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How To Please A Man Sexually


If you seriously wanted to blow your partner’s mind in bed and give him the best sex that he ever experienced in his entire life, you better keep this important advice in mind.

You’re going to know how to please your man in bed and make his head turn. You will learn the whole thing you ever need to know regarding giving him enjoyment and pleasure and how you’re going to transform yourself from being the best girl that he used to, to the completely hot sex goddess which you know you have the possibility to be.

How to Please a Man Sexually Tips to Follow

These are helpful tips you can follow to please your man:

  • Sex Is More than Just Intercourse

You have to understand that sex is not just about intercourse. In fact, some or perhaps a lot of men find oral stimulation more pleasurable than sexual intercourse. Thus, if you are determined to know how to satisfy a man sexually, you have to practice oral technique and look for more ways to completely please your man in bed, not just through sex.

How To Please A Man Sexually

  • Seduce Him

If girls love to be uttered with sweet words before sex, men love to be seduced. Always remember that men are turned on easily with what they perceive, so play with it, and eventually, you will drive him crazy in bed. Check These Seduction Techniques

  • Give Him a Blow Job

Men enjoy blowjob more than anything else. If you want to please a guy in bed, you have to know how to do the blowjob. This job can deliver tremendous pleasure for him.

  • Touch Erogenous Zone

There are specific parts of a guy’s body which is very sensitive and will drive him crazy with fantasies. Aside from his genitals, you can touch, kiss and caress his nipples, inner things, groin area, abdomen as well as neck. Light licking or kissing really work best.

How To Please A Man Sexually

Follow the methods to know more about how to get perfect satisfaction during sex:


  • Know the Best Sex Position

One reliable tip on how to sexually please a man is through knowing the best and enjoyable sex style. A lot of men love the dog style and missionary position because they allow utmost control and penetration. You must try out as many as you can and look for few positions that both of you will enjoy the best. Different couples have different choices. It will depend on both of you. Therefore there’s no such thing as the best sex positions.

  • Look Sexy

Want to know how to sexually please your man? Then look sexy! Men are visual being, and they easily get turned on the things they see. Wear a sexy dress and always make yourself smelling fresh. They also love girls with big bobs. Research shows that about 87% of men prefer women with a breast size of cup C. This only shows that size really matters. You can also wear push up bras to enhance the appearance of your assets or wear any sexy lingerie that you have.

  • Ride on His Sexual Fantasies

Riding on his sexual fantasies is one effective way on how to please a man sexually. You have to agree to his fantasies now and then. If wishes you to put on a doctor’s uniform or play nurse, then do so. It does not affect your personality instead it will add fun and creativity to your sex life. On the other hand, always remember that there limitations to what you can do. In case you don’t like what your man’s request, talk to him nicely and suggest a different idea which you believe is easy and comfortable for both of you.

How To Please A Man Sexually

  • Be in Control

More often than not, women leave the sex part to the guy and that you become dull and boring afterward. As mentioned, sex or lovemaking must be given and take. However, never hold yourself to what you could take. Through giving, you will get something in response, so go an extra mile in giving happiness and pleasure to your guy.

  • Vary Position

A lot of men love variety, so the best thing women can do is to break the routine and discover new positions which will give him lots of fun and pleasure.

Of course, adding array also adds to the thrill of your sex life. It could even make your man think about you more or put a smile on his face when he is at work. He will always remember you and will rush home to see you.

  • Never Limit Sex in the Bedroom

When lovemaking, never just concentrates on changing positions, but also explores other areas of your home. You can try lovemaking at the stairs, in the kitchen, in the garage or garden if possible. This will provide excitement and thrill and will surely please your man. This might be a bit of effort, most essentially when you have kids, but certainly, you can always find ways on how to please a man.

How To Please A Man Sexually

  • Empty Your Mind before Sex

One effective way on how to please a man in bed sexually is to make yourself and your mind ready before making. A lot of women are often diverted with the ideas about things that need to be done in the office or bills to pay or thinking about the kids in school. This situation can end up in lack of desire and energy in sex. If you want to satisfy your man in bed, you have to empty your mind, erase all the negative thoughts. Give your man a hundred percent attention and time, and enjoy.

  • Be Active and Responsive to Your Man

A lot of men often don’t know what women like in bed because women are likely to be not open about it. If you could learn how to talk to your man about sexual needs, then you’ll both find your sex life satisfying and exciting.


Start with these ways on how to please a man in bed and eventually you will add more enthusiasm and excitement to your lovemaking.

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