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Premature Ejaculation Pills


ProSolution Plus is the leading premature ejaculation pills on the market today. There are many advice given on how to last longer in bed especially if you are experiencing premature ejaculation or if you have low stamina in bed but many of them does not work as well. Do not worry, this problem is very common and lots of men are suffereing from it accrording to statistics.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

However, there are also many which are indeed effective. The most popular premature ejaculation treatment is of course the use of medications. One edge which makes these pills better than the rest is the fact that it is made with natural ingredients and therefore it is much safer than the rest. With this, you also do not need to have a prescription to buy. This natural supplement may be quite familiar to you as it has been seen on national television such as ABC Family, MSN, NBC, CNN and Fox News.

This just proves that the reliability of this product is indeed over the top. This is also one of the most recommended supplements by doctors all over the world.

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Clinical StudyPremature Ejaculation Pills

This product wouldn’t have been released without any clinical studies to ensure its safety and effectiveness first. Based on the clinical studies done on 148 men in a two month triple-blind study, the results were really positive. All men who were involved in the study were healthy and are between the ages 21 and 60. They all suffer though from mild to moderate erectile issues, low interest in sex and premature ejaculation. Half of the participants were asked to take Prosolution Plus while the other have were required to take a placebo. The doses were similar. Based on the results,

  • 64% of the men who used ProSolution Plus experienced improvement in premature ejaculation.
  • 78% of them had experienced improvement in sexual satisfaction. This allowed them to perform better and longer in bed.
  • 48% of the ProSolution Plus participants had improvements in the overall sexual function.
  • 67% of them experienced erectile quality. This supplement gave them more stamina and it also allowed their penis to have longer erection as compared to their usual.

These clinical studies alone prove the benefits you can obtain from using this product but in addition to that, there are thousands of customer reviews as well who can attest positively for the product. Lastly, you may actually check on physician recommendations to verify that this is indeed one of the most recommended pills for premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculation pills

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How Does ProSolution Plus Work?

Aside from aiding in premature ejaculation, there are many other advantages you can get in using ProSolution Plus.premature ejaculation pills

  • This offers better and harder erection. The supplement is known to increase the level of nitric oxide in the body which is actually the major in retaining and receiving blood in the corpora cavernosum. This results in a larger and harder erection.
  • This is very useful in improving your orgasm control. Most of the time, premature ejaculation happens during climax. This pill helps in controlling premature ejaculation so you can have longer sex and release whenever you are ready. This is actually considered to be a major problem since a lot of times after ejaculation; the penis will not stay erect and therefore does not fully satisfy you or your partner’s needs.
  • This also improves orgasm. This offers your body with higher levels of potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C, folic acid and thiamine as well. All these significantly play roles in improving your orgasms so you can reach your climax easier and in a relaxed manner.
  • This helps in reducing stress and performance anxiety. Anxiety is perhaps the most common feeling which men experiences during first encounters with new partners. This is just natural as you have no clue on how to please your partner and oftentimes, men tend to exaggerate their feelings as to whether they could satisfy their new partners or not. According to studies, the mucuna pruriens contained in ProSolution Plus increases the levels of dopamine in the body. This gives off feelings of relaxation and pleasure.
  • Another clinical study have also shown that this actually increases the ability to get and keep an erection during sexual intercourse by 67%. This is a great news indeed especially among older men who wants to stay on top when it comes to their sex life.
  • The ingredients used in ProSolution Plus are known to have been used for thousands of years already. They are known to infuse the male sex organs with vital nutrients in order to restore their sexual ability and prowess.

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  • Nick amstorden says:

    I have attempted some finest herbal vitamins and several premature ejaculation Chinese herbal medicines and nutritional supplements for guys without finding favorable outcomes to remove early ejaculation management difficulties.But have 1 question Have you attempted Pro Solution Plus male performance improvement pills to boost your sexual life?I attempted some finest herbals vitamins and a few untimely premature ejaculation Chinese natural medicine and nutritious supplements for folks without finding great results to evacuate early ejaculation management difficulties.But have 1 question Have you attempted Pro Solution Plus male execution change pills to help your sexual life? I am looking for to try Pro Solution but Need some research first

  • Maxx says:

    Clearly one of the greatest solicitations for item audits is penis enlargements product, however there are likewise the individuals who require a few items to help with premature ejaculation also. This is something I have by and by battled with and done a great deal of research on. Amidst my overwhelming examination I found Prosolution Plus which is a day by day equation made to help with premature ejaculation.

  • Bravo says:

    Even better, the fixings are all-common and specialist affirmed. So on the off chance that you are likewise searching for more perseverance in the room and might want to have a go at something that will make your sex life so much better and longer. I certainly suggest attempting Pro Solution Plus!

  • Jaron taylor says:

    this is my own involvement with this is it definitely did make a difference, however, it took a while. At first I didn’t think it would work by any stretch of the imagination, yet around over two weeks I saw I was lasting longer during sex without pulling out something different. I thought this change was entirely great. I’d say I was enduring perhaps 12 minutes rather than the four-minute record I had before taking them. Be that as it may, what occurred after about a month or two in was totally mind boggling and I can’t generally trust it has worked this well.

  • Manila says:

    I discovered just five premature ejaculation supplements available in market that men talk about on forums, communities, blogs etc. Pro solution plus is the first class since it’s the main premature ejaculation pill officially affirmed by medicals. It helped me to normalize my sexual activity and satisfy my partner. I couldn’t care less about PE, however my better half was not ready to get a peak. but my girlfriend was not able to get a climax, I can control my premature ejaculation and remain as long as I need in bed…..

  • Simon says:

    The intense formula to cure premature ejaculation. yes, I have purchased four bottles to get the results, however it’s worth to put some cash in your certainty and fantastic long lasting sexual action. Simply hold up 30 days before the primary outcomes to show up and make the most of your new changes every time you are in sexual relations

  • Mellisa Mosaku says:

    I have a trouble cuming to early while having in sexual relations with my girlfriend, in what manner will Pro Solution help?

    • Jason says:

      Hello Mellisa,Presently pro solution plus in addition to I’m certain can help you with premature ejaculation. I have had a few different guys reaching me over the previous year with similar issues. Recently any of my best 3 can ease and after some time stop the symptoms of premature ejaculation. Pro Solution Plus does this by using the a following ingredient within its blend.. Asparagus Adscendens which unwinds you and battles the anxiety and nervousness which has an influence in the over energy that you can encounter when having intercourse. I discovered it helped me to take my brain of cumming to ahead of schedule and just helped me to enjoy making love without that distraction. I hope it helps you and beneath is a connection to an article that will help you with loads of tips and activities to take a shot at premature ejaculation.

  • Thunders says:

    I definitely vote for this pill. I placed a ordered pro solution in addition to might want to share my own experience. I was so uncertain about any premature ejaculation treatments, but this one truly works. It was made in USA, every one of the fixings are regular and I have started to see a huge changes in a couple of days of utilizing these pills. More control over my ejaculations. I can at long last unwind and fulfill my ejaculations. That was my lone objective before I attempted this recipe. Presently I see I can get more fulfillment too. I can engage in sexual relations for more than 30 mins with no issues.

  • Mark says:

    I can’t say that pro solution pills helped me to stop premature ejaculation for 100%, but it works in some way. My average time was 2-3 minutes, now i can handle my ejaculation 5-6 minutes. But sometimes that’s enough to satisfy my girlfriend. Anyway, it’s better than before so i’m not disappointed. I’ve been taking Pro solution pills for about 2 months. Wish you luck with this product.

  • Nick says:

    How about practicing “edging”? – masturbate getting as close as you can to climax without ejaculating. Then doing it again and again. Works great for self control. Lots of fun trying too. Or wear a condom so you’re not too stimulated too fast.

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