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Sex Party Questions You Always Wanted to Ask


What happens during sex parties? You must be curious, is that right? Anyone would be definitely curious about what happens in these notorious parties. Whether it is a college sex party, a teen sex party (there’s even that?) or a regular adult sex party, you know you are curious.

Is what you heard right, that it is like a big club where there are writhing, sexy bodies everywhere? You’ve probably also heard the rumor that it in these parties, couples often swap partners. If these things are what cross your mind when thinking about sex party, you’re not wrong.

Of course, it is more than just that. There are many things happening in college sex parties or any kind of sex parties for that matter. It is interesting to take note that a poll back in 2015 said that 9% of the respondents attended a sex party before. Additionally, 13% of them said they would actually attend.

What to Expect in a Sex Party

It looks like a good number of people want to experience and see for yourself what happens in a sex party. If you were curious too, reading a bit about sex parties would help. With that, this article gives you some of the things to expect in a sex party.

Can Couples Go Together or Not?

There are different types of the sex parties and depending on the type you want to attend; you can go together with your partner. It said that attending sex parties together with your partner could bring more intimacy if you are both into it.

Does It Have Rules?

You cannot just go to a sex party and then go wild hooking up with anybody. There are rules in sex parties so to keep creepers away. Most of the time, the rules are only single women and couples are attend. No single guys allowed. This type of party employs a unique system that makes it exciting.

How Do the Participants Hook Up?

Sex parties do not mean you can go around grabbing someone’s balls or anything. You need to ask for permission first before initiating any sexual contact. Getting aggressive is not ideal in this place, or you might find yourself kicked out.

Do They Play the Sex Question Game?

One of the games played in sex parties is the sex question game. In this game, you get to ask would you rather sex questions that will turn everybody on. If you have dirty, naughty, sexy questions you are dying to ask; you can get during sex games.

Read here some following Tips to Get your Partner Very Close with You:

Dirty, Naughty, Good Sex Questions to Ask During Sex Parties

If you’re dreaming of going to a sex party, you might want to add these sex game questions to ask on your list. If you are with a partner, these questions can help keep your relationship more fun and exciting.

  1. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
  2. What is your most hardcore sex fantasy?
  3. Have you ever watched someone else have sex?
  4. Did you ever have sex using sex toys?
  5. Have you ever showered with some of the opposite sex?
  6. Did someone ever catch you while fooling around?
  7. Does someone too old ever hit on you?
  8. Would you ever want to have sex outdoors?
  9. Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?
  10. Did you ever have a sexy dream about someone you work with it?

Sex Party Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

These are only a few of the many sexy would you rather questions you can ask to spice up the sex party. To make a relationship everlasting, you need to keep it fun and exciting, so no one gets bored. Going to sex parties and playing sex party games are one way to do that.

It will not only get you and your partner in the mood. It will also let both of you discover new things about yourself. For the women, playing the sex question game is a great way to show your partner how adventurous you could be.

In the sex question game, you don’t necessarily have to ask wild and nasty questions. Sometimes, the best sexy questions are tame but with some hint of being kinky or naughty. You can ask freaky would you rather questions, funny sexual questions or maybe try this and that questions.

How to Talk Dirty Without Sounding Stupid

If you are new to sex parties and still have some inhibitions about talking dirty, here are some tips for you.

  • Start slow and whisper things like “I’ve been thinking about you” to his or her ear. Lick his or her earlobe. Compliment him or her, on anything. Think about the things you liked about him or her and talk about it now. However, don’t do much yet and simply focus on what you say.
  • The respond will probably be something like “I’ve been thinking about you too.” Then ask about the things that have been going on his or her head in your most seductive voice. Ask him or her about the things he’s, or she’s been fantasizing about.
  • Next is when you really talk. This is when you say things like “Thinking about your ___ makes me hot” or “You really turn me one when you do that.” If you’re not comfortable yet getting verbal like this, you can start about the last time you had a hot night together. Take the lead by telling him or her about what you liked about it.
  • Of course, you don’t just want to talk. You also want action. Ask your partner where he or she wants you to touch next or where he or she wants to touch you. To adults, talking dirty is a show-and-tell game.
  • Once you get the clothes off, continue with the dirty, sexy talk. This is the best time to be naughty since you are both distracted that you forget to be nervous. This is also the best time to share some of your sexual fantasies.

Sex Party Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

Talking dirty, sexy question games and sex parties are some of the ways couples can add spice to their relationship. For single women, it is also a great way to gain more confidence and experience in the sexual department. If you have enough confidence to go to a sex party, go for it!


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