options of how to make dick bigger. It is actually one of the most used means of dick enlargement by numerous men out there. The fact is that there are several safe pills in the market to use which are sure to work in enlarging your penis size. The only problem is that not everyone is comfortable using these pills on a regular basis. There are other people who would just opt for natural means on how to grow a bigger dick.

As much as those penile pills have been tested and proven to be very effective and have minimal side effects in the body, there are several male enhancement methods present that are options for how to grow a bigger penis. One can use pumps or even penis extenders. There are still those who find it hard to use pumps and therefore opt for means of how to make your dick bigger without pills or pumps. Luckily there are just as many ways of how to do this effectively without causing harm to the body. We will look at some of these means of how to get your penis bigger in detail below.

Find out other penis enlargement methods below:

Penis extenders

how to get a bigger dick

This is one of the most common penis enhancement devices in the market if you are asking yourself how to make my dick bigger. With its wide usage, it has helped a number of men to increase the size of their dicks and also boosting the libido during sex. It is all natural and uses a well-known olden medical practice of traction. It works when tied to the penis thus creating a pull effect on it to extend its size.

There are numerous penis extenders in the market and getting the right one is important. The type of penis extender that you buy should be one that is tested and approved by a medical practitioner so that it is passed as safe for use. There are some extenders that are not standard and thus can cause a strain on the penis which could actually lead to it failing permanently. Remember as the process of dick enlargement is permanent, the results you get are also permanent whether positive or negative. You should therefore be very keen so that you avoid using the wrong equipment. Those who prefer not to use pills have found great help in these devices and thus have gotten the chance to extend their dick sizes from small sized to big.

It has a number of advantages when using it which we can mention just but a few:

  • Utilizes the traction technique in rectifying penis disorders. The traction method has been used since long time ago even by certain communities who place rings on their necks for a period of time so that they elongate them. The end result usually has a longer neck and this is achieved in a safe natural way.
  • When used correctly and with the right amount of time, they can actually make your dick bigger. This however depends on your dedication in wearing the extender constantly so that the full benefits of it can be achieved.
  • Best penis extenders are easy to use and have no side effects on the body. Even though they are quite effective in usage, some people do not like them or rather consider them hard to use because of the following downsides:
  • They require patience. If you are looking for how to make your dick bigger using penis extenders, then you need to be a lot patient. These extenders are worn on the dick and apply a pull effect on it using the traction technique thus achieving the long size. This process needs to take place at a constant interval of around 6 hours a day for at least 7 months. This can be a challenge to many since not everyone is patient enough to wait this long for the changes to be seen. Most men would want something that would only take a few days or hours to work which at times is also not advisable. This long process is usually the safest as there is no side effect in due process.
  • They require endurance. Wearing these extenders in between your legs is not an easy job. Especially for first timers, it can be pretty inconveniencing and uncomfortable to wear since one is not used to having an equipment such as this. Remember that you would be wearing the equipment for close to one year everyday so that it can fully work.

Therefore as seen above, using penis extenders is an effective way of how to get your dick bigger but it requires you to be dedicated and patient. Otherwise it is a safe and advisable way of how to get a bigger dick naturally.

Penis exercises

Exercising your penis is yet another way of how to make your dick bigger naturally. Research and studies have proven that regular exercises on your penis can increase it by a few inches. You can achieve this in several ways including gently stretching your member and holding it in that position for a couple of seconds. This is actually the same way that penis extenders work. The stretching effect is what is known as traction. By doing so, you would be pulling the muscles on your penis thus enhancing its size. Just like using penis extenders, this method will take a good amount of time in order for you to start seeing the changes. It therefore requires patience and determination as the process can also be tiring.

how to get a bigger dick

Another penis exercise on how to make penis bigger is jelqing. It is a common practice that has been used over the years and it works by stimulating the circulation of blood into the penis. It involves stimulating cell division thus creating new cells in the penis. This then causes the penis to expand due to the need to host the new cells that have been created. With this expansion comes the increase in the size of the penis thus becoming thicker and longer.

You can also perform these exercises by rotating your penis clockwise and anticlockwise for several seconds which still helps in achieving the end goal of elongating the penis. Whichever exercise that you would choose to use, make sure that you are gentle and consistent. Consistency is very important if you want to extend the size of your penis using exercises. Penis exercises is a very effective means of how to get a bigger penis if used in the correct manner and with limitation. Avoid overdoing the practice though as this can lead to a permanent damage to your member.

Changing your lifestyle

There are certain lifestyle practices that can be a contributing factor to penis related disorders. Living healthily and consuming the right stuff can help you a lot if you want to avoid getting certain disorders related to the penis. Especially if you are looking for how to make your penis bigger, regulating your lifestyle would be quite useful to you. Changing lifestyle is not usually easy for many people. It is actually hard at times since most of them are used to these practices and cannot easily change them. It is however possible to achieve a lifestyle change within a certain time frame as it is not just something that you can change once. Apart from helping you to get a bigger dick, it can also help to boost your sexual appetite. A lot of men lack the libido and sexual urge due to the kind of life that they live.

At times men find their members looking small due to their large bellies and excess fat. Fat can hide the true size of your dick and actually make it look smaller. This it does by covering the most parts of the dick thus even making you worried and stressful for nothing. At times the best thing to do in this case is to lose the excess fat through regular exercises and by changing the kind of diet you eat. You can make it a practice to eat a lot of fruits and drink a lot of water which helps in getting general body well-being.

It has been argued also that smoking would interfere with your penis in the long run. This is because the smoke that gets into the body hinders blood flow to the penis thus preventing the right type of erection. Irregular blood flow to the penis cannot make you erect and can actually cause erectile dysfunction disorder. It is therefore advised to reduce the amount of smoking or rather just quit especially when you start having these troubles. Changing your lifestyle is therefore a very effective way of how to make your penis bigger without pills. It can be hard for a start but would prove very effective in the long run.

Eating foods that help enlarge your penis


If you are wondering on how to make your dick look bigger, you should probably be lucky reading this now. There are a variety of foods that are rich in nutrients necessary for dick growth and enlargement. Bananas have been proven to contain high levels of potassium in them. This potassium is useful in the development of a healthy and well-functioning heart thus ensuring that blood circulation around the body is constant. When the blood circulation is constant, then a harder erection and a longer dick can be assured.

This is because an erection occurs due to the flow of blood into the penis which makes the muscles to stretch and consequently leading to the erection.

Onions help in this blood circulation as well by preventing blood clots and encouraging a consistent and regular flow of blood. The other foodstuff that is vital for the growth and enlargement of the penis is the salmon fish. This fish is rich in essential fatty oils such as omega that help in the development and quick growth of the penis. This it also achieves by encouraging proper blood flow around the body and with emphasis on the penis.

We can therefore conclude by stating that natural means of dick enlargement are very efficient when used correctly. Again they are permanent and there are no side effects. As indicated earlier it is however important if in case you choose to buy a penis extender that you purchase the right one and not waste your money buying counterfeit products that could harm you. In order to be sure, you can do the purchasing at trusted vendors and websites. Hopefully if your question was how can I make my dick bigger, then you definitely have the right answers now.


  • Florel says:

    I was skeptical but to decided to give it a try since I read that penis tends to shrink as one gets older. So, I tried with the thinking that I just want to retain the status quo as I am hitting my 50s soon. To my surprise I actually gain .25 inch within a month. I don’t even do it as vigorously as described by other PE practitioners that I read in some PE forums. I just do a few minutes every other night while taking shower.

  • Rick says:

    “No oil, herb, food, drug, device or exercise will increase the size of your penis. Surgery can provide a small increase in size, but it is risky and there are many common unpleasant side effects.

    If you are very overweight, losing weight will reduce the fat on your pubic mound, eventually exposing more of your penis, making it appear to be longer.”

  • Reagan says:

    “Eat at a restaurant, talk loudly on your phone the whole time and then complain loudly to the server that “”service isn’t what it used to be””. Refuse to tip. I guarantee you will be the biggest dick in the place.

    OK, all kidding aside. As others have mentioned once you have reached adulthood you basically stop growing. All of you not just your junk. You don’t get taller, your arms don’t get longer, your feet don’t get bigger. Doesn’t matter what you eat.”

  • Hamish says:

    “Well, there are some foods good for pen*s. The idea is to make grill banana in salmon and then eating onions. actually, banana, salmon and onions are among the best foods for pen*s size. Here are the reasons:

    – It is shown that men who successfully gain inches usually have healthy hearts. And, bananas have that benefit. It has also shown that the potassium found in bananas aids in the health of the heart health and also helps one with proper blood circulation. With this good circulation of blood and a healthy heart, it makes penis growth achievable.”

  • Elina says:

    My boyfriend bought this for himself to add a little extra length to his goods. Personally, I like him the way he is but he thought a little extra would be nice and I have to admit, he was right! This product added about 2 or 3 inches in just a few short months. We love it and wish we could use it forever. It’s comfortable to wear and you can even find cushion pads to make extended use more comfortable and luxurious.

  • Nicandro says:

    This device works as advertised. Extra extension rods and silicone nooses are necessary though. I have done some other modifications to make it work better, but it beats spending $400 dollars for a brand name extender.

  • Armando says:

    Bigger penises aren’t better , and they aren’t very high on women’s priority list . And you don’t need a penis to sexually gratify a woman .

    For almost all men , the penis they have works perfectly well . Do not compare yourself with the ‘statistical outlives’/’freaks of nature ‘ that you see in pornography , remember pornography is fake and certainly doesn’t show pleasure or gratification .

  • Orson says:

    It’s not difficult to increase the size of your penis by an inch in eight weeks. Some people may even experience a far bigger increase within that time, but for most people this is an acceptable increase in length. The only reliable method of increasing your penis is also the cheapest and safest method available. Even if you decided to try taking penis pills in order to achieve results, you will be advised to perform at the very least the milking exercise in order to promote the size of your penis

  • Osborne says:

    Yes, you can solve this problem. There are several pills available in the market that promise to give 100% results but most of them are crap. here is the thing i got for you. I personally use this product.

  • Oswald says:

    Yes, you can solve this problem. There are several pills available in the market that promise to give 100% results but most of them are crap. here is the thing i got for you. I personally use this product.

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