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Marijuana Good For Sex Life


Sex and drugs are often referred to as two important terms that work together for many adolescents. Many people also experiment with both drugs and sex. Marijuana is commonly used as a drug by couples for better sex life. Although it is a drug for sex, marijuana can also provide impact to your health, body, sex, brain, and relationship to other people.

There hasn’t enough research about the effects of marijuana on sex. However, many health enthusiasts reported that weeds improve the quality of sex and lower the level of anxiety to most people. Anxiety and definitely affect your sex life.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana comes in many forms such as the stems, flowers, and dried leaves. This plant is often called as hemp plant. Fibers of this plan are also used for rope, paper and even for clothes. One of the most active ingredients of the plant is the cannabinoids which contain chemicals that are being used by doctors and manufacturers in making the psychoactive drug. The active chemicals found in marijuana causes the brain receptors to release chemicals that trigger you to be high.

Marijuana Good For Sex Life

More and more people are being curious about the possible effect of this drug on their overall sex life. Here are some facts on how marijuana can affect many aspects of your sex life:

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Sex Drive

To some, cannabis and sex are the perfect combinations. However, too much weed can impair your health and your overall sex drive. Lower inhibitions and less anxiety are what makes most people get interested in sex. In using this marijuana for sex, be careful on the number of weeds for this can cause weed-induced laziness.

Marijuana Good For Sex Life


Sex on marijuana has the ability to lower the inhibitions which can lead to some safety issues. The moment you engage in sexing marijuana, you might forget about your usual practices such as wearing your condom. This can also affect your state of mind wherein there’s a chance that you can agree to something that does isn’t really what you want or mean. If this weed is bringing you different reactions or effect, you may avoid having sex using this weed unless you are certain that your partner is someone you can trust

Orgasms and Enjoyment

According to the most couple who use marijuana, their sexual performance becomes more connected, playful and open. If you enjoy smoking this weed with your friends, smoking the weed and having sex with your partner is a lot more exciting. Marijuana can also heighten the level of your sensation which makes every touch and caress more pleasurable. One of the research from Stanford University also shows that marijuana use does not impair or affect sexual functioning.

Marijuana Good For Sex Life

Sexual Frequency

A recent study from the Stanford University found that using marijuana for sex greatly affect and increased sexual frequency for both women and men. The University also found out that 20% of the marijuana users increased their sexual activity as compared to those who didn’t.


Aside from its ability to provide and improve sex drive, the weed has also been found out to decrease the sperm count by 30%. The decrease in the sperm count was suspected due to the interaction of THC to sperm. Even if the woman is the one who takes the weed, the research found that this can still affect the sperm count that enters the female’s reproductive system. So, with this, women got lower of getting pregnant. This drug can affect both the fertility of women and pregnancy.

Quality of Sleep and Relaxation

Energy is one of the biggest factors that affect your overall sex life. If you always feel exhausted and sleepy, this will not give you any help. Marijuana can help you sleep better and feel much more relaxed. With this, you can jumpstart your sexual performance and sex life.

Marijuana Good For Sex Life

Marijuana and sexuality

One of the best appeals of marijuana is its ability to act as an aphrodisiac. The THC found in this weed can elevate arousal and moods for both men and women. Marijuana also has the ability to increase the level of the pleasure of most couples. Although this drug can elevate and enhance your mood, this may also bring some undesirable effects. The results of the drug are not similar to all of its users. Some users tend to feel the opposite of what it should be. Some feel a decrease in their sex drive.

Couples who already tried the drug experience different reactions. Some claim that the marijuana improves their bond together and facilitates a more open connection between the two of them. Aside from its ability to enhance sexual desire of both men and women, this can also be beneficial emotionally and physically.

Effects on Relationships

As mentioned above, marijuana can bring you and your partner closer together. However, before using marijuana, it is very important to discuss all the details with your partner clearly. Communication is very vital in fostering healthy sex life and further develop a healthy relationship. If your partner is experiencing negative effects during sex due to marijuana intake, it is best to discuss the concerns. Each partner should always understand the role of marijuana and how it affects your overall relationship.

Marijuana Good For Sex Life

The use of marijuana affects the body, sex, mind, health, and relationship. To some, it serves as their secret weapon in spicing up their sex life, but to some, this does not give them any help. In order to assure safe and proper use of this drug, it is better to consult your doctor before using the drug. Not only that, they can also discuss with you the benefits of using marijuana and of course, its possible side effects. Doctors also have their own insights about the true effect of this weed not only to your sex drive but as well as your overall health. You have to remember that your safety is always the most important thing to consider.

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