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What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?


Does PE or Premature Ejaculation bothers you a lot making you feel that your confidence is highly suffering? Have you considered other methods? Have you looked at some possibilities? So far, what have you found? For men out there, premature ejaculation is a great shame. They imagine being bold and daring. Thus, their partner usually expects a lot from them, most essentially when it comes to fulfilling their sexual desires. Sex is ideally done with intimacy. But, the whole thing is ruined if a man gets done earlier while his partner hasn’t reached orgasm yet. If you are experiencing the same issue, you surely have an idea about penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Brief Overview

This kind of male enhancement technique has become dominant in today’s world compared to the previous years. The best reason why a lot of men choose to have this kind of procedure is due to its known effectiveness, plus the fast results brought in. After all, who does not want to obtain positive results in just a matter of minutes?

Am I a Good Candidate of Penis Enlargement Surgery?

  • This procedure is for you if you have small penis
  • This is for you if you have low self-esteem and this procedure can help you gain confidence
  • This is for you if you have micropenis or Peyronies.

The average penis size is six inches. The size of the penis is strongly connected with how sturdily the nerve of clitoris or vagina is stimulated – thus, with regards to giving sexual satisfaction to a woman. The size of a penis is a main concern. Up to the point where it is just too large to be pleasurable (around nine inches), bigger is better. And for sexual pleasure, eight inches is the best, and six inches more often than not is considered a “minimum”.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

The answer to this question comes down to this simple answer; yes penis enlargement surgery really works, if you work at it. In reality, there’s no sure fire, fast method of making your manhood grow bigger and longer through rubbing in a gel. Penis is an organ and it needs blood in order to work properly. Blood fills the tissue of the penis and causes it to get hard. When the blood does not flow to your penis, and fill up the tissue, there’s no amount of hoping, wishing or pill popping that’s going to make it happen.

Things to Consider when Undergoing Penis Enlargement Surgery

Before undergoing a procedure, it is very essential that you look for reliable and legit clinics that offer this kind of service. It is also important that you discuss this thing with an expert surgeon who performs actual surgery. She or he has the authority and capability of explaining the whole thing regarding the procedure to you. Some clinic also offers penis enlargement surgery before and after pictures to determine if this is really improvement in the size and length of your penis.

What to look forward to a penis augmentation surgery?

This procedure when performed is capable of correcting the issues with your penis. Basically, there are three essential outputs that you might expect: penis enlargement, penis enhancement and penis curves correction.

How does PE Surgery Work?

In general, penis enlargement surgery works through cutting the ligament called suspensory, which links the penis to the pubic bone and makes it curve. Once this connecting ligament is cut, the curve gets straighter that leads to the penis protrude outward- due to the fact that a third of the penis is inside the body for support.

How Much It Make My Penis Bigger?

Penis Enlargement Surgery is normally between 0.75 inches and 1.1 inches. Usually the longer end of this interval is related with high risk of complications.

The Possible Complications of Undergoing PE Surgery

Possible complications of undergoing PE surgery are many, ranging from serious pain, due to the wrong reattachment of the suspensory ligament to stable erectile impotence.

PE Surgery Satisfaction Rate

The satisfaction rate is just around 30 percent. Research is done on patients after the procedure shows the following outcomes:

  • 92 percent believe that growth isn’t just enough
  • 77 percent believe the healing process is painful and hard
  • 99 percent of patients reported complexity in having sex in the first 3 weeks
  • 36 percent of patients reported complexity in having sexual intercourse after 3 months

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

A lot of people especially those who are thinking about PE surgery as their options to enhance their penis ask “how much is a penis enlargement surgery”? Unless your penis is very short about two to three inches, insurance will not cover this procedure, in which case you will have to pay thousands of dollars. The more you pay, of course the better the result will be.

Some of the Popular PE Surgeries Done Today

In the development of modern technology, the area of penile surgical enhancement has also gotten better and better. This procedure is directed toward the augmentation the size of the penis based on the length and girth. Generally it is considered as a cosmetic surgical procedure. There are lots of penis enlargement surgeries done today; one common type involves making a cut on the spongy tissue or corpus cavernosa that provides the bulking look on your penis. Likewise this is regarded as the most natural surgery since a lot of men who have tried this option show that they never experience a decline in sexual desire.

Penis implant is also a common procedure. Today, saline implants are utilized that offer erection under groin area control.

Penis injection is also a very popular method of PE surgery. The silicone injection is supplied to your corpus cavernosa in order to give further length and bulk to your penis.

Pros of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Modern PE surgery is safe. This is due to the advances in technology. The chance of anything going for error is small. On the other hand, no surgery is a hundred percent safe. Complications and side effects do happen even if this is likely to be unusual. You have to be tuned into the advantages and disadvantages of PE surgery prior to making your decision. Penis enlargement plastic surgery offers many benefits. As a matter of fact, there are penis enlargement videos of previous patients showing how happy and contented they with the result. If you are still in hesitant whether or not to follow this method, below are the benefits of doing so.

  • Improved width and length of the penis, in most cases both surgeries can be done in one operation
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Reinstated sense of maleness as well as sexual potency
  • Enhanced sense of health as well as quality of life


These takes account of complications and side effects and include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • No difference in width or size
  • Chest pains
  • Nerve endings damage
  • Hard to breath
  • Infection
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Too much bleeding
  • Intense pain

 Are there any better and safe options to PE Surgery?

PE surgery might not be the best option for male enhancement. As mentioned above, the harmful effects such as inability to perform sexually and loss of sense or feeling, really overcome the real purpose of penis enlargement plastic surgery. And in case this doesn’t work, they can’t be reversed.

Most organized medical experts don’t even recognize this type of male enhancement option as legal or legitimate. They claim that there’s no clinical evidence showing that PE surgery is truly beneficial. A lot of men wanting to improve the size of their manhood have other options available, like the more effective and reliable male enhancement pills and devices like penis extenders and penis pumps.

3 Best PE Surgery Alternatives

  • Neosizexl enlargement pills: This male enhancement pill works by means of increasing the flow of blood to your penis, resulting in intense and longer erection. It also stimulates the production of male hormone so as to boost the stimulation of nitric oxide responsible for a firm erection. NeoSizeXL also boost libido, lessen anxiety and stress. It also promised men to gain up to 20 percent thicker penis and three inches in length. But, it takes months to reap the benefits of taking this supplement.
  • SizeGenetics: One effective and reliable penis extender. This product already helped a lot of men obtain the size of penis they want. This is easy to use, no side effects and most of all very reasonable. As a matter of fact a lot of experts including doctors and sex gurus recommend this product after series of medical trials. This device is easy to use. It is worn for about 1 hour daily for weeks or month to put gentle tension on your penis, which extends slowly over time.
  • Bathmate Hydro Pump: This device allows men to perform exercises which are proven to work right in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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