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ProExtender Review


ProExtender is a product that is meant for men who have a small penis and would want to enlarge it. As a man, there is nothing as important as the pride of giving it right to a lady. Unfortunately for some men, they don’t have the ability to give quality sexual pleasure to both them and the ladies. This can bring about depression and lack of will during sexual escapades due to the embarrassment that can come by. Most men therefore look and search for various means of increasing their manhood and thus solving their problems.

Well, lucky enough for you who wonder: “why is my penis small” and are seeking means to improve their penile sizes and structure, ProExtender is an online company which offers solution to your penile problems. Do you think your penis is too short? Or is the girth not enough? Maybe you are suffering from crooked penis? You came to the right place. We do understand how disappointing it is to keep on finding solutions to your dick problems especially when none of those solutions are working or are too expensive. True, there are a lot of surgical procedures you can undergo to straighten or extend your penis but you are right. They are actually very risky and in addition to that, they are also very expensive. Not many can afford a surgical operation therefore and even for those who can afford, it is still a very risky process to follow. It could go anyway depending on how it is done with some few cases reporting total failure. Why spend money on uncertainty?

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Proextender Review

On the other hand, there are those male enhancement supplements but there are just too many fakes and false advertisements that some are actually unhealthy and dangerous. Besides, the effect of enhancement pills is actually just temporary. The effects are fast but the moment you stop taking the pills, your penis will just shrink back. These pills therefore work just as a Viagra pill would work as the effect is short-lived. Therefore taking them would mean that you only get a good penis for the short period that the drug is still in the blood stream and afterwards get back to normal. Again constantly taking them into the body is totally unsafe thus can lead to various side effects and defects with some even worsening the situation.


Glad to say that the ProExtender system works in a safe, reliable, natural and permanent method. This ProExtender reviews aim is to broaden your knowledge on their penis extension device so you can fully understand how it works and how it truly benefits you.

As we all know, a lot of men are very conscious when it comes to their manhood, after all it is their pride. However, a small penis can significantly decrease the self-esteem as well as confidence of a man. This often leads him to question himself and furthermore, this often does not give him the satisfaction he wants. ProExtender penis extensions have been the answer to that problem for thousands of users all over the world. In fact, in Spain alone, there are over 60 private clinics that make use of ProExtender. Furthermore, hundreds of physicians in over 29 countries are recommending the product to their patients since they know and have proven how safe and effective it is. The popularity of this product is made even better due to reviews from thousands of other customers who are satisfied with the results they got. So what exactly does it do?

  • First and foremost, its main role is to enlarge penises. This makes use of the traction method to naturally and permanently enlarge the penis. The traction method is a proven and effective way of enlarging different parts of the body and is a method which has been in use for hundreds of years starting from ancient times. With proper and regular usage, you are sure to see results in a few weeks. This could actually enlarge your penis by a few inches until you are satisfied. The process should however continue for several months so that the muscles and cells fully stretch and gain adaptability respectively. Otherwise you might just have a long and big penis for a short time then back to the original problem. It is just like body building where you would need to constantly exercise in order to see the results that are coming due to this exercise. It requires patience and determination as the traction process can seem long and frustrating before you would get used to it.
  • This is also being used and recommended for those who have Peyronie’s disease. This is very effective in correcting curved penises permanently. This is yet another problem that some men suffer from and can cause low self-esteem when it comes to bed matters. Having a penis that is not straight enough mostly leads to the man not being able to satisfy his lady appropriately. Worry no more as men who have had this problem rectified it by use of these extenders thus gaining even a longer penile length than was there before. The product has undergone several trials to serve that purpose. It has been medically approved by both researchers and surgeons based on the clinical trials they performed and the results they have obtained. There is no more need for you to go through a surgery with this.

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There are various male enhancement products  and penile extenders in the market right now. With many dubious business people taking advantage of the desperation of many men out there who are in search of a better dick size and curvature, you should be careful not be swindled with counterfeit products that are bound not to work. Again such products can even lead to a worsened situation if you are not careful enough. ProExtender is a trusted penile enhancement device that is sure to work in ensuring you get a longer and wider penis size.

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  • triatumn says:

    I regret, but I can help nothing. I know, you will find the correct decision. Do not despair.
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  • Tomas says:

    I tried the Pro Extender after deciding between it and Size Genetics since they are similar. I chose Pro Extender due to the easier build and better grip. I really like using it. Only been a few days but I feel it stretching my penis a lot. I hope continues stretching will result in gains.

  • Thiago says:

    If you learn how to put it on correctly, you will see great results. But you must maintain an erection throughout the entire process. If you lose your erection, the extender will fall off.

  • Santino says:

    I was wondering a few things as i am just starting out if i use the extender twice a day 2-3 hours each time if ill get the same results as if i were to ware it for 5 or 6 hours straight. Also was wondering if i can do 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off or will that stop my growth entirely i do physical labor and doubt i can wear it at work thanks.

  • Oliver says:

    Like stretching a piercing, traction works from CONSTANT pulling. Wear as much as possible but not at max stretch. If head slips your pulling to much. Traction is slow process. If seeing immediate results, your going too fast and will hurt yourself. When i first started I had it at max stretch for 4 hours. I pulled to much to fast and now I have a small hard lump of scar tissue on the top of shaft

  • Thomas says:

    In my first week, to get best results should I stretch it as far out as possible? Also – I’ve had to add some plugs at the end to get it a little longer, are there additional bars I can buy to make it longer AND how structurally sound will it be if I add another bar? I’m pulling the strap/band as tight as it goes, my head hurts after a couple hours, should it be less tight?

  • Mike says:

    I have short penis about 4 inches. I want to increase 2 inches Can Pro Extender increase my penis length & girth . Please Answer I am very tense about it. After 6 month my marriage will fix. I am very nervous can I satisfied my spouse. Please sir give me Answer. MY age is 28.

  • Mateo says:

    My penis state is like 4 in. unless I stretch it, then blood comes and I feel like I have a regular dick. I’m using it just to the retraction so much. I’m 4 inches penis, 5 inches penis(when blood gets in), 6 inches( erect). I’m shooting for a straight 5 inch penis without shrinkage.

  • Benjamin says:

    does the product truly work? I have a 6.2 inches erect penis and 5.1 in girth. however, I have a curved penis and the longer side is at 7.1 inches ,so the curved area seems to be distorting the true length to 6.2″. I want to start using pro extender to straighten the penis and gain an increase in both length and girth, that is 8 inches long and a girth of 5.5 or 6 inches. so my concern was if the product does truly work. thank you

    • Ethan says:

      Yes, it works, penile extender is the best option to straighten the curved penis! Actually, this device was originally invented as a penile curvature treatment. You can find numerous clinical trials that confirm the effectiveness of extender devices in correcting curvature or deformity during erection.

  • Santiago says:

    I am writing this in the hope it will help others I used a Pro Extender for nearly a year without any change until just over a month ago I discovered that the more tension you use the better the instead of using the comfort pad I sewed some soft cloth around the rubber tubing got the maximum tension I could after one month I have doubled the extension bar length seeing great results it works

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