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Mind Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions


Perhaps you’ve seen videos of lesbians having sex. And different lesbian sex positions that can make things more enjoyable for two women having sex. Here are different sex positions to spice it up.

  • Spooning

One of the best sex positions for lesbians is spooning. Both of you have to lie on your sides and face the same direction. Your partner can wrap her arms around your waist. This position will let her finger your clit or do some anal play with toys like a strap-on. You are the little spoon, so you don’t have to do anything. Just enjoy the attention. You can close your legs together to reach orgasm. With the spooning position, you can get your muscles tense. Find the easiest reach for your partner and the best angle for you. You can raise one of your legs in the air and hold onto it or ask your partner to hold it for you.

Mind Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions

  • Sitting

If you are looking for the best lesbian sex positions, you should try the sitting position. While you’re sitting on the edge of the chair, your partner will kneel between your legs and use her mouth or fingers on you. She can use both simultaneously or use her free hand to caress your cheek, neck, and breasts. If you can’t orgasm easily, the sitting position is a good choice as it is very comfortable for the giving partner. Since you don’t need to worry about your partner getting uncomfortable or tired, you can focus on the pleasure you are feeling. If you want to do this on the bed, you can lie down and prop yourself up with the use of a pillow or rest your legs on her shoulders.

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  • Reclining

One of the best sex positions for lesbians is reclining. Simply lie down and prop yourself on some pillows. Make sure that your feet are flat on the bed. This position allows your partner to crawl between your legs. She can go down on you by lying down on her stomach or finger you by sitting between your legs. Your partner can wear a strap-on and try the missionary position. She can also insert a vibrator into your vagina or use a vibrator on your clit.

Mind Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions

The reclining position is ideal for receiving and relaxing because you just need to lie down on your back and enjoy everything. You can put a pillow under your back or hips to change your body’s angle. Try resting one of your legs on your partner’s shoulder or pulling your legs closer together or further apart. Your partner can take a break from pleasuring you to come up with some kisses.

  • Kneeling Reach-Around

This lesbian sex position requires getting on your knees. Your body has to kneel behind you and press her body against yours and reach around your waist. She can use a vibrator or her fingers to stimulate your clit. Your partner can use her free hand to hold you and pull your hair or grab your breasts, neck or ass. If you have watched videos of hot lesbians having sex, you might have seen them do this position. The kneeling reach-around position emulates the angle you most likely use when you are masturbating. This is one of the best lesbian positions that will make you feel great as it can be very intense and passionate. You can do it up against a sofa or a wall. Why don’t you try doing it on a staircase? This way, you can enjoy a more bent-over variation of this position.

Mind Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions

Tips for Lesbian Sex Only

Now that you know some of the best sex positions for lesbian, you should also know some tips that can make sex more enjoyable for both of you. When lesbians have sex, they use their intuition. Communication is very important as well. Talking dirty or learning some lesbian sex tips before the act is a great way to know what you want to do and don’t want to do with each other. Don’t be afraid to say what you want and make sure to listen to her as well.

You can also masturbate for practice. Place a mirror between your legs and take a good look at your vulva. You should also ask your partner if she’s fine with having her breasts touched. Some women have breasts that more sensitive than others. You should be gentle. Cup her breasts gently and trace them softly with your fingers. Don’t grab her girls. If everything is proceeding smoothly, you can try licking and sucking her nipples.

If you’re thinking about giving her oral, you need to discuss it with her first. Start slowly. Lightly part her outer labia then lick up from her entrance to the clit. You can focus on licking the clit using a circular motion. If your partner is fine with fingering, you can insert a finger or two at the same time. This also means getting your fingernails clipped to make sure that you won’t hurt her. You have to do trial and error here, but that’s fine. This will help you learn more about your partner’s body.

Mind Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions

If your partner is ready, you should insert one finger first and build speed up gradually. Shoving several fingers at once is never a good thing. Make sure that your thumbs are not digging into her thighs because it will ruin the mood. Find her G-spot. It’s the spongy bit that you feel inside the vagina. Some women find it easy to locate, while others have a hard time knowing where it is situated. You can wriggle your fingers on her G-spot to stimulate her further. Some toys can stimulate her G-spot and clit at the same time like the rabbit.

You can also browse lesbian sex pictures or watch videos of lesbian shower sex or hot lesbian threesome. These are best ways on how to have lesbian sex. Try these tips and enjoy the best lesbian sex ever.

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