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Sexsomnia: Don’t Be Caught Unaware

Have you heard of sexsomnia? Sexsomnia, also known as sleep sex, happens when a person engages in sexual activities while sleeping. This bodily activity is considered abnormal, and the person suffering from it has no recollection of the occurrence upon waking up.

Sexual dreams vs. sexsomnia

Is sexual dream considered as sexsomnia? No. Just because you get aroused and ejaculate from sexual dreams, it already means you are already experiencing this condition. Sexsomnia involves physical acts. The first ever case of a person engaged in sex while sleep is in the year 1986 and a total of 94 cases after more than 13 years. Finding the root of sex while sleeping has been a challenge for medical science because it’s relatively new and difficult to observe and study as this happens randomly at night.


What Causes Sexsomnia

These episodes are not uncommon but what causes it and what are the prevailing symptoms are still unknown. Research conducted regarding the condition suggests that a person is likely to experience it during NREM-non rapid eye movement- of the sleep cycle and the condition is triggered due to some contributing factors such as medical conditions, job-related stress, habits, as well as disrupted sleep caused my medication. Other factors can also trigger the condition like:

  • lack of or little sleep
  • exhaustion
  • excessive consumption of alcohol
  • illegal drug use
  • stress and anxiety
  • poor sleep schedule
  • travel
  • jobs with graveyard shifts


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Sexsomnia Symptoms

Sexual motions or sleep masturbation is one of the most common symptoms of sexsomnia. However, one may unknowingly look for sexual intimacy with others and may simultaneously experience other activities related to parasomnia like talking and walking while asleep.

Other symptoms include:

  • fondling
  • moaning
  • heavy breathing with heightened heart rate
  • sweating
  • masturbating
  • pelvic thrusting
  • initiating foreplay unconsciously with others
  • sexual intercourse
  • spontaneous orgasm
  • no memory of events
  • blank stare while its occurring
  • unable or having difficulty to walks

There is an impending psychological and emotional damage when the condition is not well treated.

Since the person experiencing sexsomnia is unaware of what’s happening, sleep rape might occur. This is one of the grave dangers of this condition. The person who is suffering from sleep sexuality disorders may unknowingly commit a crime of forced sex to someone else in the room or area. In the same manner that when a person suffering from the same may exhibit the desire for sex and the other party took advantage of the situation, but in reality, the act would not have happened for lack of desire to do the sexual act while awake.

Sexsomnia Treatments

Studies suggest that the symptoms characterized by sexsomnia are related to poor lifestyle and sleeping habits and schedule. Based on the reported cases, most experienced reduced symptoms while others seem to have resolved it by getting more sleep consistently. Medical treatment is also available for those who are prescribed with a mild sedative, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety medications, bite plates, mouth guards, antacids, and more. It is always best to consult a doctor when symptoms are noticed for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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