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How to make your Penis Bigger without Pills


Are you not satisfied with the size of your dick? Do you encounter problems in satisfying a woman because of your small penis? You don’t need to worry. This article will help you know the things you need to do in order to have a bigger penis without pills.

With most men, it is one of their major problems that served as their secret as well is about the size of their penis. Most guys who own a longer and bigger penis tends to be more confident when having sexual intercourse with any girl they want. If you want to avoid small dick embarrassment, you need to take all the possible actions to take your dick bigger without using any pill. Some say that the performance is still the best weapon of a guy. When you have a bigger penis, you don’t need to exert effort; your large penis is already your weapon. You will be able to please, satisfy and provide your partner the best orgasms of her life.

To most men, however, it is and that blossomed to an industry of male enhancement products, one of which is the penis extension.

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Benefits of a Bigger Penis

Before knowing some of the tips and tricks on how to make your penis bigger naturally, here are few of the many benefits of having a bigger dick.

If you are an athletic guy, you don’t need to hide your penis to your friends. If you have a bigger dick, you will be proud of your penis especially in dressing rooms where men are seeing each other penis. One of the best benefits of a bigger penis is that it serves as an added pleasure to your sexual intercourse. You can have the ability to please your partner and let her moan and beg for more. A bigger penis can give you the confidence to take every sexual intercourse to the next level. With a bigger penis, you can easily drive your partner to climax. Orgasms are very important to your partner, therefore, having a bigger penis will help you to make your partner to cum and achieve the best orgasm of her life. The bigger penis also provides better sex experience.

These are few of the reasons why most men with a small dick are choosing to make their dick bigger. If you are one of those men who have small dick or a normal size penis, you can make the decision now and start doing the right thing just to make your manhood bigger and even longer.

Other methods also include:

The Size really matters!

There was a survey for both men and women about the issue if the size of the penis really matters. 67.4% of these women said that the size is important in their sexual life. However, there is some report about women who just like the average size of the penis.

Most men want to have a bigger manhood for many reasons. And one of the reasons is their ability to please their partners in bed. The length and the shape of your penis really matter since it is the only weapon you can use and serves as your identity in your sex experience.

Penis Enlargement Exercise

Stop wasting your time on some fancy products that do not provide safe results. Some of these pills have side effects that may harm your penis, and worst these may also damage your health. So, here is the best solution that is proven to be safe and effective.

  • Stretching Exercise

If you want to increase your penis’ length, this exercise will definitely help you achieve the goal. This exercise also helps you to achieve 30% more erection. The session of this exercise should last for 5 to 10 minutes every session. You don’t need to worry because this exercise will not put any risk to your penis. This will improve the length of your penis. This simple tactic is being used by many men to achieve a better result on their dick. All you need to do is to retract the skin of your penis and grasp the phallus behind. Just be careful not to harm your penis. Start pulling your penis upwards and downward to your knees.

  • Wally Up

To start this exercise, all you have to do is to sit in a comfortable chair. Then hold a towel next to your penis and put the towel on your penis and then hold it for three to five seconds. Do it for ten to fifteen repeats. Before doing this exercise, it is also important to do a warm up by squeezing it using warm water and warm cloth. Following this exercise, you can easily gain an increase in both the size and the length of your penis.

  • Kegels’ Exercise

This exercise is a simple yet very effective way of making your dick bigger. All you have to do is to squeeze the muscles on your penis. The exercise is just the curl up position. This exercise will help you to squeeze the muscles in your penis which results in an increase in the size of your manhood.

  • Jelquing Exercise

Jelquing exercise is also another way you can do to achieve an increase in the size of your penis. What you need to do is to wrap your fingers and hand around the base of your penis then squeeze and press the head of your penis. With this, the blood flow will increase into your penis especially when you stretch it. You can also have the opportunity to use both your hands when doing the exercise. The blood flow through your penis will increase efficiency.

  • Circular Rotation

You can achieve the result you want when you opt to perform this simple yet effective exercise. This exercise is related to the stretching exercise. The only difference is that: you need to use only one hand for holding your dick while stretching it out. With this position, rotate your penis clockwise for 30 seconds and then another 30 seconds for counterclockwise. For better results, perform this exercise for 5 times a day. Just make sure to avoid the risk of damaging your penis. So, gently perform the exercise.

Penis Enlargement Foods

Who says that the food you eat does not affect the size of your penis? The healthy food you eat will definitely affect the size of your penis. Here is some of the best food that helps increase the size of your penis:


Most studies reported that eating bananas has a great help and impact in the overall size of men’s penis. Men with a healthy heart tend to have bigger and longer penis. The healthy potassium found on bananas promotes healthy heart which in results helps someone for better blood circulation. Increasing the size of penis depends on the proper blood circulation that comes into your penis. During your every meal, start eating bananas together with the above penis exercises to achieve better growth and results.


Fishes are the best source of fatty oils. Omega is one of the popular fatty oils that are found in fishes. These fatty oils are good for the health and proven to be one of the best aids in making the blood circulation better. Having a healthy blood flow is proven to be the reason why most men are having a bigger penis. Not only that, but this food also helps for stronger erections.

Penis Enlargement Foods


Onions are also one of the best foods that promote better body blood circulation. This also avoids blood clots in the body. Having a healthy blood circulation helps in achieving bigger penis and having a healthy heart. Start incorporating onions together with your exercise to achieve the best results you want.

If you are really planning to make your penis bigger naturally without using any pills or having surgery, you need to be patient in doing all the necessary exercises and eating healthy foods that promote proper blood

SizeGenetics Extender

SizeGenetics Extender is one of the best and popular devices that are used by most men in order to have a bigger penis. This device has been known for many years now and offers best results which leave every customer happy. SizeGenetics Extender has gained popularity because of its amazing effect on men especially in the size of their penis. The device offers wide benefits and proven to be safe and effective.

The device makes it possible for your penis to become larger. The SizeGenetics Extender supplies painless stretching of your penis which causes the cells of the cavernosa to split and pull away. During this process, new cells are also created which allows your penis to become stronger and bigger. The traction of the device provides you the opportunity to have quicker results. The device is proven to be safe, painless and the results are lasting.

SizeGenetics Extender

If you have a bent penis, this device is also a great aid for treating your bent penis. The bent penis is a condition where the penis becomes curve. This is a serious case that affects the sex and makes it difficult to make sexual intercourse better. The device not only enlarges your penis but also cure the curve or bent penis. This device can straighten the penis that is bent. Using a penis extender comes with results that vary from the person. However, one of the goals of this device is to provide an increase in the size of your penis. Using extender is a gradual process and takes time to achieve your desired target. This device is out there on the market which is offered by different sellers. Just be careful and avoid scammers.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps

Another good product for you to use and incorporate into your penis enlargement exercise is the Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps. This device is used by most men who are aiming for a bigger penis. If you are one of those men who want to know how to make penis bigger, then you should try this device. This device remains to be the most popular pump that is known to most men. The pump is a water-based pump which is being used in the bath or in the shower. Bathmate has the ability to help you in making your penis grow bigger. Not only that, but this device also makes it possible to fight impotence and improves erections. It has been tested to be very effective for premature ejaculation, erection problems, and many more issues.

Most men who used the product have reported having a good stamina which provides them an extra hour for their coitus. The features of the devices are designed by professional engineers who are expert when it comes to suctions. The Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps makes it possible to pull the blood into your dick which increases the blood chambers which then in result provides you with longer and thicker penis. Still not please about the amazing benefits of the Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps?

Here are the benefits of the Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps:

  • Increase in the length of the penis up to 1-3 inches
  • Increase the thickness of the penis
  • Helps erectile dysfunction
  • Enlarge the penis head
  • Straighten a curved penis
  • End Premature ejaculation
  • Strengthen orgasms
  • Improves self-confidence

The device continues to gain praises and good positive reviews from most of its happy and satisfied customers. If you want to have a Goliath-like penis, consider using this pump. A small penis doesn’t look impressive to most women. When we talk about male enhancement, most of the men are focusing on the improvement of their penis such as the thickness, the length, and their overall sexual performance.

For many years, people have their own side about the size of the penis. However, most of them are expressing their opinion which states that “the bigger and longer the penis, the better.” No matter how much time you spend arguing with those people about the size, the truth will slap you that having a bigger penis comes with numerous advantages unlike having a small one.

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The above male enhancement techniques, enlargement exercises, and foods are of great help in achieving your dream size for your penis. With all of these in mind, you can now answer the question, “Can you make your penis bigger naturally?” The answer is yes! Start doing all the exercises now, eat healthy foods and incorporate the recommended devices that are mentioned above.

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