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Jelqing Exercises


Jelqing is considered as a type of physical therapy, and this is intended to increase the size of the penis naturally by means of boosting blood circulation and pressure. One of the best things about jelqing is that it is fast and easy to perform. You don’t really need to buy anything just to do this.

Types of Jelqing

Watching jelqing exercises videos or learning more about jelqing exercises are not enough if you have no idea about the different types of jelqing. The following are several types that you can try:

Wet Jelqing

Wet jelqing is the most widely recognized. This is done with the help of oil to decrease the friction between the penis and the hand effectively. Never utilize gel or cleanser as these items might irritate your skin.

Dry Jelqing

Dry jelqing also knew as jelqing with no lubricant ointment is somewhat less pleasant. In any case, a few men discover them more compelling simply because it is less demanding to hold blood in the penis when it is dry. One more advantage is that this can be done more carefully, for instance under the sheets in case you are sleeping with another person. This is impossible with lubricants.

Lateral Jelqing

It is incredible to resolve the penis’ curvature, making the movement the other way to the shape. For this situation, it is prudent to have a marginally higher erection level of roughly 75%.


This variation accentuates thickness and sides of the penis. This is done by having a grasp of the penis with middle and index fingers with the palm of your hand that faces you. You get the penis with these two fingers forming V.

Jelqing with One Hand

Jelqing with one hand is as basic as its name recommends. This is done with just a single hand, rather than exchanging between the two. Before doing every jelq, it’s advised to push down to the base of the pubis.

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Does Jelqing Work?

There are women saying that size does not really matter, however many would still say that it does. Your woman would tell you its ok but you can still see the disappointment in her face and voice and in her eyes, you can clearly figure it out that she wanted more. As a man, you just know it.

The truth is, lots of guys these days are not really happy with the size of their penis and neither are their sexual partners. It’s not a shame to admit you’re lacking and upon accepting the fact, it can be easier for you to take proper steps geared towards increasing your penis size.

There are lots of possible solutions and methods, and one of this is jelqing. But, there are inevitable times that you would ask “does jelqing works?” Many men have personal experiences with jelqing, and most of them can attest that this really works as long as one is dedicated and patient, he can get great jelqing results that he expects.

Jelqing exercises also work for the reason that these expand the penis’ cavernous body. This cavernous body is known to be formed by 2 cylinders of sponge-like tissue that contains about 90% of blood which reaches a man’s penis during erection. Also, there are certain types of tissues filled with blood and increase both the thickness and length. These are parts of the penis which cause hardness, maintenance, size and of course, final contractions.

Jelqing exercises are proven to be effective ways on how to expand this particular issue, and once this has expanded, the formation of new cells is stimulated, and thus increase the capacity of holding more blood inside.

Increase Girth Size Fast Through Jelqing Exercises

If performed the right way, jelqing exercises can help you improve your girth size. These exercises do not just refer to a single type of exercise but different types that also target girth, PC muscle and length as well as the functionality of penis (ejaculation control) that provide you with excellent jelqing results.

The following are basic jelqing exercises that you can try:

  • Massage Stroke

Here, you need to apply lube then form an ok sign using your forefinger and your thumb. Grab your penis’ base then massage from base up to the head. Do this for 10 times using one hand and then the other hand alternately.

  • PC Control Plus Massage

If you work on your PC muscle, then this means contracting the muscle in charge of ejaculation control. You can combine PC control with massage as described above in order to improve jelqing results.

  • Systematic Jelqing

This pertains to a modern group of jelqing exercises which have essentially taken ancient techniques and included this to the strategic program.

 Jelqing Exercises

Other Essential Tips to Keep in Mind When Performing Jelqing Exercises

Most men probably want to know how to jelqing. The Jelging before and after results will certainly depend on how accurate the exercises were performed. There are essential things you need to know when performing jelqing exercises and increasing your girth size. As mentioned you will need to apply lubricant first. Doing so will increase your safety and comfort while you’re jelqing. You can use any lubricant, but you are advised to use gentle and natural ones including coconut oil, baby oil or petroleum jelly. Jelqing is also performed best at partial erection, and that is around 50-70%. With a flaccid penis, you will not get amazing results you’re expecting for, and it will also be difficult to carry out the exercises.

Jelqing and Kegel Exercises

These exercises are effective techniques used by most men to boost their sex life. Jelqing exercise enlarges the penis while the kegel exercises strengthen pelvic muscles which often results in increased sexual response and pleasure. Both these exercises are easy even for newbies.

3 Second Kegels

To perform Kegel exercises properly, you need to identify Pubococcygeus or PC Muscle. You can pretend that you’re urinating to stop urine flow. To finally get started with this exercise, you can begin by squeezing PC muscles quickly and then completely relaxing it. Begin with the 3-second kegel exercise by simply squeezing and holding for 3 seconds then relaxing for 3 seconds. Repeat this for 3-5 minutes twice or four times a day.

10-Second Kegels

When you have finally mastered 3-second kegel, begin by increasing length of every repetition and the number of repetitions that you do. Try working up to 10 reps of the 10-second kegel after one month. Perform your Kegels after every other day to provide your muscles some rest.

Jelqing Exercises

First, you need to warm up through placing a warm washcloth on your semi-erected penis for 3 minutes. As mentioned, making the OK sign is a vital part of the process. Use gentle and milking lotion; move your hand towards your penis’ tips slowly and as it comes close to the tip start the same motion using your other hand to create a rhythmic pattern. Do not grip intensely as you may end up hurting yourself. Perform about 100 jelq strokes at least every 5 minutes. Begin with 100 jelq strokes per day and increase to up to 500 strokes slowly after a month.

 Jelqing Exercises

How to Jelq for Girth and Length Gains

It is highly essential to perform exercises properly also to get rid of risks and make sure gains. The following can help you gain clearer insights on how to jelq properly.

 Jelqing Exercises

The Proper Angle

In order to get the most out of jelqing, you need to point your penis downward, while milking your penis in such position; you’re additionally extending ligaments, helping you achieve more inches or centimeters.

Jelqing Exercises Duration

How often do you exercise per week or how long does every session last? Many men will surely be asking these questions.

Two to five sessions per week are basic. By and by, you can complete 3 sessions per week Monday, Wednesday and then Friday leaving a 24-hour gap between each of them so the tissues can recover. The ideal length of every session is between 20-30 minutes depending upon the force.

Every jelq must last around three seconds at first. As you get used to the exercises, you can extend up to 10 seconds for each jelq, to work on the thickness of your penis.


To work on the penis well all over, don’t falter to use distinctive hold. The basic handle is fine yet remember to do it with the two hands, or use distinctive handles, for instance, the “V” shape to move once in a while, and get out from underneath with propensity for penis.


When working on the penis in all given directions, don’t hesitate to make use of different grips. “OK” is said to be the basic grasp, however, do not forget to also do this with both hands. You can also do the V shape from time to time in order to break the habit.

Remember all these essential information if you wanted to achieve positive and successful jelqing results.

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