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Sex Drive Pills for Women


Poor or low sexual desire is one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunction in women. Generally speaking, this is a common term used to describe the disturbance in the sexual functioning of women. This also includes sexual pain disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasmic disorder in women and more. With the increasing number of women suffering from this problem, it becomes vital to seek for the best measure to overcome this and one highly considerable option is to take libido pills for women.



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But before you try to improve your poor libido and enhance your sexual desire, you first need to take time to know the signs that indicate low or poor sexual desire and the causes of low libido.

By knowing these signs, you will be able to appreciate the significance of every sex pill for women and would surely be convinced that investing on the best sex drive pills for women really makes sense.

Sex Drive Pills for Women

The symptoms of low and poor sexual desire commonly include the following:

  • Lack of enticing sexual thoughts and desire which can’t be attributed into any psychiatric or physical condition or medications.
  • Strains on relationships because of lack of sexual desire
  • Distress

If you are experiencing one of these common symptoms, think that you’re not alone. Studies revealed that increased number of women these days is suffering from low libido resulting to dull and poor sexual experience and most of them are distressed about this dulled cravings for sex. Low or poor sexual desire in women is known to hurt their relationships and affect the level of intimacy with their partner. This also affects their communication with partners negatively.

Causes of Decreased Libido in Women

Women’s decreased libido is linked with many different known causes and some of these are highlighted below:

Over-working and Stress

Stuck in hectic work schedules and with lots of personal obligation adding up, women tend to be completely exhausted when they arrive home. Lots of demands and much stress both on women’s physical and mental energy result to depletion of their adrenal glands known as the powerhouse glands responsible for your stress hormones’ outputs. More stress therefore means decrease in juicy sex hormones. This can even delay women’s period and can make them gain more weight. For women suffering from decreased libido, stress is also one of the main culprits. Stress is somehow a problem because this affects women physically and psychologically. Women’s body need to feel safe and relaxed in order to feel and enjoy good sex.

So if you don’t want your libido to suffer, stay away from stressful situations and people…

Medications and Birth Control

If you are taking anti-depressants or you are into pills, you need to realize that when it comes to hormonal balance and sex drive, the usual side effect is decreased libido. Women suffering from this sex problem are advised to talk to their doctor. This is one way to get the right support or get what is reapillslly necessary to address the problem and help women improve their sex life. Note that birth control pills have some side effects that can negatively impact women’s love life and sex life and anti –depressant medications can actually affect women’s fertility. A trusted medical expert may recommend taking effective sex drive pills for women.


Aside from medications, stress and overworking, inflammation is also a known cause of decreased libido in women since this impedes both neurotransmitter and hormone functions. Without hormones like testosterone and estrogen doing their main works and without the happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine to connect them into the brain, it’s really hard to attain robust libido.

Dieting/ Under-eating/ Over Exercising

Dieting, under-eating, over exercising, calorie counting, intermittent fasting and ultimately low-fad diets are surefire ways to decrease your libido. This is because women’s body is highly sensitive to starvation signals.

On the other hand, there are also thin women who gained some fat have also achieved increased libido. They add some carbs into their diets and cease intermittent fasting. Women also have to note that over exercising and fasting can be dangerous to their health and can also affect their sexual libido and desire. Low carb diet also needs close attention since this are also one of the common causes of decreased libido in women. Low carb diet, which is actually less than 50 grams of carb per day, can even hinder women’s thyroid functions. Lack of healthy function of the thyroid could result to reproductive organs and hormones not getting energy that they need in order to work more robustly.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, other causes of decreased libido in women are hormonal conditions like PCOS, menopause and more.

Unveiling the Ultimate Solutions to Women’s Decreased Libido

Women’s sex drive pills are now creating fuzz in the market. This only implies that lots of women today are looking for the best female enhancement pills to revamp up their sex life. It’s true that lots of women’s sex drive pills and female sex drive pills over the counter available today but do not just settle for pills that make girls horny. Make sure that the female six pills that you opt to use are safe and can truly meet your unique requirements.

The following are three of the leading sex drive pills for women that can surely increase libido and can pave way to a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounters:


Sex Drive Pills for Women

Vigorelle is one of the leading sexual enhancement products for females. This is an all-natural herbal cream and an effective sexual enhancer being applied into the woman’s vaginal area to effectively stimulate this particular region during foreplay as well as during sexual intercourse. This sexual enhancer cream has excellent stimulants which maximize lubrication and please during sex.

This product is a known powerful libido boosters and taken as topical solution. This has been readily available in the market for many years now and is perfect for women who do not prefer taking female sex pills orally. The main ingredients of this female sexual enhancement product such as Gingko Biloba, L-Arganine HCI, Suma Root, Rhizoma Dioscera Villosae, also known as wild yam, peppermint leaf, Damiana leaf and various vitamins are actually the keys to this herbal cream’s amazing effectiveness.

HerSolution Gel

Sex Drive Pills for Women

Do you want to finally say goodbye to unwanted vaginal dryness and say hello to ultimate orgasm? If yes, HerSolution Gel is what you need. This instant and effective arousal gel was formulated to give you tingly, warm and more engorged sensations that you crave. Of all the many sexual enhancers for females, this one helps you achieve the most maximum pleasure and orgasms.

This female enhancement product is also recognized as the female version of Viagra.

With this product, you can feel your sexual desire being built not to mention the most intensifying and erotic sensations that you can get. With increased sensation and lubrication, women can enjoy and experience increased desire for sex as well. HerSolution Gel is widely noted for its wonderful effects on vaginal dryness. This female enhancement product helps women by beating the dryness through mimicking the natural lubrication of the body during sexual encounters to:

  • Intensify feelings of strong sexual desire
  • Heighten sensitivity to pleasurable touches
  • Encourage natural lubrications to kick in
  • Keep women wet and warm with just a single application
  • Push towards powerful and satisfying orgasmic climax.

This sexual enhancer for women is all you need to experience the best sexual pleasure again. This product is crafted specifically for women experiencing decreased libido and designed to make sex delicious, intense, warm and irresistible. This also helps women’s body to achieve the type of response and physiological changes linked with irresistible sexual encounters.


Sex Drive Pills for Women

This is a 100% safe and doctor-endorsed supplement especially formulated to increase women’s desire for sex dramatically. This is the solution to every girl’s desire for passionate and satisfying sex life that is also filled with exquisite sensations, uninhibited pleasure and easily-achieved orgasms. This female sex enhancer is what you need to deeply intensify your sexual sensations, increase vaginal lubrication, speed bod arousal, add passion back into your intimate sexual encounters and put regular and pleasurable orgasms back within your reach. This product is known for its amazing combination of aphrodisiacs, nutrients and herbs, all proven to effectively balance nutrients and hormones linked with the entire aspects of female reproductive systems.

Provestra has been made to also naturally and gently restore balance into your body. Women who have been using Provestra have experienced incredible results such as increased sexual appetite, increased fantasies and sexual desire, more and fasted vaginal lubrication and more intense arousal in genital regions. However, women are advised to keep in mind that Provestra is also formulated to help their body recover from hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficits which are created eventually or over time from neglect, ongoing stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and more.

There might be a lot of sex drive pills for women offered and advertised today but these three sexual enhancers for female are the most recommended options that you can take.


  • Lusie says:

    Female sexuality’s complex, which has complicated research on the matter. Libido can be *negatively* affected by lots of drugs (notably antidepressants, but many more, and since studies have mostly been done on men, there are lots of gaps to fill). Other physical things can affect it (eg being underweight). And state of mind can be hugely important. What else is going on in her/your lives, your careers, and importantly, your relationship? No need to reply here… just saying, stress can have a lot to do with it (and there’s a lot of it in year 1 of most marriages, generally speaking). But first, as above, your wife should exclude physical causes by seeing a gyno, ideally with connections to an endocrinologist.

    Work hard at loving communication through all this. It can be really horrible for sex to go off in a relationship. The one with the higher drive feels rejected and lonely. The one with less drive feels guilty and ‘broken’.

  • Tero says:

    I think womens’ sex drive is 99% mental, so taking a drug to get things going doesn’t really help. Depression was my biggest libido killer. Also, being stressed/overworked/overly tired. You need to look for the root of her problem to solve it

  • AJ says:

    I have been with my girlfriend for 5 years now – I am 24, she is 28 – and although I love her to bits, I just wish she would want sex with me.

    I have talked to her about it, and she has assured me that it is her – she has a very low sex drive. I have tried everything – complimenting her, making sure she is secure and feels safe, buying her a vibrator etc. But nothing works.

    We have not had sex for almost 2 months now.

    Is there any way she can increase her sex drive with any tablets etc?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Washington says:

    Very happy with results so far. I had hysterectomy at 30 and lost all sex drive. Now 9 years later I have tried everything and nothing worked. These have. Will keep purchasing

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