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Make Your Cum Taste Better


What does cum taste like? You are probably one of the countless men or women who are curious about this. For individuals who are sexually active, they can definitely see the value of having great tasting cum. So if you want your partner to be craving for your cum’s good taste, as early as now, you should be looking for ways on how to make your cum taste better.

Cum eating men and women prefer cum that tastes better. So, to ensure that one would love licking and eat one another, they need to find and execute ways on how to make their cum taste better. The ways incorporated actually vary in the case of men and women.

For Women: How to Make Your Vagina Taste Better

What does vagina taste like really? Vagina actually tastes the way they taste due to the combination of various factors such as the natural and sweet smell of the body, the smell of detergents or soaps used the smell of the vagina’s natural juice and more. Obviously, one of the best ways on how to make your vagina smell good and taste better is to wash clean and then wear clean.

Make Your Cum Taste Better

Aside from this, there are still many other ways on how to make your cum taste better and let your sexual partner eat your pussy anytime he wants. These ways are as follows:

  • Avoid Foods that Give Your Vagina Foul Smell

Studies revealed that in order to make your vagina smell good and taste better, you need to avoid particular foods that give you vagina foul smell. Men eating cum don’t ever want this. So, you better avoid foods that can trigger you to have bad breaths, weird farts or stronger smelling pee such as asparagus, beer, coffee, shallots, onions, fish, meat, and dairy.

  • Quit Smoking

Turning your back to this bad habit is actually one of the best ways on how to make your cum taste good. Smoking might sound cool and satisfying, but the truth is, this can turn the taste of the body’s natural juice sour. If you resist smoking, just imagine how your vagina will taste like so kick this habit now.

Make Your Cum Taste Better

  • Shave and Clean

Even if you don’t have lots of time, you still need to realize that you need to make your cum taste better and prepare it for lovemaking. Another important way on how to make your vag taste good is to shave and clean. Wash your precious flower with lots of clean water to eliminate sweat and dirt. If you haven’t shave, then it’s high time you do it quickly and properly. A sweaty and dirty vagina is a big turn off for cum eating men.

Above all the known and possible ways on how to make women’s cum taste better, healthy lifestyle and proper personal hygiene practices are still the best ways to leave your vagina smelling and tasting good.

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For Men: What Makes Your Cum Taste Better

What does semen taste like? When talking about the taste of men’s cum, women have different answers. Some claim that it is salty while others say that it is fishy.

For a man, watching his woman take an entire load of his cum to her mouth and then swallow it can be one of the most magnificent sights and wonderful experiences for him. There is really nothing happier and more fulfilling than to blow a big load to a woman’s mouth and to feel her lips tighten around his shaft ensuring that every drop is completely sucked down into her throat.

Make Your Cum Taste Better

That being said, men now probably realize how great it is to have cum that taste better. Just like women, men can also follow some helpful ways on how to make cum taste better such as:

  • Eat Clean

Men who are clean inside are expected to have much cleaner releases. To put it short and precise, being healthy means having semen that entirely tastes better. Men’s sperm is considered an indicator of overall good health.

Some foods that men should avoid these foods as it greatly affects the quality of taste and scent of semen. Foods to avoid are:

  • Meat-Vegans and vegetarians are said to be the best producers of great tasting cum. If you are thinking of a way on how to make your cum taste better, it would be best for you to avoid meat and eat vegetables. Steaks might sound good and tempting, but these just make your semen taste salty.
  • Dairy-Dairy foods just add bacteria to your digestive tract that doesn’t really translate into a great healthy flavor. So get rid of dairy products like butter, yogurt, and cheese before sex.
  • High-Sulfur Foods- Some high sulfur foods like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower just intensify your semen’s taste in a bad way.
  • Processed Foods-Fast foods such as burgers, tacos, and pizzas contain chemicals which make semen taste bitter a bit, so you need to stay away from processed foods for the sake of your stomach and your love life.
  • Caffeine-A little amount of caffeine is just fine but try to avoid having an excessive amount of it. This can also make your semen taste bitter.
  • Quit Smoking

Just like women, kicking this habit is also an effective way on how to make men’s cum taste better and their cum as well. Remember that stale cigarettes just infuse the semen. Studies revealed that if men and women smoke hard before sex, flavors come out of the skin and the nipples.

Make Your Cum Taste Better

  • Stay Away from Alcohol and Drugs

Whiskey and marijuana may be good and tempting to consume, however, do not taste good when this is gulped by your partner. Drinking, taking drugs, smoking weed and drinking caffeine all just contribute to changing the taste of men’s cum so resort to eating vegetables and fruits and eating natural sugars to ensure that you will have best tasting semen.

All these things mentioned above are ways on how to make cum taste better in men and women. Following these ways will inevitably create a big difference in men and women’s sex life.

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