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Sex Positions Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation


Clitoral stimulation plays an important role in female’s overall sexual satisfaction. In fact, sex therapists claim that it’s not vaginal stimulation but rather the clitoral stimulation that is responsible for women’s powerful orgasms based on research. You might think that you got this covered and you will be able to satisfy your woman considering you do a lot of sexual positions during sex. But keep in mind that not all sexual positions will be able to do the trick. There are specific sex positions for clitoral stimulation that would hit that ultra-sensitive spot perfectly all the time. And this is where your experimenting begins.

The Role of Foreplay in Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris is a super sensitive tiny bud in the female genitalia that sends a magnitude of volts of pleasure for women. Based on studies, some women cannot achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration. In order to stimulate the clitoris, you only need shallow movement during penetration since it is only about 2.5cm -4cm away from the vaginal entrance. This creates a bigger challenge for men to find the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation so a woman can fully enjoy sexual penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time while satisfying himself as well.

Sex Positions Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation

No wonder most females are achieving orgasms even during foreplays due to clitoral stimulation as it becomes super sensitive even to the slightest tough when fully aroused. Unless a woman is on the brinks of sexual desire, hard and deeper pressure may cause pain and discomfort instead of pleasure. The slow and steady movements of tongue, hands, fingers, or handling of sexual toy like vibrator intensify the stimulated clitoris until a woman cannot control the intensity of orgasmic pleasure.

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Importance of clitoral stimulation during sex

Men should realize that stimulating the woman’s C-spot is just as important as stimulating the G-spot. The organ is supposed to provide nothing but pleasure alone so you must find ways on how to make the best out of it when you’re having sex. One of the effective ways you can guarantee female orgasm is when her clit has been stimulated well. You can always try the usual ways like rubbing, licking, sucking, use a dildo or vibrator. Or you can find sex positions that offer clitoral stimulation during sex. Either way, you must handle this tiny bud hidden in the folds of labia with care in order to make it swell with desire. The women anatomy consists of several erogenous zones but will not give women pleasure when not stimulated. What does stimulation mean to women? Women may take your attention as a good sign that you are the great partner in bed or it could mean an emotional attachment for being intimate with her.

Sex Positions Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation

The ultimate sex positions for clitoral stimulation

If there is one time when the saying “What may be good for you may not be for others” does not apply is with some sex positions for clitoral stimulation. There are sex positions that are good both for men with small, average, and large penises that do wonders for stimulating the clitoris.

  • Doggie Style and Its Variations

Women want to stimulate herself sometimes during penetration but this position will be hard for her to do that. You need to step up and lean over so you can touch her clit while staying pressed against her clitoris inside. Thrust slowly and gently and do some smooth motions in grinding her from the rear. This is the ultimate position for stimulating her clitoris and G-spot.

The best sex positions for clitoral stimulation that lasts

When you have all the time in the world and you want her to enjoy pleasure as long as she can you can try some of the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation that lasts.

  • The Om

This sexual position offers a longer-lasting stimulation on the female clitoris as you are both comfortably “connected” facing each other. The om makes maximum contact between your pelvis and her clitoris and you or your partner can set the pace and grind against each other for a while. You can even let her take charge on how she wants it by encouraging her to rub against you in upward and downward movements or rolling her hips to her satisfaction and your pleasure as well. This is one of the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation that lasts and you both can enjoy.

Best sex positions that enhance emotional intimacy

It’s not all about sex that gives that intensifying pleasure when you are being intimate with your partner. There are sex positions that enhance emotional intimacy that bonds two people together.

Sex Positions Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation

  • Missionary Position

Some good things do last and this includes this all-time classic sex position called the Missionary. This focuses more on connecting as you hold each other and be able to touch, fondle, and kiss each other and less on thrusting. When you feel like she is ready for more action and a little stronger movement, press your pelvic area to hers so you can put more pressure on her clitoris. Try shooting your body a little higher when you want to get deeper so your shaft and pelvis will be able to massage her clitoris.

  • Reverse Scoop

Reverse scoop not only offers ultimate closeness among partners but also one of the best sex positions to enhance pleasure through clitoral stimulation. Being positioned sideways gives you both the opportunity for manual stimulation and at the same time finding the perfect grinding rhythm comfortably.

Sex Positions Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation

The key to the best sex position for clitoral stimulation is deviating from the norm which is thrusting and focuses more on friction on the clitoris if you want the maximum results. Talk to her and let her open up on how she feels in every move you make. Manually stimulate her clitoris or lean forward or backward until you get the right angle wherein your pelvis is pressed onto her clit and get connected in mind and body. When you get a moaning from your grinding and touching, you know her clit is happy and you are hitting the right spot.

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