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How to Strip for Your Man


Are you thinking of something wild and extraordinary tonight? Do you want to impress him with that body making some sexy moves and wearing seductive get-ups? I guess you want to do a sexy strip tease for him! If it is your first time and you are worrying that maybe you look ridiculous in front of him, don’t get bothered. We got you covered! We will be guiding you in learning how to do a strip dance for your man.

You don’t need to go to a nearby strip club to watch how the girls strip for their clients or there is no need to ask advice from the famous strippers in town just to show something extraordinary and sexy tonight. Unless if you’ll do a sexy striptease to a team of basketball players. This is only for your man – your special and only man!

So, if you are ready, then to let me break to you the first tip.

  • Take a Proper Conditioning Beforehand

Since striptease is made in the form of dance (sometimes lap dance), it is a good exercise you can use for your body. Every exercise needs stretching, so as with the striptease. Before he arrives, bend down, touch your toes, raise your both arms and have some stretching to loosen up the muscles. Do it moderately. There is no need for a hard-core exercise or do any sweat-triggering routine. If you feel your body gets a bit relaxed, then cool down and get yourself ready.

How to Strip for Your Man

  • Wear Sexy and Comfortable Dress

Wear what makes you feel sexy tonight. There is no need for you to buy those fancy lingerie, wear some fishnets for your legs or flaunt a more skin to look super sexy. Also, there is no need for you to have a perfect and sexy body to strip for your love. You are what you are. And besides, he loved you for whatever you have and own. You can wear a tank top and thong or a silky little dress that makes you feel sexy. But if you want him to give a total hot striptease show on your first anniversary, wearing super sexy dress will also do as long as you are comfortable with it.

  • Play the Right Track in the Background

Carefully select the best lap dance songs beforehand and have it on the playlist. Some fancy pop music or a mellow song can do the trick. Listen to the beat and rhythm and make sure it has a strong connection to the things you do. Music is playing a big role in your hot striptease presentation as it gives color and justice to the dancing.

How to Strip for Your Man

  • Look for the Best Spot to Start

A spot to start a hot striptease for your man is important. You may don’t want to come out from anywhere to surprise him, right? Make sure you have plans for this. Unlike the professional strippers who use a pole, there is no need for you have one in your bedroom. In fact, there is no need to have other extras or props if you are doing a striptease show. Good music and a rhythmic body from you is enough. A spot like a doorway is a good place to start the show. Strip down the doorway but make sure to hold that balance, so everything looks perfect.

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  • Act like You Don’t Know Him

If you are worried about how to strip for your man, whom you have known for quite some time, pretend like you don’t know him. It is the best way so you can avoid consciousness. It can also build your confidence to do a striptease to someone you are with maybe for a long time. Pretend like you are a guess dancing in the room. That is the sense!

How to Strip for Your Man

  • Move It, But Slow

Go with the beat and rhythm of the music in the background. Do these like the sexy girls stripping in the clubs. Strip dance is all about seduction and by it, you are on a goal to entice him using those gentle moves. Take some small steps, wave those hips and waste gently, gently slide down and up, and give him a sharp, serious look in the eye. Lick your lips to give him more orgasm. You can even touch some parts of your body that could attract his attention. Learn also how to give a lap dance for a more intense presentation. Drive him crazy as he watches you doing the play.

  • Take Off Everything Slowly and Gently

After giving him a hot number, remove everything one at a time. This time, the last thing you will remove is his clothes. Take it all off but don’t let him touch you. You should be the one maneuvering the situation. Tease him with that swaying body, touch his cheek, slid down your fingers to his chest and drive him crazy by gently caressing his girth. Make sure he’s doing nothing and don’t let him touch a single skin of you.

  • Make Him Want You Even More

Remember that the essence of striptease wants a thing that you can’t have. You may give in eventually and give him the things he wants to have, but not until you have made him crazy with a desire to get you. Before going into the main dish, make sure you made him want you so badly. After all, you made it worth a wait.

How to Strip for Your Man

There is no need for you to have an experience in striptease or lap dancing if you want to entertain your beloved partner. Also, you don’t have to dress like a real stripper to look sexy. What makes you feel comfortable that night is enough to show your desire than the other nights. Just give your all, and surely it will be appreciated. Striptease is one of the best ways you can do to show your partner that you are willing to think outside the box at the expense of making him happy (and horny).

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