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Penis Enlargement Bible Review


Is PE Bible by John Collins a scam? Read this penis enlargement bible review to know if it is scam or not.

What is Penis Enlargement Bible?

Penis Enlargement Bible is a male enhancement guide that provides information about the best, all natural methods which result in effective penile growth. PE Bible is an all-inclusive guide available online. This can help you obtain 2 to 4 inches penile length. Confidence, size and a thick penis are what PE Bible offers.

penis enlargement bible

How Does Penis Enlargement Bible eBook Works?

Penis enlargement bible reviews show that this product works based on two core theories. First, you have to grow the amount of bio-chemicals within your body that promotes natural growth the same when you were in puberty stage. Second, there are stretching exercises that can be followed to promote penis growth. In principle, the technique looks great. But, if you see the diverse male enhancement pills that you have to take, this is where hesitation comes in. In fact, the author advises that the hormones you are trying to grow can have harmful effects like prostate enlargement, baldness as well as premature ejaculation.

You are also told that foods and supplements are required in order to stop those issues from taking place, but it is still rather disturbing and an unforeseen complication. On the other hand, the penile exercise chapter is very detailed. With many easy to follow exercises. There are warm up and warm down exercises, too, followed by jelqing and stretching exercises. In general, there are 4 jelqing and 3 advanced stretching exercises available in this guide. There is also a progressive ten-week training plan provided. There are parts on which supplements and herbs can enhance your sex. And last but not the least, a reference table which explains which food and supplements to take.

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About the Author

The author of this e-book is John Collins. Aside from being an author, he is also a notorious sex educator, a consultant as well as a researcher. With decades of experience in providing solution to sexual dysfunction in men and helping them obtain larger and bigger penises safely and effectively, he has finally collected his work in this ebook. The Penis Enlargement Bible PDF provides practical guides on how to boost the girth and length of your penis irreversibly and naturally.

The Penis Enlargement Bible: Review of the Chapters

The main focus of this program is male enhancement, which covers a wider spectrum of hot issues. Read on to know what this product offers through this chapter review.

Chapter 1: Gain and Maintain a Hard and Sensitive Penis

The first chapter of this male enhancement guide talks about the basic concepts of how body’s work and how men can make their erections better and firmer.

John Collins the author of this book deals with these topics:

  • How to boost blood volume
  • How to generate DHT
  • Erectile issues

It is highly recommended to focus your thought on the section explaining the techniques to set the generation of a specific chemical substance in motion in your body needed for permanent or long term penis growth.

Chapter II: Start Penile Growth

Chapter two is one of the most essential parts of this book and if you are new in penis enlargement ensure to never skip this portion. Here, the author introduces the reader to the complicated course of replicating the teen’s growth of the penis tissue.

This part also includes information on pills needed for penile enlargement, methods to straighten penile, individual exercises and techniques as well as premature ejaculation routine for 10 whole weeks.

John gives an accurate and clear description of every method as well as the methods to stop the growth when you reach the desired size.

Chapter III: Stop or End PE or Premature Ejaculation

Chapter three talk about the many factors that could lead to PE or premature ejaculation. Some of these factors are even unknown to many. According to John, a number of factors trigger premature ejaculation like:

  • Masturbation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Aside from these, there are other factors that cause PE. Some include chemicals or substance which you drink on a daily basis. The author provides an answer for each factor.

Chapter 4: Improve Ejaculate Volume

This chapter is extremely short. Chapter 4 briefly deals with chemicals which are needed for growing the quantity of the ejaculation. Due to this chapter, you will be capable of blowing bigger loads further. Even if the author states your loads must be approximately three tablespoons.

Chapter 5: Chinese Herbs

Chapter five of this guide talk about the 30 diverse Chinese herbal plants and substances needed for successful penile enlargement routine. John illustrates every substance including the effect of each on your body as well as its benefit. This is the most important part of the Penis Enlargement Bible. It is very essential for you to read each word carefully as with the right and appropriate supplementation, you will not reach your desire.

Chapter 6: Male Enhancement Supplements

The 6th chapter of this guide includes a thorough examination of 7 western supplements. These take account of many essential amino acids. What makes this chapter useful and handy is that, John explains in full detail about the needed daily dose of each substance and their harmful effects. All the male enhancement supplements listed are available all over the world and proven to be very effective.

Chapter 7

This only plays a supporting role and offers readers with only tables of reference. It summarizes those needed male enhancement supplements that trigger the body to work well. What is more, it also includes lists of diverse sex pills for the elimination of PE or premature ejaculation, and to grow sperm count and even help with the enlargement of the penis. In addition, there are also links to stores where you can buy each supplement.

Add Two to Four Inches to Penis Size: It is the most comprehensive guide available for penis enlargement. This helps add 2 to 4 inch long and 1 inch girth in only two months regardless of your race or age.

What to Expect from This Guide?

  • Easy to Follow Approach: This guide works on a plan where bio-chemicals respond with receptors in penile that were put there so as during puberty penis will develop. The second step of this guide is making penis enlargement take place faster through using exceptional exercises.
  • Biology Based Development: In teenage years, penis growth is due to nutrients and bio-chemicals. This guide trains men to get going their body in rebooting this natural course with the use of inexpensive natural supplements as well as training.
  • More than 5000 Copies Sold: This huge number of copies sold shows that this product is really effective. This plan does work not like the countless scams as well as overnight male enlargement ads out there. Keep in mind that real growth really takes time, however it will happen when you follow the steps utilized in this guide properly.
  • Improve Sex Drive and Stamina: What is more to make your penis thicker and bigger; the technique utilized in this book really have other good effects like improved sex drive, increased stamina and ejaculation, improved sperm count as well as rock hard and longer erections.
  • Lots of Customers Pleased and Satisfied: Penis enlargement bible review shows that this is the only male enhancement guide with the highest percent of customer satisfaction. No other products available with this highest satisfaction. In case you are not pleased or satisfied, you can ask for a full refund in sixty days without questions asked.
  • Effective and Safe Growth: This guide is safe without any risks. Some experts including doctors recommend some of the techniques mentioned inside this book to their patients. Keep in mind that growth isn’t reversible; just follow these methods precisely to obtain the best results.


  • Instant access: You can get this guide right at the comfort of your home
  • Good Effects: This will not help you grow your penis, but also help boost your sexual performance.
  • Risk Minimizing: Combination of mechanical and biochemical methods for a successful long term growth.
  • Permanent Results: You will experience permanent results and will not reduce the size.
  • Very Reasonable: Available for only $47.00
  • Generous Warranty: You are covered with sixty days 100 percent money back warranty.


  • Need Commitment: The Penis Enlargement Bible needs a committed approach in order to see a considerable result.
  • Irreversible Results: As the inches you’ll get is not reversible, you must not overdo your enhancement as your organ may become too big, which can cause pain to your partner when lovemaking.
  • Lack of Customer Assistance: There are complaints about the author not replying to questions he gets from his clients.


PE Bible is a life changer for many men all over the world with small size penis. If you are searching for a natural and safe guide on improving your penis and sexual life as well, you have to consider this product. This helps you increase the size of your manhood through natural herbs, supplements as well as exercises. You can visit this site a free Penis Enlargement Bible free download.

penis enlargement bible

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