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Sex Pills For Men to Last Longer


Because Premature Ejaculation or PE causes are wide-ranging and involve almost all dimensions of men, no single solution for this problem exists. It is important to know how you can fight premature ejaculation or one of the greatest hindrances to have the sexual satisfaction you desire. This sexual problem among men can be cured by taking sex drive pills.

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But prior to knowing the best six pills to last longer in bed for men, it is essential to get to know more about this medical condition, including its causes.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Sex Pills to Last Longer in Bed Outline

Premature Ejaculation is among the most common sexual dysfunction issues of men. In fact, it affects 20% – 40% of the entire male population. The problem is relatively common that virtually all men have experienced premature ejaculating once in their life. Before, Premature Ejaculation was defined as ejaculating in 2 minutes of full penetration. However, a lot of men who ejaculated in that time frame weren’t worried by their inability or lack of control and still enjoy a pleasurable sex life.

The satisfaction in their sexual experience makes a huge part of how this condition is being defined with differences in how men as well as their partners want sex to last used as the main grounds.

Thus, the definition of premature ejaculation today is flexible.

Who Is prone to PE?

Even if this condition is common amongst men aging 35 and below, in general it tends to happen in men dealing with a new condition like new experience, new relationship, or stressful conditions in their relationship like conflicts or tensions.

Read the following articles to get more information about PE:

Sex Enhancement Pills: Major Causes of Premature Ejaculation

A lot of men experiencing from this condition would want to know the reason why they do not last long enough to really enjoy sexual intercourse. PE occurs soon before or after the penetration, even if there’s no exact time limit, which defines it. It depends on diverse places and civilizations or backgrounds it typically means lasting under 2 minutes. So as to address this condition, it is essential to know the causes of PE. The causes of premature ejaculation could include fear of performance, too much excitement issues and other types of anxiety. Also it can be due to physical causes like nervous system acute hypersensitivity.

The following outlines the possible causes of Premature Ejaculation.

Emotional Issues or Anxiety:

The apprehension of not being able to please and satisfy one’s partner or too much expectations of one’s sexual capability is amongst the physical contributors to PE. Steps to improve self-confidence can aid a lot in eliminating this problem.


A lot of studies have discovered a connection between genetic factors and PE. Men who were discovered to have PE had first relatives who were inundated with a similar issue as well. Men are suggested to take a proactive method in decreasing the issue like knowing exercises to improve control over ejaculation.

Lack of Physical Control:

This condition depends on the profusion of the inhibitory neurotransmitter serotonin. What is more, the central nervous system also plays a very essential role in handling the action of the urethral sphincter. Men with this condition have an issue involving either of the two.


Due to the fact that stress is an extreme mental process, it could largely affect the control over ejaculation and the satisfaction come from sexual intercourse.

Too much and Improper Masturbation Habits:

Many men have grown up for years with nothing but masturbation as their sexual release. The issue with masturbation is that they have masturbated repeatedly with the sole point of orgasming, in order that their body is used to orgasming fast in response to sexual stimulus. Improper and too much masturbation is the most renowned causes of PE and definitely affects many men, all over the world today.

Sensitive Sympathetic Nervous System:

The Sympathetic Nervous System or SNS is what controls the system’s flight or fight response. It is also part of your nervous system which deals with pressure and stress. Some people were born with an extremely sensitive nervous system, and their systems react adversely to specific conditions. This can cause the body to become more excited and ejaculate faster than the average person.

Sex Pills for Men To Stop Premature Ejaculation

A lot of men all over the world suffer from PE. There are many kinds of treatment options made to allow you to disclaim the control of your intimacy that range from potions and creams to devices and to sex drive pills, men have many choices to look at. With lots of options on hand, men are still depending on male sex enhancement pills as their treatment. Here are the best sex pills for men to last longer to choose from.

a) Male Extra Pills

sex pills for men to last longer

Male Extra Pills is made from totally natural components and one of the best sex enhancing pills for men that are clinically examined and authorized by specialists all over the world. This presents a remarkable formulation which is even more persuasive and ready to give you harder and longer erections. Made from a special combination of herbal extracts combines with seventy percent of Pomegranate, this sex pill works extremely fast. Rich with L-aganine, Pomegranate, Tongkat Ali, methyl sulfanyl methance, muria pauma, as well as epimedium sagittatum, these special components are proven effective in increasing libido, sex drive, and healthy blood circulation as well as improving semen creation.

One of the best sex pills today because it has 500mg of Pomegranate ellagic, distinguishing itself as the most concentrated sex enhancement pills available. It is healthy and performs on multiple levels opposed to other treatments out there. This effectively helps in controlling your ejaculation and improved your stamina to produce several orgasms all night long.

b) VigRx Plus

sex pills for men to last longer

If you have been searching for an effective and safe stamina male enhancement pills, look no further than VigRx Plus. This pill has already met with remarkable support from clients who experience sexual inadequacy, such as the lack of getting and sustaining hard erections and lack of stamina or penile length.

This sex pills for men improves blood circulation to penis erectile tissue. It improves blood flow that causes the chambers of the penis to expand. The penis will become thicker and longer because the tissue chambers could hold more high amount of blood. This male enhancement pill has three new components that make it apart from other sex pills such as Bioperine, Damiana as well as Tribulus. Bioperine makes this sex pill potent.

This sex pill has been shown that this component improves the assimilation of any minerals and vitamins with which it’s blended. In general, Bioperine help the components to work faster than other products. Damiana and Tribulis are newly used ingredients. Tribulus is utilized to augment libido and cure erectile dysfunction for many years now. Also it increases men testosterone level. Damiana on the other hand has been used in lots of other areas like in South American, working as a 100 percent natural aphrodisiac. This offers many incredible benefits like long erectile function, long sexual stamina as well as increased pleasure.

All in all, VigRX Plus is one of the best male enhancement pills on hand today. It is safe to use. The best over the counter sex pills and has natural and herbal components.

c) ProSolution Pills

sex pills for men to last longer

ProSolution is one of the best sex pills to last longer that help stimulate as well as augment blood flow that in turn affects all parts of your body and stimulates to the tips of each organ that increases sex drive. It has amazing ingredients which help improve libido and long lasting erection. Potent ingredients included are Coryceps, Safflower, Taj, Shatavari, Reish mushroom as well as Momordica. These natural ingredients help men to improve sexual performance and also help with issues related to the prostate gland.

When you use this pill for longer period, you are able to sustain hard erection during lovemaking longer.

In fact, research shows that after using this pill for 30 days only men have reported improving their capability to perform well in the bedroom, improve penis size and have more control over each aspect of their sexual intercourse. There are many men all over the world who uses these delay pills for men that their sex lives have boosted radically and both participants are more pleased and contented than before and have greater levels of sustainability and the whole thing that go with that.

Certain men who utilized the ProSolution pills claim to have a general development in sustainability and size and a healthy blood flow enabling them to feel more masculine, and these outcomes came in fewer than fifteen days, and as fast as twenty minutes after taking the pill.

What is more, taking this ProSolution Supplement is also safe.


Clearly, the best sex pills mentioned above will meet your expectation, regardless of which angle you’re looking at. They are powerful male enhancement pills that help you to combat premature ejaculation. No side effects and safe to use. Just keep in mind to use these sex pills accordingly.


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    I’m aware of that thanks, but I was more so looking into similar products such as the ones mentioned in the OP

  • Yuroian says:

    “Great suggestion though on the wine, alcohol can make you last longer in the right amounts. Although if your like me, its easy to go past the “”right amount”” and end up with a whiskey dick.

    Ill give you some non-drug suggestions if you’d like?.. So I normally don’t have issues lasting (although I have), and have near complete control over when I orgasm so keep that in mind but I’ve found supplementing calcium, vitamin D, and zinc all increase libido while simultaneously making it harder to orgasm for me.”

  • Willson says:

    I’ve never had any problems with this but maybe it’s just because I have sex differently. I’m not pounding a girl for 5-10 minutes straight. Why don’t you just take a beak halfway and give her some pleasure too? Also, a girl blowing me never gets me off but it’s a nice way to extend the sex a little (if it does get you off, just ask her to do it more slowly).

  • Tennessee says:

    In all seriousness if you think your gonna get laid and you have time to prep rub one out, it works wonders. That or go two rounds, or learn how to eat box.

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