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Losing Virginity Later In Life How To Deal With It


Why it is that losing virginity is such a big deal? Losing your virginity is indeed a big deal to most women around the world. If you are wondering how to lose your virginity, you might think that it is big decision to make. Nowadays, people tend to have sex to whoever they want. People and sex today can be a little complicated and so it goes to your virginity. Most people likely define virginity as a sexual behavior participated by many individuals from different walks of life. Many people can give their own definition of losing virginity.

How long you will stay as a virgin always depends on your choice. Every man on this planet can tell you all the exact details on how they lose their virginity. When do you think is the right age to lose your virginity? Losing virginity is one of the big moments in an individual’s life. Over the years, ages have been defined as the basis of losing the virginity. During the time of Shakespeare, girls under age 12 or 13 are already mothers. But with regards to the lifespan of humans today, ages 70-90 which still depend on their lifestyle, the average age to lose virginity is between 15-25 years old. This is quite a big range but this is the perfect range to give up and experience God’s gift of life.

Losing Your Virginity – How to deal with it

When to Lose your Virginity?

No matter how old you are, it is always fun and interesting to experience losing your virginity. It does not matter how many sex movies you watch and how many times you masturbate just to be ready for your first sex. Some of the best parts about experiencing sex are the feeling and the benefits it provides. According to statistics, average American loses their virginity at the age of 17. There are those who lose it at this age and some later on. However, majority lose virginity in their teens. There are some teens that lost their virginity at an early age. The percentage of people at the age of 40 to 44 is 0.3%, meaning the percentage continues to drop.

To some, the ideal time for losing their virginity is the night after the wedding and this should be with the person you truly love. However, can you still wait for this night to happen? If you and your partner want to do it, then do it. Although having sex for the first time is a big deal, all you have to do is to commit and be ready. There is no such test or machine that will determine the right time and the right place for you to lose your virginity. It depends on you on how prepared you are in losing virginity. Therefore, the average age to lose your virginity will solely depend on you. If you think it is the right time, so be it.

Losing Your Virginity – How to deal with it

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How to lose Virginity: Tips and what to expect

Not all people lose their virginity at the same age. If you are still one the virgins, losing virginity later in life is one of your problems, then start making up your mind. Don’t feel too rush about being a virgin for you are not the only virgin in this planet. Whether you are waiting for the right time, for the right person or even for your wedding, here are the things you should know about how to lose virginity.

Losing Your Virginity – How to deal with it

What to expect

There is no doubt that you already know how does sex goes and how it happens. Expectations can sometimes help you to be prepared for your first sex and on losing your virginity. It is very important to talk about the things you should expect right before, during and after losing your virginity.


First, you have to ask yourself, “What does virginity mean to me?” Most people think that vaginal intercourse is what defines losing the virginity. Based on some losing the virginity stories, losing their virginity provides them with plenty of benefits like improvement in their self-confidence. Before doing it, you have to decide whom you will surrender your virginity with. Do you want to give this to the one you love? Are you saving your virginity after your wedding day?

Being clear on what virginity means to you will help you carry out the issue and stick to your plans on losing your virginity. Since virginity means different things to different people, you therefore should consider having sex with someone you trust about your virginity.


The truth about having sex for the very first time is that it will be a little awkward and there will be no magical things that will happen. It is just a natural act of showing affection through sexual intercourse. Losing your virginity is a part of your future sex life. Be prepared as well for bleeding and for anything that could happen on your hymen. Later in life, you will learn on how to improve your performance in bed and on how to have a great sex. Try to be confident about yourself and be comfortable all the time.

Losing Your Virginity – How to deal with it


Once you are done, you will surely feel awkward and think of many things like acting as if you are pregnant and more; there can be some bleeding during your first sex. Have with you some towels to wipe those fluids and blood. If you are a woman, make sure to pee after your first sex. Bacteria can be pushed into your urethra during sexual contact.

It is better to talk about your expectations beforehand with your partner. Talking about your plans for losing your virginity can help ease your nerves and be more realistic with all your expectations. Remember as well that losing virginity is not a race. So, you don’t really need to be in a hurry. Don’t let other people fool you with their stories because your story is different from them. All you have to do is to have fun and be responsible as you join the world of sexually active people!

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