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Sex Tips for Women


Being good in bed is not just a mere requirement! It should be on top of the list of everyone who loves sex! Men and women don’t just have to have the best sex ever every time they’re together in bed, but it is also ideal to do something that will take the love-making to the next level.

If you think sex is as easy as it sounds in a three-letter word, think again! Sex is extraordinary. It is fantastic, and it gives everyone a great escape to the happy world. While most men have expertise in sex, other women, on the other hand, are having trouble making their sex experience better. But let us first avoid the stereotypes of seeing women who love sex as a perversion. Come on, it is natural! There is no difference between being a man and a woman on sex issues.

Now, to the main part! Many women want to make their sex life better with their partner. Possessing the good looks and sexy body are not enough to please a man in bed. Instead, do something that will make him crave of you when you are not around. So, whether you already have ideas or you want to find out more, we have gathered some of the helpful sex tips for women that can truly help.

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Use Libido-Boosting Enhancers

Libido supplements have become necessary to make your sex life better. In fact, they can help you set on the mood for sex. Here are some suggestions you can use:


The HerSolution had offered a big help to those who are having an issue on low libidos, particularly on women. Formulated with potent ingredients that involve the efforts of herbals, aphrodisiacs, and nutrients, the sexual desire of every user is effectively increased. HerSolution has ingredients in its formulation that includes hops extract, niacin, DHEA, ginkgo biloba, and raspberry leaf.

HerSolution’s Pros:

  • Helps women get an increased libido
  • Helps increase the sexual appetite, vaginal lubrication, sex anticipation, full-body arousal, and genital region intense arousal
  • Made with natural ingredients that are safe to use
  • Provides increased energy

Sex Tips for Women

HerSolution’s Cons:

  • Content’s dosage levels are not mentioned 


Provestra is a naturally formulated vitamin, supplement, and herb, which when combined can be called as a high-quality aphrodisiac for women. This formulation can help women get a sexual desire and assist them how to have better sex. Provestra contains ginseng, vitamin C, ginger root, ginkgo biloba, theobromine, iron, valerian root, folic acid, kuzu and other vitamins, minerals and aphrodisiacs that will set you in the mood.

Sex Tips for Women

Provestra’s Pros:

  • This is an effective product for women. This can help them gain back their sexual desire and become better in bed once again. Also, it contains natural ingredients that are safe to use for the body.
  • You can get more energy, enhance the immune system, soothes the menopausal symptoms, and relieves mild depression

Provestra’s Cons:

  • Some experienced an increase breast size


This is a cream product that helps women acquire sexual enhancement. Packed with active and natural ingredients in the making, Vigorelle effectively helps in delivering multiple sexual benefits to the users. This is applied as a vaginal lubricant, which believed to facilitate a smooth penetration, leading to an optimal satisfaction. This product includes peppermint oil and L-Arginine ingredients.

Vigorelle Pros:

  • Help prevent vaginal dryness
  • Promotes natural lubrication
  • Enhances vaginal region blood flow
  • Supports tissue health and good circulation
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Boost sexual performance and libido

Sex Tips for Women

Vigorelle Cons:

  • Not approved and regulated by FDA
  • No free samples are available
  • Ingredients quantity in the product are not specified

Your libido boosting enhances can come in different forms to help you how to make sex better. Try any of these if you are having a problem with your sex drive or on appetite on sex.

  • Have an Intimate Conversation

Sex is not an agreement but a mutual connection that is existing between partners or couples. Having an intimate talk about your sex lives as partners can truly make a difference. The best sex tips mentioned on this page will truly help women save their current relationship with their men. It is not awful to sometimes talk about sex with him. Don’t make an agreement but a passionate conversation about what you don’t like in your sexual activities. Also, don’t forget to praise the good points about him. This will help both of you become better partners, as you open what needs improvement and how it should be improved.

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  • Try Something Oral

So what is oral sex? It is a form of sex where the genital of your partner is stimulated by the mouth or tongue. Orals sex is exciting, but some are ashamed to try it. Even the greatest sex can start from something silent but could be taken to the next level over time. If you want to know how to please your man, try to innovate. If you are with your partner in bed and both of you are open to something new that potentially make the sexual activity even better, do it. Read some oral sex tips for women and give your partner a try. Most men love the idea that their partners are looking for ways to satisfy them in bed.

There are six tips for straight women from a gay man that could truly help with the oral sex. Ask them they’re excited to show you some. You can also get help from reading the material or watch some tutorials to know the oral sex.


  • Set the Mood at the Right Time

Finding the right time to have sex is important. Talk with your partner and choose the best time for sex. Don’t go for sex when one of you is exhausted. You can have sex in the morning where two of you get enough rest and have your brains relaxed. Set your alarms maybe 30 minutes ahead of your regular wake-up time. Or, you can also have your sex on the afternoon of every weekend, where you had taken enough rest at home. Try one of these sex tips for women and expect the greatness to come.

Sex Tips for Women

  • Experiment, experiment and more!

The more that you come up with new ideas, the better you become. Try to experiment using props and toys. You can go together and shops for these items, including vibrators, massage oils, and even blindfolds. Try to think of something unusual but make sure that you didn’t go beyond the level of your comfort for trying something new for man and woman sex. You can even play sensual music as a background while massaging your partner. Guaranteed, you can feel your libido flowing once you started doing the extras.

  • Go for Quality than Quantity

More doesn’t mean better. In sex, quality is more important than quantity. It doesn’t matter how many times you have sex for a week, but what matters most is the quality of sex you experience. More sex can lead to errors and often, most of it is not so satisfying and exciting. Men who want to know how to please a woman only have sex once a week. The more energy you placed in making love, the better performance you and your partner can receive.

  • Do the Foreplay

Before anything else set the mood in the room and know how to please a man sexually in bed. It is vital to practice the basics before going to the main dish. Foreplay should begin first before the actual thrusting. In fact, you can do the foreplay from the very start up to the end of the sexual intercourse, but it will completely depend on you. If you are curious how to have great sex, try foreplay if you are not doing it. Surely, you can see the difference! You can try warming his neck with your kisses, licking his fingers, touching her sensitive parts, telling her all the praises and other activities that can turn him on.

  • Explore the Spots

You can turn your man on by attacking his weird spots – like the feet, chest, and perineum. Try to know the erogenous zones, so you will understand where he usually feels the pleasure when you are having sex. The mastery of finding the erotic zones is distinguishing the sex from a passionate intimacy.

Sex Tips for Women

Most women nowadays are busy attending personal and professional lives. While this happens, they forget to be considerate of their sex lives. Why not take a look at some tips on how to please a man in bed and try it later? Though you’ve been together for many years, it is still ideal to make every sex like it was the first time. This will not just strengthen your relationship as a couple, but will also give you a better perspective about opening yourselves to a better possibility.

You, women, can be at your best. Thanks to these best sex tips for women, you could expect a great return and be the best you can ever be in bed.

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