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Orgasmic Tips for Girls


The female orgasm is such a big mystery that men (not to mention scientists) still try to discover. Women, in all her bodily complexities, enjoy sex as much as men but have different preferences and means to reach an orgasm. According to studies, orgasm through penetration is achieved in 10 percent of the women population only. Considering that sex and libido is part of the pleasure, every human being, men and women alike need to know some of the most effective orgasmic tips for girls, so you know what brings pleasure to a woman’s body and reach a point of frenzy with desire the next time sex and masturbation are involved.

Overview of girl orgasm

What is orgasm? Orgasm is that intense feeling of pleasure and heightened sensations during sexual activities and followed by discharging of erotic tension during a climax. But the sad reality is not all women reach this momentum. In fact, in some rare cases and reasons unknown to scientists some women are just not able to have an orgasm despite all the simulations performed. While some women say its ok not to have an orgasm as long as her partner is satisfied, part of a man’s sexual performance’s satisfaction and achievement is when a woman reaches orgasm before or even after he does. It’s vital to know how your body responds to stimulation using the hands or objects that determines if your arousal is enough to reach an orgasm.

follow these methods for getting wild in Bed With your Partner:

How to orgasm

How is an orgasm achieved? Orgasms are achieved through a penetration in general, but people have explored and discovered many ways on how to get the best orgasm with sex toys, and techniques. While that intense feeling is the same for everyone, the genderless mystery of orgasm is yet to be discovered to make each sexual experience different and more satisfying than ever before. The average 20 minutes to make her ready for that precious few seconds of orgasm means you have to make an effort, so you are assured she gets it before or after you do.

Orgasmic Tips for Girls

As a woman, there is nothing wrong if you want to discover ways on how you can get an orgasm on your own and by yourself. If men can masturbate, why can’t women do? Regardless of preference in gender, some women are not just able to enjoy sex as much as they want to during intercourse. This is why you need to learn these tips for making a girl orgasm.

  • Inhibitions out, confidence in. You have to understand that your body is precious and no amount of flaws or imperfection should stop you from enjoying sex and reaching orgasm to the fullest as everyone else does. Sex is about pleasure and giving back the pleasure. Neither is achieved if you are not comfortable with your own skin. Love your body and touch every inch of you with confidence.
  • Explore your body. When you know what you want and what pleasures you, that’s a good start. If you really want to know and learn how to make a girl orgasm, you would need to explore your body. Is it only through this you will discover that touching different parts will get you different reactions. And while touching some parts will give you a content sigh and purr, some parts of your body will make you breathe harder and your heart beat faster when touched. No woman’s body is the same so what works for others may not work for you. What may stimulate you may not stimulate others. So explore your body and find out the most sensitive spots and strokes that arouse you

Orgasmic Tips for Girls

  • Vibrators and sex toys. You can both have fun and intensify the pleasures of sex with the right vibrator and other sex toys depending on your preference. Vibrators come in different sizes, girth, designs, and materials. If the penis-shaped vibrator is not appealing to you, pick the one that suits you, and you’re comfortable with while in use. Try to use the vibrator in your other sensitive parts like inner thighs and gently around your nipples all the way down to your vagina. Just like the real thing, you also need a little or lots of stimulation before putting it inside your vagina.
  • Sex positions. How to make a girl orgasm? Sometimes you have to try different sexual positions to find out which ones make you feel horny the most. Some women prefer lying on their back, others prefer being in command straddling, kneeling, sitting or lying on top of their partner, and others get turned on when spooned or lying on their side while the man penetrates from behind. If your penis is just about below average, try doggy style and its variations as well as other positions that focus more on deeper thrusts and her overly sensitive G-spot.Orgasmic Tips for Girls
  • Clitoris and Arousal. Whether you or man is doing it, you need stimulation on your clitoris and get the right arousal before jumping in and aim for penetration. Your body and mind have to get the right temperature and setting in order to reach orgasm. Otherwise, it’s like a performance without any form of introduction.

Learn from others: female orgasm compilation

There are quite a number of female orgasm videos you can watch and learn from if you want to learn or experiment alone. As you watch, look closely at how each stroke is performed, or objects are used and imitate them. If you are not comfortable with one, proceed to the next videos. Do you know what you should not to do when female orgasms reach its peak? Don’t hold it back and muffle any sound. Scream, moan, whisper all you want but never bite your lips or hold back because the release is so much power when you moan.

One important orgasm tips for girls you should never forget is experimenting with your partner is more fun especially during foreplay. Not only you will extend the sensation while discovering what it takes to reach orgasm, but he will also discover and learn ways on how to pleasure you enough to bring both of you to the edge of orgasm and beyond.

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