Jes Extender Review

When it comes to reliable penis extenders you are sure to go for Jes Extenders as they are the pioneer in the creation of penis extenders. In fact, the Jes Extender Penis Extender was the original and the first one in the market. This has set the trend and the standard in the creation of other penis extenders. To make sure that the company stays on top, they have developed the original extender over the years in order to create better and more innovative products coinciding with technological advancements. These days, there are many models of Jes Extenders but all are equally effective, safe and reliable as all are patterned similarly but were individually customized to fit the needs of different customers. Also the products come with different accessories so you can freely choose which package you think would suit you best. Here are some of their best packages.

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Jes Extender Platinum

This Jes Extender review will focus on the best-selling penis extender package from the company. This is in fact considered to be the best and finest Penis enlargement devices today. Do note that all metal parts in this device have been coated with pure platinum and it also comes with a certificate for verification. And just like all its brothers, this offers natural and proven means of penile extension. This platinum package is equipped with the best accessories there is to help you achieve your extension goals in the most comfortable way possible.

  • This comes with a basel unit.
  • It is also equipped with a silicone tube and a comfort strap.
  • This comes with a unique dual function front piece which is a special feature for this device.
  • This comes with three different sizes of elongation bars, four 2 inch elongation bars, two 1 inch elongation bars and two ½ inch elongation bars.
  • This also comes with a protection pad and cohesive gauze.
  • The package includes a custom Velcro strap.
  • To ensure your privacy, this comes with a set of keys too.
  • This also has a lifetime warranty which makes it a very good investment as you don’t have to worry about buying over and over which is indeed a complete waste of money.

Jes Extender Original

If you are a simple man who wants to get to the point with no fuss whatsoever then this package is definitely for you. This is equipped with the essentials only so you can easily strap on the device in the simplest way possible.  This comes with a basel unit, dual function front piece, silicon tube, comfort strap, four 2 inch elongation bars, two 1 inch elongation bars, protection pad and a set of keys for your added privacy. This also comes with a 2 year warranty. Furthermore, this extender can work to provide you with inches of penile extension but not exceeding 9.1 inches. This is actually more than what anybody could ask for for a very affordable set of safe and reliable penis extender which will surely solve your problems.

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