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Semen Volume Pills


The more semen you produce and ejaculate, the better chances you have that one of those will hit the target and result in conception of a child. A healthy man produces 40 to 300 million sperm cells per milliliter every time he ejaculates. 1.5 to 5 mm is a normal amount. If the sperm count is less than 10 million, it is deemed to be poor. 20 million is still acceptable if the sperm cells’ morphology and motility are within the normal range. The reproductive system constantly produces sperm cells, so a low sperm count is oftentimes only temporary.

Some of the most common causes of low sperm count are the following:



  • 67-DAY MONEY
    67-DAY MONEY



  • 60-DAY MONEY
    60-DAY MONEY

Poor Nutrition and Stress

If you are not following a well-balanced diet and experience high levels of stress, your sperm count can be badly affected. You can reverse this condition by eating healthy and eliminating stress in your life. For instance, you can take a vacation or go to a spa to relax.


semen volume pills

As you get older, you produce less semen. Younger men produce a large amount of sperm cells as you are looking for a family and the body works on a biological clock.

Medical Reasons

If the seminal vesicles are blocked, it cannot produce the fluid that is used to transmit the semen via the ejaculatory channel. The sperm cells can’t travel and remain where they are. If you are suffering from oligospermia (low sperm cell count) or azoospermia (zero sperm cell count), you can see a doctor to get the right treatment.

How to Produce More Semen

There are various ways to increase semen volume. Here are some of them.

Diet and Exercise

Stop eating fries, hot dogs, burgers and processed foods. Follow a diet that is rich in proteins, low in carbs and has plenty of vegetables and fruits. If you want to increase your semen volume, you should also exercise. Intense circuit-training can boost the level of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is the men’s sexual hormone and it decreases as you age. Boosting your testosterone levels increases your sperm quality and count.

Delay Ejaculation

Another way on how to increase semen volume is to delay ejaculation. More liquid is ejaculated when you delay ejaculation and it’s helpful when it comes to maintaining your libido.

It also improves erection quality and sexual performance.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol, especially beer, can negatively affect your sperm count. It lowers testosterone levels and accelerates the speed at which libido declines. Reduce or completely avoid alcohol and quit smoking.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a good semen extender. Dehydration reduces sperm volume. Drink lots of water to help your sperm become more fluid and shoot out faster and further.

Semen Volume Pills

There are semen pills that can be used to increase your semen count and volume. These semen enhancement pills are one of the best ways on how to get more semen quickly. Volume Pills and Semenax are two of the best semen enhancing pills available today.

Volume Pills

semen volume pills

Volume Pills contains a special blend of natural herbals, aphrodisiacs and nutrients to enhance the health your reproductive system. It increases semen volume to help you enjoy larger erections and intense orgasms. This is because the penile muscles are made to contract more frequently and harder to ejaculate more semen. It contains Solidin, a proprietary herbal compound that helps increase the production of dopamine. Increased dopamine levels lead to improved sexual pleasure.

Interested in increasing you semen volume or penis size? Read the following posts:

Volume Pills contains Xi Lan Rou Gui. It’s a Chinese herb that increases blood flow into the penis. When this organ gets more blood, you enjoy harder erections. Xi Lan Rou Gui is also packed with omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and overall health. Volume pills also contains Ku Gua (reduces body fat), San Gao Mu (controls blood pressure to promote sexual health), Dong Chong Xia Cao (boosts testosterone production) and the zinc oxide (improves testosterone metabolism to enhance sexual vigor.


semen volume pills

Semenax increases ejaculation levels and orgasm. It boosts seminal vesicle fluids, seminal plasma, bulbourethral fluids and prostate gland fluids for thicker and intense cum load. Semenax also helps you better control your orgasm. If you want to conceive, you can take this semen pill to increase your chances. Since you have more semen, you can last longer in bed and please your partner. Semenax is clinically tested for effective usage. It is available in capsule form and you have to take two pills in the morning and another two before going to bed every day for sixty days. If you drink plenty of water and eat healthy, you will not experience any mild side effects.

Semenax contains Horny Goat Weed, which increases the level of testosterone in the body. It also contains L-Lysine that helps boost testosterone levels and semen volume. The semen pill has Tribulus, a powerful Chinese herb that improves the body’s production of testosterone. This herb is used in male fertility medicines. Catuaba Bark is another potent ingredient that enhances the male reproductive system. Semenax also contains Hawthorne (improves the sexual system and prostate health), Maca (another powerful testosterone booster), Zinc (boosts sperm quality and sexual energy), Cranberry Extract (improves prostate health) and L-Arginine (doubles production of sperm). As you grow older, your prostate grows and puts pressure on the sexual organs. An enlarged prostate can result in impotence. Semenax has Pumpkin Seed that improves prostate health and Vitamin E, which keeps your sexual organs active.

These are only some of the best ways on how to increase semen quality and volume. Follow a balanced, exercise, stay hydrated, avoid stress and take the best semen volume pill. You will perform better in bed, please your partner and boost your confidence. One of the best things about the best semen volume pills is it is delivered to your address in a discreet manner. No one will know that you ordered pills to increase semen. Follow the instructions on the label and enjoy the results of the best semen pills.


  • wett says:

    are they safe? and are there any alternative methods (besides my usual 8 glasses of water per day and lack of ejaculation) for gaining more semen volume upon climax?

  • Irfan says:

    To what volume pill are you refering? I think that it depends on what’s in there… I know for example that zinc can increase the volume of semen…

  • Mercury says:

    I take 50mg zinc, 1200mg lecithin and a saw palmetto/ pygeum blend daily. I literally have pearly streams and I flutter hard when I cum. I also drink at least 6-8- 12 oz. Glasses of water each day.

  • Chet says:

    get dat libido up, the more you wanna hit some vadge the more your body produces, it’s a natural response, if you’d rather smash some video games than a fyne ass b**ch then you’ll shoot blanks and s**t

  • Lorcan says:

    A word of advice – do not take as directed. Cycle every couple of days to keep the effects from being diluted. I read stories all the time of guys saying that it was great at first then things went downhill. I’ve been cycling the two for couple years now and the effects are just the same today as when I first took them. Also, lots of water helps.

  • Hamish says:

    I work out and I use a supplement called T-Bomb . It is a test booster to help gain mass . I noticed that when I started taking them It increased my libido , my EQ and the amount of ejaculating . I get mine from G N C . they are about $50 for a couple of months worth . It says to take 3 pills 2x a day but I only take 2 pills 2x a day .

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