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Revealed Why Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed


Why do women like to be dominated in bed by their partners? This is simply because they make them feel irresistible. Some love being treated like their partner’s sex slave.

An intelligent, emotionally healthy, and highly sexual woman is sexually submissive. This only means that they don’t want to take control in bed. It also means that they don’t want to lead when in bed and they don’t want to instigate the sexual intercourse. Now, if girls think like that, what do you think men have to do to please or satisfy their women? Men have to be dominant in bed. Women don’t need to worry because this idea of domination doesn’t have to involve whips and chains, or black masks.

The way men behave in a sexually dominant manner with their women in bed is to take control and lead them. Instigating the sex is the first way you can do this. Don’t ask your partner for sex or beg her for sexual intercourse as both of these actions are needy and weak. And girls don’t like needy, weak men in bed. Neediness and weakness say lack of confidence in sex and guess what girls really want in men? This is none other than sexual confidence.

Revealed Why Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

If you dominate your women in bed and lead her in a passionately sexual adventure which drives her crazy and blows her mind every time you make love, your confidence will grow to incredible heights as your woman will become more and more responsive to you in the bedroom and during sexual intercourse.

So, if you want to have regular, hot and sizzling sex with your woman — you should dominate her in the bed, and you should give her multiple orgasms. Do these things, and for sure she will become sexually addicted to you. You should know how to be good at sex as women prefer men with lots of skills in bed.

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For men who wish to become spectacular lovers in the bedroom, they need to read these tips. Want to know what do women want in bed? Read on!

  • Take Charge

There are many men out there who are passive in lovemaking. They want to be cute and gentle rather than masculine and dominant. This is one mistake man will ever make in the bedroom. Gender polarization during sexual intercourse needs a woman’s forced to interact with a man force. Two women forces can’t interact with each other for a really satisfying experience.

Revealed Why Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

An extremely manly force should be present to complete the “whole.” So get dominant with your women in bed. Be the one who changes position and makes your woman follow your lead. This is a very useful tip for a man who wants to know how to be better in bed.

  • Get a Bit Rough

Female get the most intense orgasm if they are getting deep penetration. Why simply because their g-spot gets very stimulated.

Men should not be afraid to have rough sex with their partner. Women do not want to have sex all the time; most times, they want their sexual desire to be fulfilled.

  • Talk to Her

Talk to your partner and whisper dirty talks. Women are very self-conscious if they are naked in bed. To have some wild sex, you should clear away inhibitions by telling her how sexy she is and that she really makes you feel hot and horny. This is what you do during sex. This helps you make your relationship stronger. This is one of the many signs he loves you during sex.

Revealed Why Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

  • Forceful But Gentle

You have to know what you’re doing. Don’t get around throwing a couple of slaps on her buttock. The notion to show that you’re dominant is to allow her to know that you are in control. This might result in smacking her up. Keep in mind that you take 100% control and tell your partner what you like to do next. Don’t let her lead. This is what women want in bed. And this is what guys want in bed too.

  • Know the Reason

If being dominant is only for your own reason, eye pleasure and fantasies, and not about her, you have to give up this idea. Why? It is because for you governing her in bed is to satisfy her. If you are dominant, you govern her feelings and emotion. When she can’t control her feeling anymore during sex, she’ll have the best sex of all time and surely, mind-blowing orgasm. Don’t fear, control her with lust.

  • Take Complete Control

If you want something so badly, you do it the way you like and take control. In bed, lead your woman around through doing things like pressing her body against the wall, moving her things to the corner to show how much you want her and pushing her down on the bed, etc. What women want in bed is to lead by their partner. So take this chance to show your control and show her what you like her to do.

Know Her Body Language and Pay Close Attention to What She Likes

Pay close attention to the movement of her body to know whether she wants what you are doing. Know female sexuality and take action to what she likes in the bedroom. For men, there are many kinky things to try that show that they are in control in the bedroom. But, as mentioned above it is essential to talk to your partner.


There are many reasons why women love to be dominated in bed. However, for men, you can never be in control or dominant in bed if you cannot last long to please your partner. To be able to make her happy during intercourse, you should last at least five to ten minutes. There are many techniques and products available that can assist you to last longer in bed and have the best sex ever.

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