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How to Please Your Man


Even if men are known to please women more in the bedroom, they don’t have to be in control all the time. Women also need to do their part too in order to make sexual intercourse more thrilling. How to please your man is something every woman must know in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship. A guy wants a girl who knows how to please him in bed. The following sex tips for women can be very helpful to please their partners in the bedroom.

  • Look Hot and Sexy

Men are visual beings by nature, men like sexy women. Well, it doesn’t mean that you have to look perfect or you don’t need to look like a model, what it means is that you have to look at least desirable and good on sexy lingerie. Even if men will speak that they love their partners in all forms and shape, of course, they still prefer a sexy and fitter version of you. So, if you want to know how to please your man in bed, then you must have a desirable body which will make his shorts tight. For plus size women, losing those extra pounds could be life changing with regards to the sexual relationship with their partners. A fitter you, will not just make you look desirable in bed but it will also make you more confident and feel better about yourself.

How to Please Your Man

  • Forget All Your Doubts and Inhibitions

Forget all your inhibitions and thoughts in the air. Women more often than not are shy and too conscious of their body and those things stop women from enjoying lovemaking. It could be hard for a guy to make love to a woman who feels uncomfortable, embarrassed as well as awkward with her own body. When it comes to ways on how to please a man in bed, you must be comfortable being naked in front of your guy and whatever inhibitions you have, you have to eliminate them and throw them in the air. You have to be confident with your figure and be open to try new things in the bedroom with your partner.

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  • You Have to Be Creative in Bedroom

Love making could be a routine when you keep doing the same stuff in bed constantly. In order to keep your sexual bond more thrilling and exciting, you have to be more creative. Creativity is a vital aspect in satisfying your partner in bed. Change the routine and do something unique or different in bed. Being creative does not essentially mean doing things you’re not at ease with instead doing things which you and your partner can handle and have fun with. You can try new sex moves to surprise your man, explore the use of sex gadgets or toys, watch porn movies in the bedroom or try role-playing. Lack of creativity and variation in sex life can push a guy to get fed up or bored.

How to Please Your Man

  • Be Open

Be open and talk about how to make your intercourse satisfying. To know what men want in bed, then you have to be open with each other. Listening and communicating with each other’s sexual needs could be a great help in satisfying your man in bed. You can also ask your man about his sexual desires and fantasies and make it a reality for him. There’s nothing better than making his dreams come true and make him satisfied and happy.

How to Please Your Man

  • Sex from Behind

Want to know how to sexually please your man, why not try intercourse from behind. This is by far the most preferred sexual position by a lot of men out there. Never underestimate how much a guy loves this sex position during sexual intercourse, a lot of girls do. A lot of women choose not to have sex in this position and just let a guy have sex with them in the familiar missionary position. For a lot of men, this position is boring. Variety is required besides the missionary position, however, more essentially the behind position is precisely what makes men wild. So, if you want to please your man in the bedroom then offer him your behind and for sure he will love you more.

How to Please Your Man

  • Over the Top

Want to know how to please your man while on top? Get on top and start to ride around his manhood. You have to practice this technique as a man really enjoys this. Show to your partner that you’ve got the moves and could move his manhood in diverse positions while you’re riding on him. This surely drives your partner crazy. Men can’t stand a girl who simply sits on top and does nothing. They love a girl who could take charge and play while she is riding.

  • Oral Sex

A couple of studies have revealed that a lot of men really enjoy oral sex more than sex. This provides you a picture of how essential this is to a lot of guys. A lot of women avoid this oral sex with men and through doing that they’re making a huge mistake in their life. You have to try this if you want to satisfy him. If you don’t try this technique, you’ll never fully satisfy him. To know how to please your man orally, start by licking his balls up to the tip of his penis and slowly suck the head. This gives him an immeasurable pleasure.

  • Love His Manhood

If you take this technology for granted, you’ll find it hard to please your partner in bed. Satisfying your men in the bedroom include loving his intimate private part. Men love their manhood to get some love. Know how to pleasure your man down and he’ll love you more for that.

How to Please Your Man

  • Focus on His Erogenous Parts

A guy loves to be kissed and touched not just on his penis but also on other erogenous parts of his body which could bring amazing pleasure to him.

These erogenous body parts are also known as hidden zones including ears, inner thighs, groin as well as chest and the neck. Never leave these parts neglected as your man can get so much happier if you will focus on those hidden zones. Satisfying your man in the bedroom is not hard when you will put your best effort to discover his body.

How to Please Your Man

Start with these ways to satisfy your man in the bedroom and eventually you will add more enthusiasm and excitement to your lovemaking.

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