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Sex Before Bed Leads to Better Sleep


Are you searching for a 100% natural sleep aid that can ease your stress and tension and at the same time help you fall asleep fast?

How Having Sex in Bed Results in a Good Night Sleep?

There are reasons why every sex clips in movies end with the partner falling asleep fast. Research shows that sex promotes healthy sleep. This due to the hormones generated during sexual intercourse. This bedtime activity boosts a hormone called oxytocin which makes a person connected to his or her partner and reduced a stress-related hormone called cortisol. These modifications in hormonal levels leave the body feeling relaxed, leading to a pleasant and enjoyable transition into sleep.

A better snooze especially takes place if you reach the orgasm. If you reach the climax or the Big O, your body produces a mixture of hormones which help you fall asleep fast. Together with melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, oxytocin or also known as love hormone- deluges your brain after orgasm. It really makes sense that a compound which contributes to intimacy and trust will also promote calm and drowsiness.

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During penetration, your brain releases endorphins, a feel-good neurotransmitter. Low levels of stress along with the feelings of intimacy and confidence and euphoria has a soothing effect on your body that is the best factor for sleep.

Sex Before Bed Leads to Better Sleep

Sex on the bed helps you fall asleep fast. On the other hand, its effect on women and men differs a lot. For ladies, hormone levels estrogen is known to boost after sexual intercourse that improves women’s REM cycle for a relaxing and deeper sleep. Men after sex will produce prolactin, a biochemical that is responsible for the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. No doubt men pass out in just a matter of minutes.

Lovemaking or sex is very essential for your sleep and sleep is also essential for a fulfilling sex. A relaxing sleep will do miracles to your life especially when it comes to sex. In a research posted in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, a woman in a romantic relationship reported a high level of sex drive or libido and has a 14 percent boosts in the odds of sexual intercourse the following day. A woman who has enough sleep time also reported an amazing lubrication during sexual intercourse compared to a woman with short average sleep.

This clearly shows that sex and sleep are related. Sleep and sex are both essential to overall happiness and health of a person. Get a good night sex this evening and see how your mood and sleep improve to a higher extent.

Sex in Bed for Better Sleep and Its Amazing Benefits

Today, a lot of people both men and women are seeking a miracle solution to their pains, health concerns, and aches, often a cheap solution awaits them each night. A good night sleep can do wonders for the body and mind. Sleep enhances your memory, reduces stress, efficiently treats inflammation as well as helps keep the heart healthy and strong. Having sex in bed offers you a calming sleep. Enough sleep can benefit you in these four ways.

Sex Before Bed Leads to Better Sleep

Good Sleep Boosts Your Memory

The significant study shows that deeper, longer sleep boosts both long-term and short-term memory. But, how does this work? Sleep experts call it memory consolidation. While your bones and muscle rest, your mind stays busy sorting, storing and organizing the whole thing you experienced during the past waking time. The longer and deeper your sleep, the better the mind will forge strong memories and make a problem-solving connection between diverse thoughts and experience. Sleep better to think better.

Defuse and Minimize Stress with Better Sleep

Poor sleep and stress create a downward spiral of medical issues. The hormones the body produces to deal with anxiety make restful sleep harder, and poor sleep stresses the body to invoke even further production of stress hormones.

Try to break this self-defeating cycle through focusing on getting a good night sleep. There are medications available but some of them have side effects. Don’t worry because there is a natural way of getting a good night sleep, this is through sex. Sex will give you nine solid hours of sleep and be making those restful, deep hours of sleep. This will lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones; breaking the cycle and be aiding you better handle your pressure while making it easier to get catch good sleep the next night.

Good Sleep can treat Inflammation

More doctors and researchers learn that all types of inflammation seem to be at the center of the deterioration which happens due to age and stress. High blood pressure and stress hormones contribute to enhanced inflammation all through the body. Fortunately, good and relaxing sleep helps lessen both stress hormones and your blood pressure, thus indirectly but efficiently helping you fight inflammation.

Sex Before Bed Leads to Better Sleep

Sex Sleep to Greater Health

What is more to the enhancement in stress hormones stated above, lack of sleep is also linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. So, if you don’t have enough sleep, you increase three considerable risk factors associated with heart attack and stroke. Therefore, try to get at least six to seven hours of sleep each night in order to lessen these risk factors.

Hoping that this article helps you better understand the significance of a good night sleep. Healthy sleep will enhance your memory, reduce stress, cure inflammation all through your body as well as help keep your heart stays young and strong.


In general, enough sleep is very important to one’s life. As mentioned above, it can avoid various risk factors that can lead to serious medical issues. A lot of people opt to use over the counter medicines and buy sleeping pills or other sleep aid, without knowing that these leave harmful effects. Sex is a natural yet exciting alternative to over the counter drugs. What is more, it also provides benefits aside from showing your love and respect for your partner.


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