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Missionary Sex Underrated


The missionary sex style has many haters. They call this sex position as vanilla, meaning that it is boring. However, there is a reason why this sex position is a classic. The main reason is that the woman can choose to do practically nothing while having missionary sex. She can just lie on her back and enjoy while her man rides her doing Pilates and getting off. What’s there not to love with missionary sex position?

What is Missionary?

The missionary or man-on-top is a sex position in which the man lies on top of the woman while she lies on her back. With this position, you and your partner face each other while having sex or any other sexual activity. It’s a great sex position if you want to see each other’s face and look into your partner’s eyes. The best thing about this sex position is it is easy to do.

Missionary Sex Underrated

Moreover, there is plenty of skin-to-skin contact between you and your partner. With this position, you can quickly kiss, touch or look into the eyes of your partner. Thus, many people consider it one of the most romantic sex positions. Interestingly, there’s a popular myth about where this position’s name came from. It said that the position earned its name because the Christian missionaries allegedly taught it to their Polynesian converts.

How to Do the Missionary Style

As mentioned before, the missionary style is easy to do. This makes it a remarkable sex position for the lazy ladies but also for the newbies. For heterosexual couples, missionary style goes with the woman lying on her back with legs spread wide open. The man will rest on top, facing her. When having sex in this position, the guy controls the power and depth of his thrusting. The woman, on the other hand, can move her hips to meet her man’s thrusts.

The missionary position is best for the bottom that has choices. If the woman wants, she can just lie on her back enjoying the view. On some days, if she’s in the mood she can choose to be more involved. She can also be kissing, caressing and grinding her hips against her partner. This position is pretty much the default position when it comes to sex. In fact, you may not need instruction, and you can probably figure out how to do this on your own.

Missionary Sex Underrated

Missionary Sex Style Variations

If you want to change the style a little bit, you and your partner can try some variations. One way of tweaking this style up is by changing the position of your legs. For instance, the woman can put her legs over her man’s arms. This position opens the vulvovaginal area wider providing greater penetration. This area will open more if she puts her legs on his shoulders.

Follow these methods for good Sex:


  • The Lock and Load Style

This missionary variation is perfect for the super lazy. In this position, you press your legs together that make each stroke more enhanced. This is also ideal if your man has a penile size that is slightly to the smaller side. It allows him to fill you up good and eliminates the chances of slipping out. The lock and load missionary lets you take control even without moving. Go for this position, and even smallest friction will make your both crazy.

Missionary Sex Underrated

  • The Pleasing Prop Up Style

Is your partner on the smaller side of the penile region? Are you perhaps into deeper penetration in your missionary sex? In that case, the pleasing prop up is the missionary variation perfect for you. All you need to tweak the traditional style is to put a pillow underneath your butt. This will put your hips at a slighter higher angle. With that subtle change in the angle, you will be able to feel a dramatic change in sensations.

  • The Shoot the Moon Style

As the name suggests, your position here is similar to the Shoot the Moon game. In this position, you bend your legs up to your partner’s legs. Your man grabs your ankles as he penetrates you. He holds your legs and spreads them apart, bend them, and push them straight up or together. You just need the right way to play this position so you can have a most satisfying missionary shoot the moon sex.

  • The I Want You, I Need You Style

As a woman, you realize how being desired is the one that turns you on the most. In missionary style variations, the I Want You, I Need You style is one that best conveys that desire. You will surely feel turned on when you see your man hoist your leg up with so much desire. The twist with this missionary variation is it lets your man move inside you super deep. If he grabs your hips, there’s even more leverage to enter you even deeper than before.

Missionary Sex Underrated

  • The Dirty Dangle Style

This style lets your partner enter you with a little ease of penetration. This is great if you want to give your cervix a little break, especially if you’ve been on it for hours now. At the same time, the dirty dangle is great if you have it in the kitchen. Your partner can just hoist you up on the table or in the kitchen counter and play with you easily.

Missionary Sex Underrated

  • The SideWinder Style

For the too well-endowed man down there, it’s a bit of a problem when he cannot enter you as deep as you would have wanted. In that case, the sidewinder style is the perfect position to have steamy sex. Start with normal missionary, and then have your man spin to about 45 degrees to the side. This will form your bodies to an X. When he enters you, it will be at a sideways angle for deeper penetration.

Missionary Sex Underrated

Many couples underestimate the missionary style. Admittedly, it is tame compared to other sex positions. However, regarding intimacy and romance, the missionary style has many good points you cannot ignore.

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