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Married Couples Spice Up Sex Life


How often do married couples have sex? Well, it depends on the couple you are asking. There’s no “normal” when it comes to the amount of sex that a married couple should have. Every person is different when it comes to their sex drive. If you want to know how often do married couples have sex; it’s best that you rephrase your question. What’s “normal” for you as a married couple?

If you are satisfied with once a month or once a week, it’s fine. Don’t mind what other married couples are doing. If one or both of you are no longer happy with the situation, you can talk about a new “normal” for you. In most couples, when one person wants sex, the other will want less of it. How you handle the situation will make the difference.

How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex?

Many people and even married couples have no sex drive, so there’s no concrete answer to the question “how often should married couples make love?” There are also other factors that prevent them from having or enjoying sex such as low libido. Both genders can experience low sex drive, but it’s more prevalent in women. According to USA Today, 30% to 50% of women and 20% to 30% of men have low to zero sex drive. There are people who are born with low or high libido, but there are other factors that can contribute to this condition like psychological problems and past sexual abuse.

Married Couples Have Sex

If you are wondering how often do married couples have intercourse, perhaps your sex life is currently not where you want it to be. Everyone goes through ups and downs. A new baby, illness, moving or other life-changing factors can get in the way for the time being. However, if you and your spouse have not been enjoying your married man sex life for a while and there’s no major reason for it, you can consider talking to a marriage therapist. A reliable marriage therapist can help you determine the root of the problem and provide a solution to the issue.

There are also books about marriage and sex like “The Married Man Sex Life Primer” that you can read to get ideas on how you can make things better for both of you. For instance, if you are too busy with work that you don’t have enough time for each other, why don’t plan a weekend getaway to reconnect with each other? You could go out and have dinner in a posh restaurant. If you want to keep it simple and romantic, you can have a candlelight dinner in your own house.

How Often Does the Average Married Couple Have Sex?

You have to consider the quality versus the quantity of sex that you’re having. If both of you love sex, that’s great. You can just schedule it. Scheduling sex means it is one of your priorities. If the quality of your sex life is low, it’s possible that the quantity is also low. Sex is one of the factors that bind a marriage.

If your sex drive is low, you should assess whether that’s due to negative thoughts or feelings about your marriage, yourself or your spouse. Do something constructive about whatever you do. Don’t engage in the blame game. Take the initiative to make things better. A trustworthy marriage therapy can help you determine how to improve things and learn how to have good sex in marriage.

Married Couples Have Sex

There are plenty of statistics that tell the average sex for married couples. What you need to keep in mind is that there’s no fixed definition of normal when it comes to sex because every couple has a different view or interpretation of it. If you want to know how often do married couples make love to improve your sex life, the answer is really up to you.

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Sex Ideas for Married Couples

There are tricks that can help you have better sex in marriage. You don’t need to buy a lot of fancy sex toys just to improve your sex life. A few easy things will increase the quality and quantity of sex you are having. Here are the tips on how to have great sex in marriage.

Prolong Foreplay

Married couples are often too busy that they forget about the build-up and proceed to the actual act right away. Maintenance sex can help promote a close bond with your spouse. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only engage in this form of sex. One of the best marriage sex tips is to schedule enough time for slow, passionate sex every month. Spend 30 minutes on foreplay on weekends. You can begin with a sexy massage. Aside from relieving tension, a massage also allows you to explore each other’s body. This will let you connect on a deeper emotional level that will enhance your passion and orgasm.

Wait for Your Spouse Naked

Why don’t you wait for your spouse naked and ready for some hot action? After a long day at work, coming home to you in your birthday suit will definitely make his or her day. Even if you don’t have sex, just giving your spouse a relaxing massage while naked is enough.

Send a Few Naughty Texts

Exchanging a few raunchy texts is a good prelude to the main event or sex that’s going to happen later. One of the best things about this is that you can say whatever you want without panicking or fearing that it would be awkward between the two of you. Just go for it and anticipate his or her reaction. You should explain in great detail what you want your spouse to do you when he or she comes home. Don’t be afraid to add as many adjectives as you want. Forget about your inhibitions and let your partner know what you want to do.

Get Some Toys

Sex toys improve pleasure and excitement in your relationship. You don’t need to use anal beads or a giant dildo unless you want to. A small finger vibrator is enough. It is ideal for some ball sack love and clitoral stimulation. You can find a wide range of sex toys out there. If you want to add fun inside the bedroom, you can also get sex furniture such as love chairs, slings, dance poles and a spanking bench.

Dress Up and Role-play

You can dress up and make your sexy fantasies come true. Take note whenever your partner mentions a fantasy of him or her. Does he want to try the ever popular patient and doctor scenario? Maybe your partner wants to dress up as a teacher, and you’re the student. You don’t need to buy a costume just to make your fantasies come true. There are things in your house that you can use to your advantage. Use your imagination and surprise your partner. It will not just turn him or her on, but also make your partner feel appreciated because you listened to what he or she wants.

Married Couples Have Sex

Try a Bit of Spanking

Why don’t you try some friendly spanking inside the bedroom? Just make sure to ask for your partner’s opinion first before doing anything. Make sure that he or she is comfortable with the idea. Some people are into it, while others don’t fancy spanking. If you know your partner likes spanking, you can go for it. You can start light and increase the intensity later on.

Ask your partner if he or she is fine with blindfolding. You can use a sleep mask or t-shirt as a blindfold. Ask your partner to lie down and cover his or her eyes. Take this chance to explore his or her body. Visual deprivation can heighten the other senses and turn on your partner.

You should also tell your partner how sexy she or he is. If you are not comfortable with dirty talk, that is fine. There is no need to talk about your partner’s body parts. Just tell your spouse how sexy he or she is and how much what he or she is doing turns on.

Give Some Oral

It is normal to want reciprocation. You can give your partner some oral without expecting him or her to return the favor. Your spouse won’t be pressured, so he or she can enjoy the experience completely. Isn’t it exciting to see your partner showing complete interest in your pleasure? You are both naked during sex, and both of you want to feel good while pleasing each other. Validating the sexual skill of your partner is a good way to stay close and reinforce your bonds.

Married Couples Have Sex

Bottom Line

How often should a married couple have sex depends on the couple. There are a lot of sex tips for married couples that can improve your married sex life. Follow the tips mentioned above, and start enjoying better sex for married couples. With this, you no longer need to ask how often do married people have sex.

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