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Jelqing Before and After


Jelqing is the head exercise among all of penis enlargement exercises. It is an ancient technique that claims to help guys make your penis larger, but the question is does it actually work. Can it actually make your member bigger than it was before? In this article, we will delve into what jelqing is and judge the jelqing before and after results to see if it really works.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing (jel-king) is an ancient natural technique in penis enlargement. The technique involves squeezing and stroking the penis to try to force blood flow towards the tip. This way, you can stretch the length and girth of your penis. An ancient technique, it said to hail from the ancient Middle East.

This technique looks like you are milking a cow, thus the reason why some call jelqing “milking.” Thanks to the Internet, the technique achieved widespread popularity. Whether it does work or not, only those who practice it can actually say. Guess it would help to see some jelqing before and after photos to see if the technique does work.

Jelqing Before and After

How to Jelq – Getting Started on This Penis Enlargement Technique

Jelqing looks quite like masturbation. The easiest and common tip on how to jelq is for you to form your thumb and forefinger in an “okay” sign. Then apply pressure to your penis while stroking upward. This method should engorge your member with blood. This is the gist of the enlargement method, but there are basic steps to ensure positive jelqing results.

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Step-By-Step Jelqing Procedure

Before you start jelqing, it is vital to read all the important warnings, tip and safety information to ensure positive results and your safety. If not, it could result in irritation, pain, the formation of scars and tearing of blood vessels. To make sure these do not happen, follow these steps on correct jelqing.

  • Lubricate

Before you start, make sure to grease your member with Vaseline, baby oil or another penis lubricant you use. Don’t forget to lubricate before jelqing or it could backfire and disfigure your penis instead.

  • Right Level of Erection

There is a high risk of injury if you jelq on a hard member. You should bring your penis to the right level of erection around 50 to 70% by stroking it lightly. This will make your penis relaxed enough that pushing blood is easier.

  • The Famous OK-Grip

You read before that the best tip for jelqing is by positioning your hand in the ok-grip. Do so with your forefinger and thumb, placing the ok-grip on your penis at the base. Put your hand as close as you can to the pubic bone.

  • Start Moving with Light Pressure

Use light pressure on your grip then slowly move up your member. The movement should not hurt. Still, it should effectively push blood flow up to the tip of your penis. If it hurts, you can reduce the current pressure applied and repeat.

  • Stop Before Reaching the Glans

In doing jelqing, you start at the base and stop your grip just before you reach the glans. When you stop there, you successfully finished one jelq. The whole jelqing should take about 2 to 3 seconds only.

Once you finished these steps and completed one jelq, you can now repeat the whole jelqing process with your other hand. Now, to answer your question of whether jelqing works or not, you will find the most reliable answer by your own experiences.

Jelqing Before and After – Does It Actually Work?

There aren’t any medical institutions yet that had spent research on studying about the effectiveness of this penis enlargement technique. However, a number of individuals and certified professionals did. In addition to that, thousands of men who tried jelqing reported success by following a dedicated routine.

Jelqing Before and After

Many of these men even shared jelqing videos as well as jelqing before and after photos to show their success stories. Many of the guys that failed in jelqing are those with unrealistic goals or because they lack commitment. With persistence and regular routine, you should be able to gain about an inch in length according to guys who were successful in jelqing.

Jelqing Tips to Ensure Positive Results

To ensure your jelqing before and after pictures show positive results, here are some tips that can help. These tips and tricks help lessen the potential side effects of jelqing such as discoloration and red spots. By following these tips, you can also make sure that you feel comfortable while you jelq.

Wrap with Warm Towel and Massage

Before and after the jelqing exercise, use warm towel or washcloth on your penis. After putting it on, follow it massaging using your two thumbs. After a jelqing session, you can use cocoa butter while you massage your penis.

Use Jelqing Lubricants

Some guys do jelqing without lubricants, but most guys strongly suggest wet jelqing and the use of lubricants. You can use water-based lubricants or oil-based ones but don’t ever use soap. Soap hurts if it gets inside your penis head. Furthermore, most soaps have sodium laurel sulfate that isn’t good when applied to the skin for longer periods.

Use ACE Wrap

Another way for reducing or preventing the discoloration due to jelqing is the use of ACE Wrap. Wrap it around the discolored area after your exercise. Wrap it tight enough that it slightly reduces the blood flow. This way, you can make sure your penis is not full of blood while it recovers.

If you are still unconvinced about the effectiveness of jelqing, checking our jelqing before and after photos in Google or browsing jelqing videos on YouTube or Vimeo can help. Checking out these resources will help you save time and money by avoiding scams that are all over the net. Before you try anything, it is always a good idea to educate yourself.

You can avoid almost all risks in life if you take the time to know what you are doing. While you cannot trust everything that the Internet says, there are still credible sources you can find. You can also visit forums related to these topics to ask guys about their opinion. With that, you can make an informed decision about doing the jelqing exercise.

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