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How to Pleasure a Woman


How to pleasure a woman is an important question every man would have probably asked since the beginning of time. While it may yield the same answers if you ask other women, not all women have the same preferences in the ways how men can pleasure them. This is an important consideration for men to make sexual activities more pleasurable for both parties.

How to Pleasure a Girl through Foreplay

How to Pleasure a Woman
You need to lock and load a gun before firing, right? It is somewhat similar if you’re going to have sex with your partner. Good and long foreplay is necessary to get her in the right mood. A girl needs to be stimulated to get lubricated enough for a successful and pleasurable penetration. Give her a lot of kisses and be creative with it to make foreplay exciting for you as well as you see her body’s reaction if she needs more. Discover where her most sensitive parts are all over her body and focus on these places to get her highly aroused with a great warm-up.

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How to Pleasure A Woman Sexually

How to Pleasure a Woman
Some men tend to worry too much about their sexual capacity while others have erectile dysfunction. Both can truly affect a man’s capacity on how to pleasure a woman sexually. Luckily, there are male enhancement pills, supplements, exercises, videos, and other products that can treat this condition. All of these can improve stamina, erection quality, endurance, and libido to last the whole night of pure pleasure. Try new sexual positions until you find the one where you and your partner are most comfortable with.

How to Please a Girl with Massage and Aromatherapy Oil

A simple massage combined with the relaxing scent of aromatherapy works. The most common massage that will turn you into an expert lover is recital massage. A sensual massage from the thighs, legs, all the way down to her feet is like a bolt of electricity charging her whole body with pleasure. Play the perfect song, do the hand strokes, and you got a perfect formula on how to please a girl.

How to Please Your Woman Orally

You cannot go by the book with oral sex, but it is one of the best ways to please a woman. There is a great technique on how to properly do it, but sometimes, your best teacher is your woman’s reaction when your tongue is busy pleasuring her down below. The extra sensitive nerves around a woman’s vagina are when you form a number 8 pattern surrounding her clitoris area. Suck, nip, and lick from right to left with erratic speed and pressure for a more intense result.

How to Pleasure a Women Completely

Don’t put all your efforts and attention in the clitoris alone. It is because there are other parts of the anatomy of a woman which you should discover if you want to know how to pleasure a woman. Take for example the labia. These are not just a simple piece of skin surrounding the clitoral area. Massaging these two between your forefinger and thumb will activate the nerve endings, and your woman will get highly aroused already. Other parts you may want to focus on is the neck, earlobe, shoulder, nape, spine, arms, breasts, stomach, bellybutton, the list is endless!

Get experimental with sexual positions as many as you can. Sex is a give and takes process. Sometimes a position may bring more pleasure to her while others are more pleasurable for you. Some women prefer to be on top during sex while others prefer the missionary position. You can always change position anytime as long as you are both comfortable with it to reach orgasm.

How to Pleasure Your Wife with Open Talk

The best way to know how to pleasure your wife is to ask her what she wants and what she desires each time she thinks about sex. Coax her into opening up because she will feel more comfortable and appreciative knowing you want to know how to please her. Most of the time, men are more vocal about what they want, but women will reciprocate the effort silently but eagerly. This will give both of you the chances of opening up, experimenting and enjoying sexual fantasies, and positions anytime the desire hits you.

Best Way to Pleasure a Woman with Quality Sex

A woman would prefer quality sex over quantity. Don’t think that just because your partner is willing to have sex with you each time you want to means it is always pleasurable to her. Think about how sensitive her vagina is and how constant fiction may bring discomfort to her. She will look forward to having sex with you more when she is comfortable and without pain. The quantity won’t matter to her but, then again, you might as well expect more because you’re giving her quality sex each time.

How to Pleasure a Woman with Fingers

Nothing brings a more powerful pleasure in women than hitting the G-spot with your finger. You can manipulate the spot gentler with your finger than with your penis, but the rear entry of doggy-style position can also give you better access to hit that special point during intercourse. Let your woman feel your finger slowly moving inside until you get the reaction you want. Giving and taking one of the most intimate moments during sex can bring pleasure to both partners.

These are just some pointers in finding the best way to please a woman. If you feel you fall short in the category, consult a doctor to properly address your thoughts for you might need to take one of those male enhancement pills. No matter what you do, always surprise her in the most pleasurable way you can think of for her benefit. Even the most timid woman will fall and open up to your sexual expertise and experience pleasure like never before.

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