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Marathon Sex Positions


Just like any other marathons like running or movie marathon, sex marathon requires focus, strength, and preparation. Perhaps, you don’t always get the chance to spend a long lovemaking session with your partner, but when this rare occasion arises, you have to be ready. You must make it a point to keep the session as enduring and enjoyable as possible.

If you are planning for a sex marathon, make sure that you are properly hydrated for a steamy and juicy night with your lover. When looking for a guide, why don’t you consider the best cosmopolitan sex position that will lead to a volcanic result? You need to know how to prepare for sex by adding some exciting variety to prevent things from being boring. Try new things together, like those bed positions you haven’t tried when doing a quickie. Marathon sex can be very exciting, especially when it lasts.

Marathon Sex Positions

Bed Positions to Try for a Sex Marathon

It often takes the right sex positions cosmopolitan to achieve a satisfying sex marathon. Whether you are doing it for the first time or you have been looking forward to a weekend marathon sex, here are some of the best sex positions to try:

  • Soul Gazer Squeeze

Sex marathons are actually about the slow burn. It means switching up and finding bed positions that are stimulating and fun. With this sex position, thrusting is often done at a slow pace, and you don’t get as much thrusting as with other sex positions. This makes it a perfect position for a marathon. You can just gently grind or feel the connection with your partner by staring into each other’s eye and squeezing.

  • Spoon Intervals

Spoon position allows you to fall asleep with him still hard inside you while his hand is cupping you. When he goes soft and slip out, you can switch positions and do what you want. When you wake up, share a thrust or two or give one another a few slow strokes. Just do not get too close to orgasm. This will allow you to spend the entire night in sexy and erotic bliss.

  • Doggy Style

Find a piece of furniture; bend over while your partner takes you from behind. This is a very sexy sex position you can do in each room of the house. When I have sex with a stranger, it was done in the sink, sofa, kitchen counter, and bathroom and even in the bedroom dresser. When one of you is about to finish, you can move to another room. Take a few breaks to refuel and reenergize.

Marathon Sex Positions

These are just some of the best sex positions for a marathon. Remember that you may not always get many opportunities to have an extended period for sex, so don’t lose out when you and your partner found a time to do it. You need to know how to prepare yourself for sex. Sometimes, sex before a marathon may not be a good idea. Enduring and enjoying marathon sex can take a few hours or even longer. It could also go all night, so you must be ready.

There are some ways to keep you ready and in good share for marathon sex. When you are prepared, you can try the best sex positions cosmopolitan and enjoy a sexual experience you will always remember.

Follow the tips to have the most remarkable sex marathon experience with your lover.

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Ways to Enjoy a Satisfying Sex Marathon

Are you ready for long hours of sexual pleasure?

  • Do not drink too much alcohol – indeed, alcohol can be a great addition to the moment you are sharing with your partner. However, note that after 2 or more drinks, alcohol can reduce a man’s ability to attain and maintain erections. Also, alcohol has sedative effects, which can cause you to fall asleep easily. Too much drinking may also encourage the unsafe sexual behavior. Therefore, make sure that you do not drink too much when planning for a sex marathon.
  • More Foreplay – Kiss and cuddle when you got exhausted. More foreplay will allow you to relax while keeping the momentum going once you feel tired after a long hot sex session. For men who do need to rest or do orgasm, pleasure your partner to keep the focus off of you. This may include fondling, general touching, massage, kissing and cuddling. You can still be intimate, but just do not fall asleep.

Marathon Sex Positions

  • Keep Hydrated – Long hours of sex can also make you feel dizzy and dehydrated, just like any other marathons. Therefore, when having a sex marathon, do not forget to keep a bottle of water handy just in case you wanted to drink.
  • Be Creative – Remember that sex does not only include oral sex or intercourse. While enduring marathon sex, you can always introduce sex toys such as beads, vibrators or some sex paraphernalia like blindfolds, ropes, and whips. You can also use food, as it is a great pleasure and diversion. Use your imagination and be creative. You don’t have to stick to the same old.

Now that you already know the sex positions and the tips for perfect marathon sex prepare and plan for a long-house hot and sexy session with your lover. Sex before a marathon may not be a good idea for some, but it works for others.

Having marathon sex is fun, exciting and enjoyable. However, it can also be difficult and tiring. Depending on your mental health, physical condition, and age, your sex sessions can either be draining short and unfulfilling or completely satisfying. If you want to have a longer stay in bed or you and your lover are planning a vacation, you can attain multiple orgasms and enjoy long lovemaking sessions.

Get creating and consider the best marathon sex positions that will keep you and your partner ready for an all-day or night long sex. These tips can help you enjoy the most satisfying marathon sex you will always look forward to.

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