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How To Pleasure A Man


“How to please my man in bed”? This is a common question raised by women who are curious about how to please and satisfy a man in bed. How do you please your man in bed? Better yet, how do you have sex with him? Do you do this in a manner that he will never forget? Is it touching his manhood, sighing into his ears or groaning when you feel that amazing pleasure?

While these are ways on how to pleasure your man in bed, you have to add some flavor into it to have great sexual intercourse. It’s essential to remember that what impressed your partner in the past might not essentially amaze him today. If you like to remain attractive and fresh to your man sexually, these are the things you have to do:

Take Blow Job to the Next Level

If you are to electrify your guy in bed, then you have to perfect your skills in oral sex. Men love this and knowing some technique will be helpful. Oral sex is a vital part of sex life, but just a few women know the right technique in doing so.

How To Pleasure A Man

Rather than sucking his penis immediately, you must begin with some squishy touches. This will increase his expectation, and set the phase for a mighty orgasm. Never forget to make use of your tongue as well.

Deep Kisses Will Please Him

If you like it when your guy is in control during intercourse, then the best way on how to pleasure your man is to respond to his actions by giving him deep kisses. This helps him keep the tempo as he pushes inside you. One way to heighten excitement is to take the lead while kissing him.

How To Pleasure A Man

Show Some Enthusiasm

There’s no way you are going to satisfy your boyfriend if you do not show him that you are in the mood. Show that you are not only after penetration. Be proactive prior and during intercourse to show your boyfriend that you are into him. There are many ways to pleasure your man including holding him tight, making eye contact and smacking his ass and changing positions. You have to take charge often during sexual intercourse.

Compliment Your Guy during Sex

Telling your man some sweet words during sex can drive him crazy. This can be done by keeping your hands on him all the time and allowing him to know that you appreciate the way he’s making love to you. Massage his neck, thighs, kiss his neck as well as touch his butt. As a whole, massage his erogenous parts, and he will truly love it.

How To Pleasure A Man

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Many women commit a mistake of believing that men do not love foreplay. They have this perception since guys are naturally sexual creatures it’s easy for them to get stimulated and as such foreplay becomes irrelevant. On the other hand, nothing can be further from the reality.

A good sex style that men will love is dog style. In this style, the guy is in control. What is more, he gives deeper thrusts which allow him to strike the G-spot and caress your breasts, neck as well as stomach and other sensual body areas.

If you are really into pleasing your boyfriend, why not allow him to experience dog style? Well, both of you will surely find it very pleasurable.

Maintain a Sexy and Fit Body

Keeping sexy and fit body helps you please your man in bed. Even though your man adores you regardless of your body shape, it can’t be denied that a lot of men are visual, sexy women turn them on. Go to the gym and start shedding body fat. You don’t have to be sexy like those supermodels or celebrities; you have to look fine in sexy dresses or clothes. If you want to satisfy a guy, a hot sexy body could be of great advantage.

How To Pleasure A Man

Tease your man outside the bed

For married couples, lovemaking doesn’t just start in the bed. Great sex needs preparation, and usually, it starts outside your bedroom. One of the things on how to please a man in bed is to awaken that great desire in your man especially if you are apart from each other. Make your man dream you up and desire sex with you anywhere he is. When he’s on a company tour, tease your man on the webcam so he cannot wait to get home and have sex with you. Message him and send some sexy words or naughty pictures. There are many ways to taunt him and set fire to his libido or sexual desires as well as to trigger him to daydream about you.

Be Proud of what you are

One thing which hinders girls from enjoying sex with their boys is the embarrassment and awkward feeling of being naked in front of men. When you are too self-conscious, you’re making it hard for both of you.

Be positive and be confident with who you are and what you have. If you want to satisfy a man in bed, get rid of hesitation and enjoy the sex with your man. Try new position and be flexible and you will be astonished how satisfied your guy can be.

You Have to Be Creative in Bed

A lot of men have their sexual desires, and you are the one who can fulfill these fantasies. Experimenting and creativity in bed are not bad given that it is in your moral values and both of you agreed to it. Experimenting does not mean to say having another individual in the bedroom to join you. If that is not acceptable to you or your partner, don’t do it. There so many ways to experiment in bed and please a man in the bedroom, like using sex toys for a change. When you truly want to gratify a man in the bedroom, know his sexual fantasies and aim to accomplish them.

How To Pleasure A Man

Sex is a process, right from the foreplay to the act itself up to reaching the climax. The most excellent way to delight your man involves allowing his pass in the whole process. Do not be in a hurry to make love to your guy. Take time, and your man will value the effort and reciprocate the love to your fulfillment.

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