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How to Orgasm Every Time


A lot of men would want to make their woman orgasm every time; however few can really make it. If you do not know much about lovemaking and how to make a girl cum and at the same time satisfy her read on these tips. This will help you learn how to give your woman the time of her life.

  • Orgasm on your Own

Before trying to orgasm with your partner, first, you must know how to achieve it by yourself. There’s so much pressure to do when you are just on your own, and no one is watching.

When trying on your own, ensure that you are in a private place, alone and you are very much comfortable. For almost everybody, the place that is both private and comfortable is the bedroom. However, you can also try in your bathroom or shower. It is all up to you where you think is safe and comfortable.

How to Orgasm Every Time

  • Stimulation

For girls, sexual pleasure, as well as stimulation, happens in 2 diverse ways: in mind and in the body. A lot of guys take for granted this balance of the body and mind, and rush into penetration. You have to start gradually and slowly intensify the focus you give the girl and vary the acts or stroke you perform. Therefore, start sex with slow strokes which vary in angle and depth. This action warms up the girl physically and allows her body to accept and accommodate you totally and it provides you a chance to watch for what kind of stroke speed, angle and depth stimulate her the most and satisfies her to the fullest. Hear her groans, watch her eyes and sense her pleasure levels as you vary your approach.

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  • Pay Close Attention

Make it clear that your main objective is satisfying her as much as you can. Showing your woman how much you care about giving her the best time turns her on mentally and emotionally, and it enables her to tell you what feels the best as well as where you must focus. Dirty talking helps, it increases excitement and break down barriers. The mental images that they make will stimulate her sexually.

How to Orgasm Every Time

  • Double Stimulation

Want to find out how to make her orgasm every time, try double stimulation. A lot of women obtain their sexual climax from external, stimulation of the clitoris and not penetrative, vaginal sex. Therefore, focus your attention on satisfying her using your fingers or orally and giving her external satisfaction like rubbing her clitoris carelessly in a circular motion with the tips of your middle, index and ring fingers while partaking in actual sex. This doubles the possibility of reaching sexual climax.

  • Get Her in the Mood First

A lot of women do get easily warmed up as men do; therefore you have to get her first in the mood if you want her to enjoy the sex. This is where foreplay is essential, kiss your girl on her entire body and make her feel that she is being respected and appreciated.

  • Talk to Her While You Are Doing Foreplay

Tell your woman how lovely she is and how you want her badly. There’s nothing better than the feeling of approval and acceptance. If you can make your woman feel that you really love and appreciate the whole thing about her, then you can make her reach sexual climax.

How to Orgasm Every Time

Look for the G-Spot

So as to help her obtain an orgasm every time, you have first to understand where the G-spot is, and how to stimulate it. On the other hand, before you do that, you first need to know what g-spot is. G-spot is an area located inside the vagina on the front wall about 2 to 5 cm within the entrance of the vagina. So as to find the g-spot, you must enter one or two fingers inside her genital area, with the palm of your hand facing up towards its front wall. Explore carelessly with your fingers until you come across a small rough patch.

Now that you’ve found her G spot, then you need to know how to stimulate it to a powerful orgasm. The superb way to stimulate the G-spot isn’t by rubbing, but through using firm pressure to this part. The best way to do this is through tapping your fingers carelessly up against the g-spot area.

How to Orgasm Every Time

It is best to talk to her to obtain the right level of pressure during this action. You have to ask your partner what she feels and so to inform you if you’re doing it too soft or too hard. Doing this, you’ll ultimately be capable of helping her achieve orgasm every time. However, always keep in mind that mastering the art of orgasm doesn’t happen overnight. It may take two to three love making sessions before you can give her powerful orgasms.

Big Penis Really Help a Lot

Size really matters on how to make a girl orgasm. Intense, screaming, moaning, hard orgasms, in general, happen when a guy has a thick, long and powerful manhood which put’s intense friction on her clitoris and gives such long and pleasing strokes to the sensitive parts inside her. If you have a small penis, you don’t have to worry because there are ways available to increase it significantly. You can enhance the size of your penis using natural enlargement exercises, which can be done with your hands. You can also try using penis extenders and pumps. Male enhancement pills are also proven very effective in boosting the length and width of a penis. Use unbiased sources to study up on the diverse types of natural ways you can utilize to get a better, bigger penis, and take action with the one that suits you the best.

How to Orgasm Every Time


These tips are just a few of the many things to learn on how to make a girl cum every time. But, make sure that when it comes to lovemaking both of you should understand the need of each other; you need to be open-minded because through this you will have a thrilling and exciting sex experience.

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