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How to Please Women in Bed for Better Sex Relationships


Do you wish to keep your sex life on a peak always? Make sure to utilize these tips on how to pleasure a woman in bed, and you will understand what it takes in order to keep it exciting at all times.

How to Pleasure a Woman?

First, keep in mind that satisfying your woman in bed is not an art. It takes a deeper understanding of her and her needs. As long as you put the sexual needs of your partner ahead of yours, and take not to keep sex fresh, rest assured that your sex life will stay alive and exciting for a long time to come.

How to Please Women in Bed for Better Sex Relationships?

Perhaps, you may have heard of the subject how to make sex feel better for a woman, but the most powerful sexual organ people have is not in their underpants but in the head. Why? It’s our brain, which plays the vital role in pleasurable sex. If your mind is convinced that you have a great sex, chances are, each other part of your body will follow as well.

In order to satisfy and have amazing sex with your woman in bed, you must understand how to make her mind take advantage of the things you perform in bed.

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Sexual satisfaction hangs on more on emotional intimacy. After all, two individual can get together and have great sex for a while. However soon, tediousness will set in, and the pleasure of adoring sex will begin to disappear in no time.

However, if you are aware on how to make sex feel a better woman, you will establish a better relationship, which is emotionally stronger at the same time, make sex feel better and more intimate in the long term.

How to Please Women in Bed for Better Sex Relationships?

How to Please Your Women in Bed?

A lot of men get sexually aroused quick and can lose the erection really quick as well. But for a woman, she takes her time in order to get aroused, and whenever she does get aroused, she was able to stay aroused for a very long time.

So, if you want to know how to make a girl cum, make sure to use these tips provided below:


If everything fails, a girl going down on girl normally succeeds. If you are having a hard time in getting your girl warmed up for the action, you can just go down on her and spend some gentle time down there. This will establish the drive for an excellent night ahead.


A lot of men hurry the foreplay without considering their woman. Only because you are up and prepared does not denote your woman is prepared as well. You need to take your time prior penetration, and both of you will surely enjoy sex much more.


The common erogenous zones in a girl are various, going from her ears, from the back of her neck, all the way to her toes and knees. However, every woman has distinct sweet areas, which change the button on immediately.

Make sure to nibble and kiss the whole length of her body and remember the zones, which excite her. It will be always in handy the next time you like to arouse her quickly.

How to Please Women in Bed for Better Sex Relationships?


Falling asleep right away after the act is a great indication because it indicates you are secure enough in the relationship to only enjoy the soothing sensation without worrying about strange moments. However, there is a thin line in the middle before taking your woman for granted and being secure.


Looking great for your partner makes a big difference in the experience she has in the bedroom. After all, having a better-looking man is much of a turn on. Make sure to have a shower if you plan to make love at the end of the day, and trim all those hairy areas clean. Feel great and smell great in bed, and your partner will surely have a difficult time keeping her hands off you.


If you wanted to learn on how to make a girl orgasm in bed, this is as easy as it gets. You need to put the needs of your woman before yours. Know her own preferences, be it on the right part of the bed or the dim lighting and ensure she is feeling at ease enough to relish having sex without any awkwardness or insecurities.


The dullest of sexual relationship is the one where both person only does the missionary and do not experiment at all, be it about dirty conversations or positions. If you like to do more than only satisfy your woman in bed, you need to try new stuff always. If you feel like a particular position or specific sex fantasy, revive things up by trying something new.

How to Please Women in Bed for Better Sex Relationships?


Only because you are inside your woman does not mean you must stop concentrating on the rest of her. You should play with her body and move your fingers all over her. Grab her, stroke her and massage her all over. It will surely turn your woman on a lot more than only concentrating on the missionary position.

Does Sex Feel Better for a Man or Woman?

Men believe in sex more oftentimes. The majority of men under 60 think about sex about once per day; just at least one-quarter of women tell the same. Men claimed more natural arousal and more different fancies than women do. But a study found men like more sex than women do at every stage of the relationship.

Aside from that, it’s not possible for men to have several: orgasms and ejaculation are two different procedures. A man feels an orgasm in the brain while ejaculation is the physical aspect of the orgasm. A man can easily ejaculate even if he’s not ejaculating. However, the training for the minute is intense, and it is a rare individual who has the patience and time to devote to the tantric sex act, which aids men to accomplish this.

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