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Libido Pills for Women


There are different causes of decreased libido in women that affect their sexual performance. The loss of sexual desire, also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, is actually the most common form of sexual dysfunction in women. Unlike erectile dysfunction, which is a common sexual problem among men, women’s biggest sexual issue is caused by a combination of both physical and mental factors. In order to resolve this concern, a lot of them use libido enhancer for females to boost their sexual performance and experiences.



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Libido pills for women are proven to help women with low libido.

The introduction of sex pills for women has provided a remarkable solution for those who want to know how to increase sex drive in women. Many libido pills have been available in the market these days to spice up their sexual life and ensure to increase sex drive in women. Before delving deeper into the most effective pills for women’s libido, it is first important to examine some of the reasons behind this problem.

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What are the Causes of Libido Decline among Women

The Common Causes of Decreased Libido in Women and the Solutions

Though there no any accepted theories regarding the causes of decline of libido among women, there are some general circumstances that can lead to this decline or loss. It includes physical and emotional factors that that lead to the decrease of libido among women, such as:

Physical Causes

  • Excessive alcohol intake and drug abuse.
  • Certain medications that decrease sexual drive or the use of certain types of antidepressants.
  • Hormonal changes among women, which include abnormalities in the production of luteinizing hormone, underactive thyroid and lack of androgenic hormone.
  • General trauma of childbirth
  • Physical changes that occur in the vagina, affecting libido, like vaginal dryness.
  • Low testosterone levels. This affects the sexual drive of both women and men. Its peak in women happens in their mid-20s and suddenly decline until menopause.
  • Iron deficiency anemia because of loss of iron during menstrual periods.
  • Vaginismus or painful sex, which involves the involuntary tightening of the muscles around vagina before penetration.

Emotional/Psychological Causes

  • Lack of emotional satisfaction with their relationship.
  • Problem with the performance of the partner
  • Depression, stress and exhaustion
  • Rape or past sexual abuse
  • Difficulty in living conditions
  • Unhappiness in the relationship with the sexual partner
  • Mental illness can cause a drop in libido among women

These are some of the most common causes of decrease in libido among women that affect their sexual life and satisfaction. Those who are suffering from these problems often experience the lack of sexual desire or drive. Their partner is not always happy with their sexual relationship because their desires aren’t fulfilled. Therefore, knowing how to increase libido in women is vital to save your sexual relationship. Women sex drive is crucial for a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual experience that is why it is important to understand the ways to help increase libido in women.

The Solution to Increase Female Libido

The great news is that there are now highly effective women’s libido supplements that are designed address increase female libido. These libido pills are proven effective and safe to use. In fact, they have been used by a lot of women to boost their sexual performance and have a more satisfying experience with their partner. However, there are now a lot of pills for women’s libido that are not as effective as they promise or as efficient as you want.

Therefore, careful examination and review is crucial to make the right choice.

Libido Pills for women – the Remarkable Solution for Increased Female Libido

If you are in the market looking for the right libido booster for women but don’t know where to start…

Here are some of the best female libido pills you should consider;


Libido Pills for Women

Vigorelle™ is one of the leading female libido enhancement products in the market today. It’s an all-natural herbal cream formulated from natural herbs and plants that work together to enhance your sexual life. It is also known not only to get you in the mood for sex, but also to help you enjoy deeper sensations throughout the entire experience. It is even endorsed by doctors, giving you a guarantee regarding the quality of the product. Increase female libido with this remarkable product.


Libido Pills for Women

Hersolution Gel is a popular enhancement product for women designed to increase their libido. This female libido enhancer is considered as the “Viagra” for women, formulated with natural and safe ingredients. It is a doctor-approved female libido pill that delivers amazing results without side effects. It consists of natural botanical ingredients, such as hand-picked cocoa butters and soothing aloe and shea butters, giving you an inviting, warm, wet and sensual experience. It also has natural botanical essences that deliver powerful, libido-intensifying and pleasure-boosting experiences when you need it.


Libido Pills for Women

This female libido-enhancement product works by improving your lubrication and sexual response. It does this by increasing blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral regions. It is formulated by sexual health professionals to speed your total body arousal and bring back passion to your intimate encounters. It is one of the best female libido pills available today. If you don’t know how to increase sex drive in women, then Provestra is a great product to try. It is a 100 percent safe, doctor proven and endorsed daily female libido supplement. It is designed to increase every woman’s desire for sex. It intensifies your sexual sensations and puts regular, pleasurable orgasms back just within your grasps. It also contains incredible ingredients that help balance the nutrients and hormones associate with the different aspects of the female reproductive system.

All women deserve a passionate, satisfying and enjoyable sex life, filled with exquisite sensations and uninhibited pleasure. However, with libido problems, they are deprived from having these incredible sexual experiences. Fortunately, these pills for women’s libido have been introduced to the market to solve this increasing problem among them. You deserve to know how to increase female libido and have the most fulfilling and gratifying sex life you have always desired.


  • Ruslan says:

    My wife who happens to be 12 years older than me (she is 38) has recently the past year lost interest in sex. She works herself up with so much stress that I see it taking away from our intimacy. A year ago we were making love 3-4 times a week now it is only 1-2 times a month. She has admited to having a problem and has agreed to seek help for it (because no matter what anyone says sex and intimacy are a big part of any relationship). She has tried supplements in the past and says she did not like them because she would get aroused for no apparent reason at the wrong times of day (i.e. work). But she has agreed to start taking something again so that both my needs and hers can continue to be met in our marriage.

  • Hilles says:

    I think womens’ sex drive is 99% mental, so taking a drug to get things going doesn’t really help. Depression was my biggest libido killer. Also, being stressed/overworked/overly tired. You need to look for the root of her problem to solve it

  • JACK says:

    Personally I think womens’ sex drive is 99% mental, so taking a drug to get things going doesn’t really help. Depression was my biggest libido killer. Also, being stressed/overworked/overly tired. You need to look for the root of her problem to solve it.

  • Tahoe says:

    It can be really horrible for sex to go off in a relationship. The one with the higher drive feels rejected and lonely. The one with less drive feels guilty and ‘broken’. It can affect trust. It’s deep. I think directly pressuring her for intercourse – until you’ve got a grip on what might be causing it, and try different things in response – will only make *both* of you feel worse.

  • Homer says:

    My first question is whether she has spoken to her OB/GYN about this. It could be a hormonal issue which can be resolved with medication/hormone replacement. Most women in their mid-30’s hit the peak of their sex drive as their estrogen levels begin to drop.

  • Garian says:

    Purchased for my wife after partial hysterectomy. Excellent product. Helps increase energy, libido and more intense orgasms.

  • Bronwen says:

    Not an OB/Gyn but I am a physician and a husband . The chance of both partners having the same sex drive is practically zero . Someone virtually always feels pressured and someone usually feels rejected . There are indeed physical conditions that can lead to decreased libido but I suspect she will check out as normal . Much more likely is the daily stress of life is bringing her down . Take some time away and do something you both enjoyed . Go to the wine country , find somewhere that you can both unwind to relax and learn to enjoy sex together again . Do something crazy and sexy together , go to a nudist camp or a swingers bar .

  • Odysseus says:

    This stuff has helped me soon much . Or should I say helps my husband . Lol I’m over 40 with two kids and this stuff makes me . Feel like I’m in my 20’s !! ! ❤️❤️

  • Aurelio says:

    What is causing the stress ? Work Family It needs to be identified and discussed . No drugs in my opinion can solve this as I know pretty well . Sounds like taking time of might be a good idea , when was the last time you guys had a vacation ? Sex may be an important part of a relationship but your wife’s mental health should be more of an importance . Ongoing stress can damage more than just your sex life .

  • Denice says:

    I suffer from depression which is a libido killer in itself, and the SSRI’s I am taking make it even worse! On the other hand they are giving me a strong desire to get back in the gym so it’s a start.

  • Zainab says:

    I am in the same boat, but I am the female with the low libido! I am 31 and while I enjoy the sex when we have it, I really have no drive except a few days around my period! I work a lot and run a blog as well as having a full time nursing job as a hospice nurse. I also am a mother of 4 and I workout 5-6 days a week. I am on no mess only vitamins and don’t suffer from depression. All levels are normal and I am pretty healthy knock on wood! This has been going on for awhile! We watch porn and that can get things going and we have even done the swingers bars, which also got things going

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