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Is Female Ejaculation Real


Is female ejaculation real or maybe just hype? According to some current study, wherein men of all ages were asked if they have had a partner who ejaculates when she orgasms? Men in their 20s tend to say yes, and adult males in their forties are least likely to have experienced FE or female ejaculation with their sex partner. Most men will say that they just have seen female cum when they have watched an adult movie.

The Truth about Female Ejaculating

Still, it is heavily discussed if a woman is ejaculating in a way comparable to men or really excreting urine when she reaches the climax. While a lot of women claim they experience ejaculation and swear it is a different feeling than urinating. Other women on the other hand claim it is pee and regarded the act to be disgusting or off-putting. This might be accredited to social conditioning because a lot of women are uncomfortable and shy to cum, they think that it is messy and socially frowned upon. A lot of women feel ejaculation is normal, if not an expression of sexual thrill and happiness.

There’s a lot of controversy concerning female ejaculation. On the other hand, female ejaculation is absolutely real, and with practice, every woman can experience emotional and intense all-body orgasm with ejaculation.

What is Female Ejaculation?

A lot of people even women are not aware of ejaculation. By the way, what is a female ejaculation? This is the throwing of fluid out in a perceptible amount from women’s urethra during orgasm. It’s estimated that between 10% and 40% of girls are capable of ejaculating.

What does Women Ejaculation Look Like?

Female ejaculation can be different in amount or quantity, texture as well as appearance. It could range from being milky to a clear fluid, or from feeling sticky to feeling watery. The amount ejaculation could range from 1 teaspoon to one cup full. This only takes place in extreme cases.

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What does Women Ejaculations Consists of?

Researchers discovered varying quantities of acid phosphatase in a woman ejaculate. Previously, it was thought that only men produced this compound in their prostate glands.

Research also showed decreased amounts of creatinine and urea in women ejaculates, which is the primary component of urine. Even if the components of female ejaculate are not totally clear, experts have concluded that it’s not solely urine. That is not also the odorless discharge of Bartholin gland which helps oil or lubricates the tract of the vagina, but a mix of acid phosphatase, urine as well as other inconsistent chemicals or compounds.

Female Ejaculation Real

This study also revealed the presence of glands in females that look like prostrate, previously believed to be non-existent.

Is Female Orgasm Squirt happens to all Women Out There?

Female cum is the throwing out of fluid through multiple ducts found around the urethra. This multiple ducks is called Skene’s glands, which look like male prostate glands. This bears similarity in function to men’s prostate and responds to stimulations accordingly. This female gland creates a fluid which lubricates the urethra opening. This fluid is produced in varying quantities during or prior to women’s orgasm. When there’s adequate fluid generated, some women might experience squirting during sexual arousal. And this is where the debate starts, as both the composition and the volume of fluid are frequently mistaken for urination. The released fluid is a mixture of diluted urine and thick ejaculate from Skene’s glands combined.

Getting to Know More about Skene’s Glands

A lot of women experience slight to no noticeable emission of fluid at all while concurrently describing a feeling of release very identical to urinate. It is quite likely the feeling go with by fluid or not, is the same as the discharge describe by a male during their ejaculation period. Skene’s glands are present in women with high degrees of varying anatomy. This can be so hard to find in some girls. This shows why the feminine ejaculation varies to a greater extent amongst women.

Other Reasons Why Some Women Find It Hard to Ejaculate

Here are the reasons why some women might have difficulty in ejaculation.

A Strong PC Muscle: Women cannot cum or ejaculate if they have weak PC muscle. This PC muscle is a long muscle which supports the pelvic floor between the coccyx and the pubic bone. A loose vagina isn’t an indication that a woman has slept around. It only means that her PC muscle is weak due to lack of exercise. Successful female ejaculations will not be obtained until the PC muscles are strengthened and tightened. If the vagina feels loose during sex that is a good sign that she has to carry out some PC muscle exercises.

Female Ejaculation Real

Her Outlook towards Female Ejaculation: Allowing the body to cum is so hard for many girls to master. Women will have a hard time to ejaculate if they are afraid that they going to pee on their partners if they are not sure whether their partners might enjoy the experience.

Deep-Seated Sexual Problems: Awakening the G-Spot could bring all types of emotional problems for a girl. It’s common for a girl to shut down suddenly when she starts knowing to open to women ejaculation. Previous negative messages, as well as sexual assault, could close down a girl’s capacity to show emotions, intimacy as well as love, so making it so hard for a woman to let her body to open up, give in and trust sexually.

It could take time, to know how to arouse and tease the Skene’s gland and vagina to rouse the female body to the experience of orgasm which comes with female ejaculation. Vaginal orgasm and G-spot are not nearly as common as clitoral orgasms. Therefore it might take patience to find as well as connect with the G-spot.

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