Peyronie’s disease treatment

X4Labs is no doubt one of the leading companies in the world providing high quality products which aids men with Peyronie’s disease treatment and permanent penis extensions. You might be wondering, with all other companies out there, what made them stand out and stay on top? There are actually countless reasons why but let’s shed some light on some of those reasons.

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  • X4 Labs offer discreet shipping. They do understand that this is not one of those products which you would advertise using so to protect your privacy they are very discreet when it comes to shipping. They do send your package using blank shipping materials so you won’t have to worry about other people seeing the box.
  • To further ensure your privacy, they offer different payment options, aside from credit cards and debit cards, they accept PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • They have high medical standards. X4Labs only use materials and devices that are made of 100% medical grade materials. Thy make sure that the quality of their products are never compromised due the devices and gadgets used in their laboratories.
  • Unlike other companies, they offer exclusive customization options. This is done so to meet the needs of all is their aim for every customer to fully benefit from their products especially that most products are in fact cure for Peyronie’s disease.
  • You don’t need a prescription to buy any of their products. Most people might feel anxious about this but for X4Labs, having no prescription is no dangerous thing at all since their products are already medically approved and doctor recommended.

Peyronies Professional

Peyronies Professional is indeed the ultimate penis traction therapy package for curvature correction. It is safe, effective and natural. You don’t need to undergo risky surgical procedures nor take in any medication although vitamin E supplements will perfectly complement the effects of this extender. So the only question now is, what makes Peyronie’s Professional unique from the rest? Here’s why.

  • This is designed with specially calibrated 4200 gram tension springs and a hybrid support piece.
  • This comes with 6 adjustable comfort straps and 6 silicone tube harnesses. This is plenty enough so you can easily change harnesses and straps whenever you prefer to,
  • This also comes with an additional 2 Ultra-Fit Velcro straps you will never run out of straps.
  • This comes with 6 anti-bacterial long memory foam pads and 6 anti-bacterial short memory foam pads as sanitation is a primary concern too.
  • This comes with a full set of elongation bars so you can adjust accordingly when needed.
  • This also has an extender cleansing spray and 10 cleansing wipes.
  • This comes with 12 months supply of vitamin E so you can fully maximize the reults.
  • This comes with a lifetime device warranty so rest assured you don’t have to keep buying one.

Peyronies Limited

Peyronie’s Limited penis extenders are one of the most in demand products from X4Labs. This has been proven to be safe and effective not just in clinical studies but by thousands of users worldwide as well. In fact, this is the favorite package among those with bent dick since it is very affordable and effective. This package was designed so as to avoid risky surgical procedures for straightening the penis. This works by using the traction method which is known to cause soft tissue cellular proliferation which in turn reduces penile curvature. So why should you choose Peyronie’s Limited penis extenders from X4Labs?

  • This is a deluxe edition which means it has been improved and made better. The materials used in its assembly are all made with medical grade materials to avoid compromising your health and safety.
  • This comes with calibrated 3900 gram tensions springs.
  • This also has a hybrid support piece with 2 adjustable comfort straps and 2 silicone tube harnesses.
  • And since sanitation is a must in your private parts. 2 anti-bacterial long memory foam pads and 2 anti-bacterial short memory foam pads are included in the package.
  • This also comes with a full set of elongation bars. This will allow you to choose freely which is the most comfortable for you and at the same time adjust whenever you feel the need to.
  • To make sure you are fully equipped, this comes with a PenisAccess DVD and membership as well as an instructional DVD and instruction manual. This is very important especially for first time users who have no idea how to use the extender.
  • This has a one year device warranty to make sure you get the most of the extender.

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