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Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex Positions


Pregnancy can be unnerving and intense that one of the couple’s concerns is if it is okay to have sex. Rest assured it is all right to indulge in some sexual exploits unless your pregnancy is difficult. In fact, pregnancy is a great time to have sex.

For instance, pregnancy sex means that you will not get pregnant again. Well, at least not at that moment, so you have nothing to worry about that. Sometimes though, you have hang-ups on your body because you are huge.

You don’t have to be though. Of course, you will be huge since you are having a baby. Things like this don’t matter when you are riding the hormones that are making you crave sex. When it comes to pregnancy sex, all you need is the best sex positions for pregnancy for comfortable coupling.

Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex Positions

Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy

When talking about the sex positions during pregnancy, you have plenty of options that feel comfortable and orgasmic. Experts say that pregnancy sex is quite an extraordinary experience. When you have sex during this time, you can experience a boost in your libido as well as intense climaxes.

Orgasm is often a bit elusive during the first trimester. However, the second and third trimester often offer powerful climaxes. Of course, some things worry you about having sex during pregnancy. This is why you need open communication between you and your partner.

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If your pregnancy is healthy, then you don’t have any sex positions to worry about except the missionary. Doctors often advise avoiding lying flat on your back when you are pregnant for 20 weeks or so. This is because it could interfere with the placenta’s blood flow. Otherwise, you can have fun.

  • Spooning

Experts swear that the spooning position is the best, most comfortable and safe sex position during pregnancy. The spoon position comes with you lying down on your side with your partner curled up to your back where he will be entering you from behind.

Spooning is one of the best pregnancy sex positions in the third trimester. This position is extremely comfortable with no one having to exert too much. At the same time, spooning relieves the pressure on your belly and bladder also.

  • But in the Oven

In this pregnancy sex position, you lie down while facing your partner. Your partner moves his leg over your legs, which is either straight or knee bent. In this position, he will be entering you from an angle. The great thing about this position is it allows varying depth and speeds.

This position is great since it doesn’t need you to spend lots of energy, keeping you from getting tired. At the same time, the side-by-side position is great for intimacy. It is one of the best pregnancy sex positions since you and your partner can look each other in the eyes while doing the act.

Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex Positions

  • On the Edge of the Bed

This is one of the best and most orgasmic sex positions for pregnancy. To position, you lie down on the edge of your bed. Do this face up with your feet flat on the floor. Using your elbow, prop your torso up with your partner standing or bending over you while he enters.

The on the edge of the bed position lets you move your hips in such a way that feels right to you. It is comfortable and helpful because the bed supports your weight. Moreover, it’s nice to have pregnancy sex in this position since it’s more intimate being face to face.

  • Doggy Style

Having your partner enter you from the rear position is also one of the best third-trimester sex positions during pregnancy. This position is easy with you going all down, and your partner goes behind to enter you from there.

During the third semester, your cervix is more sensitive. Out the different pregnancy sex positions before, entering you from behind opens you up well for deep penetration. At the same time, the rear entry does not put pressure on your uterus or bladder so no worries.

  • Cowgirl

This one’s a position you probably tried before. With your partner lying down, you position yourself over him. With you straddling him from above, you will be able to set the pace of the act. At the same time, it relieves you of the pressure in your belly.

In this position, it will also be easy for you to ship around looking for angles that are a comfort and more orgasmic for you. This position gives you access to the headboard to stable yourself and save energy. At the same time, it gives access to more angle choices.

Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex Positions

  • Reverse Cowgirl

Just like the cowgirl position, your partner lies flat on his back with you straddling him. The difference though is you will be facing his toes. This is one of the best pregnancy positions for third trimester giving you complete control.

It lets you control the depth of penetration, your rhythm, speed and the angles as well. With this position, it is also possible to reach your G-spot. This will certainly bring you amazing and intense orgasms.

  • Against the Wall

If you don’t feel like lying back, this position is perfect for you. Begin by standing face to face with the wall with legs spread apart. Put your hands against the wall either at shoulder height or above your head.

Your partner, then, stands behind from where he slides inside you. This position gives many of the benefits of the doggy style. It allows for deeper penetration, and there’s no pressure to your uterus and bladder then the wall supports you too.

These are among the best and most orgasmic pregnancy positions you can try during the second and third trimester. With straight-up missionary out of the choices, you can choose from these to make warm up your sex life again.

You need to be careful about your baby, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t fool around. With just a little caution and restraint along with pregnancy orgasmic sex positions, you can make the next few months still as exciting.

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