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How to Use a Penis Pump


We often hear dick pumps or penis pumps but really, most do not know what it is. So before we begin with an in depth discussion, what is a dick pump and more so what do penis pumps do? Basically, penis pumps are used to enlarge small penis. So, do penis pump work? Yes, they do work and had helped millions of users all over the word with their dick problems. For the next question I’m sure you will ask, how does a penis pump work?

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It’s very simple actually; this is directly used on the penis so that the muscles there are enlarged. We will be discussing in this article the way it is used as well as many other pertinent information which will lead you to understand more on what cock pumps are. And even for this, there are also different kinds and types with which you can choose from. There’s a lot being sold in the market which caters to different purposes.

Now, it is up to you to choose which one you think is beneficial for your need…

What are the Choices for Penis Pump?

How to Use a Penis Pump

Whenever you say the best penis pump, the choices are actually very broad. There are many choices for different purposes so the best will depend on your purpose of using it. When you want a penis pump for enlargement purposes then the hydro penis pump is the perfect choice. This is actually one of the most popular types of penis pump. This popularity may be attributed to the fact that millions of men all over the world had proven how effective it is. If we are going to assess, one of the best penis pump is the one from Bathmate. These pumps are readily available to provide good quality to their users. If you want to know more about this penis pump, it will be discussed later on the latter part of the article but you can also check it out from their official website so you can also check on reviews done for the product. There are many varieties of Bathmate penis pumps for enlargement purposes.

You can choose based on your goals and budget so you won’t have to overspend on it.

There are two major types of penis pumps, the air vacuum pump and the water-assisted pump. If we are going to compare the two, the water-assisted or hydro pump is the definite choice. This is more comfortable and effective as compared to the air vacuum type.

What is a Water Assisted Pressure or Hydro Penis Pump?

Penis pumps are very popular for years in the market but recently, there are additional types which often cause confusion to new users. But let’s get to know all about water penis pump which is the most popular type these days. So these hydro pumps actually work the same as the vacuum based penis pumps but it uses water instead of air. And since it makes use of water to create a vacuum force, it is often and is recommended to be used in the shower. It allows you not just to multi-task but it is also very convenient. With this type, you can easily incorporate it to your daily routine so as not to miss and for best results. If you are consistent in using it properly everyday then results can easily be seen in as fast as 30 days. The good thing about this is that, the effects are permanent unlike other means of penis extension.

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Do Penis Pump Work – 4 Major Sexual Health Benefits

Now that we are able to establish that penis pump really do work. Let’s learn about its health benefits. You can easily find out and learn since there is the internet, it demonstrate how to use a penis pump video. But first of, let’s learn how this is beneficial.

how to use a penis pump

  • It increases penile size. While penis pumps are known to address impotence, he size is also a major concern. For men, the size of their penis is very important. Most of the time, men become so conscious on their size that their overall sexual experience gets affected.
  • It helps address erectile dysfunction. In the United States alone, around 20 percent of men have severe erectile problems. There are many factors involved but the fact remains that one of the most important factors to consider is the age. As a person gets older, the body also changes. Diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses and other psychological problems also contribute to this concern. The vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction is quite effective in helping them get an erection.
  • Peyronie’s Disease. This is another penis dysfunction but it is also not a very common one. This is actually the development of abnormal curvature in the penis when it is erect. This causes not just discomfort but also pain during love making which totally can destroy the mood.
  • It increases libido. Penis pumps are not just used by those who want to increase their penis size but it is also being used by those who want to improve their sex life. Regular pumping can actually cause higher sexual desire.

How to Use Penis Pump for Men: The 3 Major Types

How to Use a Penis Pump

Now if you want to learn how to properly use a penis pump then you should know which one you’d like to learn as there are manual pumps, electric penis pumps or battery powered pumps. The penis pump results can be noticed fast depending on the type you choose. Let’s learn what they are.

  • Manual Pumps

This is actually the most basic kind of pump. The way it is used maybe the same but the materials used to create these manual pumps are different. One of the best things about this is it doesn’t make use of batteries in order to function.

  • Battery Powered Pumps

These are also known as electric pumps. They are used to assist in pushing air out from the main tube. If you want a fast result then this is a good choice for you. These are often used by older guys since it does not require much effort from them when being used.

  • Water Assisted Penis Pumps

This is the most popular kind of penis pump these days. If you search the internet for penis pump before and after, the most common example you can see will be one where hydro pumps were used. They are the most comfortable to use and they can conveniently be used every time you take a shower so you don’t forget and you don’t have to invest a lot of time just to use it.

Hydromax X-Series

How to Use a Penis Pump

Hydromax X-Series is actually one of the top products from Bathmte who are known pioneers in the creation of hydro pumps. So if you are asking, do penis pumps really work, just check on this product and you’ll get an honest and detailed answer.

The Hydromax X-series is often recommended to be used to those who have bigger penis and are just trying to correct some penis dysfunction.

Even with this series, there are still a lot of choices. So the best thing to do is to make sure you know your size by measuring it before buying so you will know what you need. This could definitely narrow down the choices.

Bathmate Direct

When it comes to penis pumps, Bathmate Direct may be considered to be the original and we may as well say it is the one that started it all. The first Bathmate hydro pump was first created and produced in the same company in 2007. It has been so successful that there were many more in the series which has been created. But even with the variations, the effects are still the same. They were just made for a variety of purposes. This is much better actually since the user is able to see everything transparently. At the present, there are over one million Bathmate members all across the globe, this does not even include those many other users who weren’t able to get memberships.

X4Labs Penis Pump


X4Labs penis pump is actually the most popular one when it comes to air vacuum pumps. This is similar to the hydro pump but instead of water, it makes use of air to generate negative pressure. This creates a vacuum inside the pump’s cylinder. This is also often used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other penis problems. It has been proven to be very effective in the enlargement over the years. However, when it is being used in the treatment of ED, cock or penis rings maybe necessary. This is to ensure that the blood drawn inside the penis is trapped so hard erection is made possible and maintain especially when sexual intercourse is involved. X4 Labs offer this product at a very affordable price so everyone will have the chance to purchase and use them.


  • Daris says:

    Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6″ BPEL x 5.6″ Mid Girth.

  • Harun says:

    I’m recently 29 years old and love pumping. I purchased a few penis pumps and cylinders off EBay. They were poor quality and it has sadly been a few months since I have been able to pump. I have been reading through different threads on here ( Amazing Site! ). I am wanting to know which is the best pump and cylinder that is not outrageously expensive. Thick-wall vs. VelSeal vs. LA Pumps vs. Boston Pumps. Ideally I would have a vacuum pump.

  • Davud says:

    Buy the pump from Amazon. Search for “Brake Bleeder Pump”. This allows you to do water pumping too. Buying from Thickwall would be silly as they are based in Europe and you have perfectly good sellers in the US. LA Pumps cylinders are often recommended in the US, I think, but wait for someone who owns one to chip in.

  • Alesis says:

    That is extremely unusual for both of those parts. That metal pump is probably the most reliable in the industry and those cylinders just don’t crack with normal use. I you drop it on a tile floor, yes, but during normal use it should last forever. You could probably figure out a way to reconnect the pump arm piece by wrapping a piece of thin wire in the shaft groove to hold the retaining washer in place. Or perhaps you could find a new retaining washer in an Ace Hardware store. That retaining washer has a build in lock design that must have failed for some unknown reason.

  • Michael says:

    I would buy the last one on your list, the one that ends with 858e. That is one I gave you. So you don’t think you can fix your pump?

  • NIxel says:

    I found that rotating with both the manual pump and hydromate pumps I receive the best results. Here’s the entire list of pumps from amazon. The best one for me was the one by Dr. Kong.

  • Florel says:

    3 inches of Mercury is what most people recommend. So doing low pressure on a long period of time. I cycle between 3 and 6 in.Hg vac with some “Blasters” up to 20 in.Hg which I can hold just for a few seconds because of the pain. When I was unexperienced, I tried to cycle between 10 and 20 in.Hg but it doesn’t produce enough workout duration. If you don’t have a gauge on your pump you should know that 3 in.Hg is low pressure. For me it is that kind of pressure where you have the feeling that the pump will fall off even though it is not happening. If you like the pleasurable side of pumping you will also find out that certain pressure regimes allow better sensation than others. There is a sweet spot somewhere.

  • Devil says:

    Regardless of the potion or magic gas in your pump tube, it’s always best to err on the side of caution with pumping. Start low, 2-6 HG. There are pumping guides in the pumpers forum here and elsewhere online. Google Newart pumping forums.

  • Jimmy says:

    are you using a Bathmate or does the pump you have incorporate a pressure gauge? In my experience with modded X40 and Goliath models, I pump to whatever my body can withstand…along with some hardcore stretches and between-the-thighs downward lig stretches. Utilizing the 5X5X3 will keep FR down to a minimum, but the key for me is INTENSITY with each and every exercise.

  • husain says:

    toward the end of each 10 minute segment, I’ll get the ‘donut affect’ just under the glans (it may be a combination of FR and the fact that my EQ is waaaaay down by then. I can jelq 90% of it away and resume (or finish). It’s much less than when I first started…back then I looked like that creature coming out of that dude’s stomach in the first Alien movie

  • williomson says:

    How long have you been using this device? How did you find about it? What gains have you seen from its use? What expansion do you get after your session and how long does it last ? Do you find it more comfortable than the other pumps on the market (BM and Hydromax line), is it comfortable to use? Have you ever had another pump (and if yes- what comparison can you make)? And VERY importantly- How do you feel about this type of pumping compared to WATER pumping- is it easier, better, do you find it less likely to cause an injury because it is not water pumping? Do you feel like you have COMPLETE control on how much intensity you want? AND- VERY importantly- do you feel like this pump can give you as much intensity as you need- does it let you decide when to stop intensifying or there is a certain limit?

  • Haris says:

    the post pump expansion is amazing!!! the expansion after a BM session is just as good but this is so much simpler. i pump for about 5 mins then break and jelq or massage then another 5 mins pumping. but there is now water to deal with…no loss of suction ever. the most i have done is 6 sets and got no fluid retention!! LOVE IT!!!

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