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How to Stimulate Clitoris


Do you wish you could make your girl moan and experience amazing orgasms? Maybe you and your gal have already done a good bedroom sex, but if you want to kick the sex up a notch, you certainly need education. One of the ways to make your partner experience powerful orgasms is through clitoris stimulation. The question is how to pleasure the clitoris and make her shout your name in pleasure.

You are on the right page if you are looking to educate yourself in the art of lovemaking. Clitoral stimulation is one of the best ways to bring your partner to orgasm and enjoy a so-good- sex that your neighbors hate you. It’s number one rule that you know how to stimulate a clitoris for body-shaking orgasms.

How to Stimulate Your Clit (For the Girls)

If you are looking for ways how to stimulate your clit, you are sure to love these techniques. Before trying them out, first, you need to make sure you are comfortable with doing them. If you feel stressed or uncomfortable with them or something else, you will find it difficult to enjoy these clitoral stimulation tips and make masturbating a lot more fun.

How to Stimulate Clitoris

Whether you are masturbating or experimenting with your partner, you are likely to be eager to try these techniques as quickly as possible. That is completely fine, but though, taking things a little slower is far more pleasurable. Do it as if you are teasing yourself and once you reached orgasm, surely you will feel glad that you took your time.

To start, find a position you are comfortable with, as it will give you the most pleasure while touching yourself. For the guys, letting your partner also find their “own position” will ensure them that they are on for a moment they will never forget. You can also use a lube while doing these techniques. It will make it much better to achieve orgasm when stimulating a clitoris.

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The Squeeze

The squeeze is a powerful technique even when it uses indirect stimulation. This needs you to grab, squeeze and move the folds of skin covering your clitoris. When you squeeze the skin, you won’t be touching your clitoris directly, but you will feel the pleasure that it puts on the clitoris.

While you keep the folds of skin held together with your fingers, you can slide your hand in up or down or side to side motion. This will make you feel a lot better while touching yourself. You can exactly perform them in various ways, so it is advisable to play around so you can discover the one that works for you.

Feather Light

The feather-light technique is a lot like the opposite of the squeeze. It is done where you put pressure on your clitoris. In this clitoris stimulator, you touch yourself very lightly with minimum pressure to the point that your movement feels as if they are soft vibrations.

Start by putting on some lube on and around your clitoris then bring your finger to the side, barely touching it. With your finger touching the side of your clitoris, move it up and down while still in contact. You should do this gently, like feather touch, with tension building to make an extended orgasm.

How to Stimulate Her Clitoris (For the Guys)

For the guys who are looking for ways on how to stimulate a woman’s clitoris, the best techniques involve the use of your finger and tongue. The tongue, especially, is one of the best lubricants that her clitoris will surely love. By learning the following clit stimulation techniques, you are sure to give your partner a body-shaking clitoral orgasm.

Clitoral Orgasm Using Your Tongue

Once your partner is comfortable and thoroughly excited with nice foreplay, you can use your tongue to stimulate her clit by starting from the base of the vulva making your way to the top. Stop licking her clit with your tongue before the clitoral hood then you can restart again.

Ignore the clitoral hood then remove your tongue from the vulva so she’d crave for more. When you’re done, start licking again by focusing on the inner labia and her vagina. Next, slowly do the stimulation again but start focusing on the sides of her clitoris.

They say the best positions in stimulating her clitoris with your tongue are at one o’clock and eleven o’clock so you should focus on those. For even better stimulation, start moving your tongue pointedly towards inner labia and vagina to build her up for clitoral orgasm.

Make the force with your tongue invading her soft but forceful to build pressure and tension. After that, slowly focus on directly stimulating her clitoris. Pull her clitoral hood with your finger then hit it hard with diagonal, side-to-side or up-down licking for extra stimulation.

This time around, you give her more pleasure by using your fingers too. With your fingers, massage the clitoris while licking the sides. Do this in slow, teasing manner while also gradually increasing the speed. After a while, slow the speed of your licking, and then make it faster again in an almost rhythmic way.

Licking won’t be enough in stimulating her clitoris. You should suck it too by slowly seeping her entire clitoris. Suck and flick your tongue over it to make her cum in the pleasure of a passionate orgasm. Do this rhythmically, slowly picking up your pace to lead her to intense stimulation and orgasm.

Together with your finger, do these over and over again until your girl cries out your name in intense pleasure. The key is the slow, steady rhythm for girls always like it slow and even rough. Of course, you should consider what your gal like in experimenting clitoral stimulation techniques.

If you don’t mind getting dirty and so does she, then you have plenty of ways to get down and experience intense pleasure than just the normal boring lovemaking. Whether it is clitoral stimulation with your tongue, finger or use of vibrators, there are plenty of ways that you can try to elevate your sex life to a new level.

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