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Sex on Your Period Reasons Why You Should Do It


Having sex on your period has been the least favorite sex activity of couples, but this can offer you with numerous benefits. When you are in a menstrual cycle, your libido increases and your vagina have a multitude of sexy senses. This only means that this is the perfect time for you to have sex with your partner.

Many are still asking about this issue. “Can you have sex on your period?” Is it safe to have sex while on your period?” “Does it hurt to have sex on your period?” “Can sex delay your period?” “Can having sex make your period to be delayed or start early?” “Is it bad to have sex while on your period?” These are the frequently asked questions about having sex during a period. The truth is that the doctor says, “Go for it. If the patient is comfortable doing it, then continue having sex with your partner. This is perfectly safe and natural.”

Sex on Your Period: Reasons Why You Should Do It

If you and your partner can’t take a break from having sex, then having sex while on your period will never be your barrier to have sex. There are no reasons for you not to have sex during your period.

Here are the top reasons why it is good to have sex while on your period.

  • Less need for Lube

If your genitals are naturally dry, you need to use lube. However, having sex while on your period can help you not so use lube. Before thinking of the blood thing, you have to keep in mind that the blood coming out of your vagina is not a harmful chemical. Women tend to lose for about 12 teaspoons of fluid during their monthly menstruation, but you have to remember that not all of these are blood. Since the overall color is red, it might look as if it is blood. These fluids serve as a lube for better sexual intercourse.

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  • Shorten the Length of the Period

Does sex delay your period? Well, the best part of sex is orgasm, and with every orgasm, the uterus is being contracted. Every time the uterus contracted the uterine lining functions faster than its usual way. So, if you had sex a week before your period or even during your period, this will flush out the fluids and compounds that cause the pressure and the cramps.

Sex on Your Period: Reasons Why You Should Do It

  • Can help you go out of your comfort zone

Are you curious on how to have sex on your period? Well, it is just the same with the normal sexual intercourse. Of course, you already knew about the famous sex positions. If you are fond of doing the missionary sex position, sex on a period can change that. There are some sex positions that you cannot do since you are on your period like the woman on top position. Decide on some possible positions that are in favor of the period sex. If you don’t want to be messy, take it to the shower room and have shower sex.

  • Women are hornier during their period

Women are definitely into it during their menstrual cycle. If you are, still curious if it is bad to have sex on your period, then don’t be hesitant for there is nothing wrong with it. Don’t think that it is only you who will do this act because most couples are doing this. You don’t need to skip something that you know you want to do. Most women would not admit it, but the truth is, they feel hornier during their period, and it is okay to have sex on your period.

Sex on Your Period: Reasons Why You Should Do It

  • Reduces menstrual cramps

There is no doubt that an orgasm can provide you with plenty of health benefits, especially during your period. Since orgasms are natural pain-reliever, therefore, you don’t need to take a break from having sex even on your monthly period. Having more orgasms can initiate to have more fun and prevent from menstrual cramps.

  • It is not gross

The menstrual period is not dirty or gross; it is a natural occurrence. Periods happen monthly and are a part of the female’s body and lifestyle. Women should be ashamed of themselves during their period for this is completely natural, and there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, having sex while on your period is not bad. All you have to do is to make some remedy just to make it less messy.

  • It is just blood

The truth about women’s period is that not all of the fluid coming out from their genitals are blood. Some of these are fluids. Having sex with your partner during their period is not what you think it is. It is just blood, and everything is very normal. If it gets into your penis, so be it. Just wipe and clean it afterward. This is very natural for a woman to get gross during their menstrual cycle. Don’t judge a woman’s vagina for it is only blood and there is nothing wrong with it.

Sex on Your Period: Reasons Why You Should Do It

  • It is not what you think it is

Stop imagining the period as the sauce to your hot dog. Having sex with a woman with the period will not make you into a pool of blood. It is harmless; you will not get hurt with the blood. If you want to avoid the mess on your penis, you can use a condom since, during the women’s period, she will be releasing an amount of blood. Using a condom is an effective way on how to have sex while on your period.

The top reasons mentioned above tells why you should not avoid having sex while on your period. There have been some questions about whether you can get pregnant while having sex on your period. The answer is yes! You can get pregnant during your period although there is some proof that pregnancy cannot happen during this period. However, the chance of getting pregnant is very minimal. So, if you think having sex during your period is the safest, then you are wrong.

To ensure that everything will be fine, be careful and use condoms as much as possible to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

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