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Overcome Delayed Ejaculation


Are you dealing with ejaculation problems right now? To some people, ejaculation problems are not really an issue, depending on the kind of sex they want. On the other hand, there are those who do mind. Some men mind it if they ejaculate prematurely or delayed. If you have ejaculation problem, particularly delayed ejaculation, this article is for you.

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What is Delayed Ejaculation?

A number of factors contribute to a man’s overall sexual health problem. To prevent from experiencing any of these issues, you need to attend to your sexual health. You need to implement healthier life choices that will help improve your performance in bed. Healthy lifestyle choices can also contribute to fertility, thus an increase in your chance of being a father.

Delayed ejaculation is one of the common sexual issues men have. As its name suggests, this is a condition where the man takes a long time before he can reach orgasm and ejaculate. One can classify delayed ejaculation as inhibited ejaculation as well. The latter is when a man is unable to unable to ejaculate, even after prolonged sexual stimulation.

Delayed and inhibited ejaculation fall under the same category. This is because a man suffering from delayed ejaculation can also experience symptoms of inhibited ejaculation. Additionally, there is another type of ejaculatory dysfunction called retrograde ejaculation. This is another problem under the same category as delayed ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation is not a common form of sexual problem in men. However, you still need to be wary of it as it can detrimental to their sex life. It could have consequences to your relationship, self-confidence as well as other areas of your life. Men with this type of problem often need sexual stimulation to reach orgasm.

At other times, they may still be unable to ejaculate even after sexual stimulation for a long time. The key to overcoming delaying ejaculation starts at knowing the symptoms. Knowing what to look for, how the problem develops and what treatments are available helps you overcome the problem. Learn more about delayed ejaculation below.

Overcome Delayed Ejaculation

Two Types of Delayed Ejaculation

There are two types of delayed ejaculation. Learning the difference between the two is the first step in finding delayed ejaculation cure. It will help you better understand this particular ejaculation issue and choose the right treatment for it. Here are the two types of delayed ejaculation for your consideration:

Lifelong Delayed Ejaculation – This type of delayed ejaculation refers to men experiencing delayed orgasm for their whole life. It means from their very first sexual experience, they experienced difficulty ejaculating.

Acquired Delayed Ejaculation – This type refers to men who, unlike Lifelong Delayed Ejaculation, did not always have the problem. Instead, they developed delayed ejaculation later in their lives.

Between these two, the acquired delayed ejaculation is more common. Moreover, it is quite troublesome because it can develop unexpectedly and suddenly. Some men also suffer another type of delayed ejaculation called situational delayed ejaculation. It is also another ejaculation problem under the acquired delayed ejaculation category.

Situational Delayed Ejaculation – In this type of ejaculation problem, the man experiences the issue only in certain situations. For instance, it can happen only when they together with a specific person.

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Symptoms of Ejaculation Delay

Obviously, the primary symptom of this condition is delayed ejaculation. A man possibly has this problem if it takes them over 30 minutes to ejaculate. Even if he has a normal erection, if he is unable to ejaculation within 30 minutes or more he likely has delayed ejaculation. If the problem occurs on certain occasions, then you may have to worry, as it could only be temporary.

It could be because of stress or that he is feeling nervous. On the other hand, if he experiences are more often, it is worrying. In this case, consulting a doctor is the best action. Besides the delay in ejaculation, there may be other symptoms present. It could happen if the underlying cause of the ejaculation delay is physiological or psychological.

Causes and Risk Factors of Ejaculation Delay

The problem of delayed ejaculation has extensive research behind it. From this research, you can find a long list of causes and risk factors of the problem. Knowing them will help you realize the reason behind your symptom and find a cure. It would help accurately diagnose the man’s condition and the causes behind it.

Overcome Delayed Ejaculation

Primary Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

There are three classes to look at when determining the cause of your delayed ejaculation. They include physiological, psychological or as a side effect of the medication. When identifying the cause, you should look at these categories.

Physiological Causes

Physiological factors can also cause delayed ejaculation. When nerves in the pelvic area or in the spine sustain damage, it can cause problems in ejaculation as well. Surgery in the prostate could also lead to damage to the nerves in that area. This in turns leads to inhibited or delayed ejaculation. At other times, chronic and acute illnesses contribute to its development,

Problems with hormone can lead to delayed ejaculation. If you are low thyroid hormones or testosterone, a good chance is you will experience ejaculation delay. Sustaining injury in your prostate or urinary tract contributes to this problem as well. If you have any of these physiological problems along with delayed ejaculation, it could be the cause of your problem.

Psychological Causes

Many cases of men diagnosed with this problem have psychological problems to blame. Anxiety and depression interfered with the man’s sexual function, leading to delayed ejaculation symptoms from developing. These psychological problems can cause the loss of libido, which in turn makes it harder for a man to ejaculate.

In some cases, negative beliefs in sexual activities can cause a delay in ejaculation. Similarly, low self –esteem can lead to this problem. Guilt feelings such as when you were unfaithful to your wife can bring about delayed ejaculation. If you experienced a trauma, especially if related to sex, causes problems with ejaculation.

Certain Medications

Several types of pharmaceutical drugs can cause ejaculation problem. Some of the common medicines that have delayed ejaculation as a side effect include antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs. If you take diuretics and drugs to treat high blood pressure, they could also contribute to the problem. Alcohol and illicit drugs are also common causes for delayed ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

There are different ways to treat ejaculation. One of the most common is pills. Using special ingredients to improve libido and virility, they can possibly help with your problem. Three of the best products to treat delayed ejaculation include ProSolution Plus, DuraMale, and VigRX Delay Spray. Find out more about these products below.

ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus is a popular male enhancement pill clinically tested to increase your drive and sexual performance. Taking the pill promises to increase your sexual desire, improve your stamina and boosts your overall sexual health. It contains essential natural ingredients for a harder erection and intensive orgasm.

Endorsed by doctors and herbalists, it is capable of improving erectile functions such as delayed ejaculation. It can boost testosterone levels, one of the reasons behind the delay in ejaculation. At the same time, it improves your mental enjoyment and increases your desire. Pro Solution Plus ensures you can experience a great boost in your general sexual health.

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DuraMale is an all-natural male enhancement supplement. While premature ejaculation is its primary focus, it can act as an overall sexual enhancement pill. It can provide you with added benefits such as increases sexual desire, improved delayed ejaculation, improved mood and relieved stress. Stress can be one of the reasons for delayed ejaculation, which DuraMale can help.


This male enhancement pill uses natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients include Indian Gooseberry, Indian Ginseng, Elephant Creeper, and Pellitory. All these ingredients have wonderful effects in improving ejaculation functions. As it uses natural ingredients, DuraMale is completely safe and effective in treating delayed ejaculation.

VigRX Delay Spray

The VigRX Delay Spray is a companion to VigRX Plus. The latter being a popular supplement to increase sexual desire and overall sexual health. On the other hand, VigRX Delay Spray uses mild anesthetic for desensitizing the nerves in the penile area. To use it, you simply spray on your penis, rub and allow absorbing into tissue.

The anesthetic used in VigRX Delay Spray is benzocaine. This anesthetic inhibits VDSCs or voltage-dependent sodium channels. What the VDSCs do is stop the action potential of your penis. It helps your penis to relax. Doing this will help you last longer in bed, with a good amount of ejaculation and greater orgasms.

VigRX Delay Spray

These three are best pills on the market that has great delayed ejaculation benefits. While they do not target the problem particularly, their benefits include improvement of ejaculation delay. It’s even better since it offers great benefit to your overall sexual health.

Aside from helping with your ejaculation problems, these pills make your bedroom performance a lot better. From having longer, harder erections to improved virility, these male enhancement pills offer them to you. Check them out to overcome your delayed ejaculation and experience amazing sexual benefits.

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