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Sexual Enhancement Pills for Females


What will you do if one day you find yourself losing your sexual desires? Women experience loss of sexual drive. While most people would think that the condition is not a big concern among women, the fact that there are various female enhancement pills over the counter only means otherwise. What causes it is not known but there are contributing factors that triggers it like hormonal changes, lifestyle, relationships issues, stress, and other underlying factors.



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However, one shouldn’t mistake an occasional low drive for sex as the condition itself. Maybe you are just tired the other night and you didn’t feel like being intimate with your partner. It could be alarming when you are experiencing a major decrease of interest in sexual acts and it is already causing distress in your life.

Medically speaking, HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder or known as loss of sexual desire is sexual dysfunction most common among women.

A recently concluded study suggests that almost a third of women between 18 and 59 are suffering from the condition. It is a wrong notion to believe that frequent sex causes low sexual drive. Even your satisfaction is in no way connected with the condition. The fact that both physical and mental aspects of the female body are affected means sexual enhancement for females is necessary alongside a natural way of curing it.

What are the Best Natural Alternatives for Sexual Enhancement Pills for Females

Female Enhancement Pills and Natural Ways of Curing Low Sexual Desire

Sexual enhancement pills for females are prescribed to cure low sexual desire. But there are natural ways in which women (and men alike) can bring back their drive.

Diet— isn’t it amazing how diet can also help you bring back your libido without taking any sexual enhancement pills for females? The key is identifying which foods to include, avoid, and significantly reduce.

  • Learn about foods that are naturally aphrodisiacs like avocados and bananas as these are loaded with vitamins and minerals which encourages more blood flow into the human genitals and increases sexual drive naturally.
  • Foods rich in collagen helps increase the collagen level in female body as its production through time naturally declines causing vaginal wall to loosen.
  • Foods rich in iron like beef, spinach, kale, and other dark leafy vegetables helps women increase arousal, lubrication, sexual desire, and the ability to reach orgasm.
  • Other foods that are scientifically proven to increase sexual desire and works like female enhancement liquid and pills without side effects includes dark chocolate, nuts, watermelon, spices like clove and nutmeg, almond, and most especially water to avoid dehydration and vaginal dryness.
  • Avoid fried foods, Trans fats, processed foods, low quality protein, foods high in sodium, sugar, caffeine, conventional dairy, alcohol, and even microwavable popcorn. These contain grease, chemicals, and synthetic hormones that affect your body and sexual performance negatively.

Essential Oils — essential oils are popularly used to create and enhance a certain mood. It is not surprising then to know that these oils can actually help increase libido not just for women but men as well.

What are the Best Natural Alternatives for Sexual Enhancement Pills for Females

  • Use essential oils like ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and also cinnamon oil as these have been effective in increasing sex drive naturally. They balance levels of testosterone in the body in both sexes. Aside from that, these are also natural aphrodisiacs to have shown an improved mood when used. Sandalwood has been widely and commonly used for perfumes and colognes for this purpose.

Exercise, Meditation, and Change in Lifestyle— you may not notice it but sometimes the lack of energy in sex is brought about by poor lifestyle, weight gain, and too little exercise or lack thereof. In view of this, you don’t need any of the top female enhancement pills to increase your libido but to change your lifestyle and lose weight. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change as overdoing it may also lead to the same result. You have to be careful of how rigorous these exercises are to avoid over training and over fatigue. Set a goal and work on it. Choose your exercises routine wisely, consult a certified fitness instructor or doctor if necessary, to increase growth hormone and ultimately improve your mood, blood flow, and how you feel about yourself.

Women sometimes consider taking some of the best female enhancement pills to increase libido. But if you feel like your condition is brought about by low self-esteem, one of the natural ways to improve one’s mind condition is through meditation. Yoga is said to be effective in improving the mood and body perception that leads to far better orgasm than ever before as blood flow in the genital area is increased. Nobody’s perfect so focus not on your flaws but rather on your best attributes to relieve yourself from stress. Smoking, as the warning goes, is not good for your health. The fire that needs to be lit is within you. Studies shows that smoking causes lowers fertility, sex drive, and satisfaction, not to mention the damages it causes in your organ system.

If the problem is not in you but in your man, check out the following posts:

What are the Top Libido Enhancer for Females

Every couple can try any of the different ways and methods mentioned above to bring back the steamy and exciting sex life for you and your partner the natural way. But there are products available you can try as well like a female libido enhancer which comes in many forms like cream, pills.

What are the Best Natural Alternatives for Sexual Enhancement Pills for Females

  1. Vigorelle – VigorelleTM is the leading female libido enhancement product there is in the market today. It’s an all-natural herbal cream which guarantees the best results without harsh chemicals that irritates the skin.
  2. HerSolutionGel -HerSolution Gel is a popular female enhancement product. This is also known as the female version of Viagra among all female enhancement products.
  3. Provestra – female libido enhancer helps in improving lubrication and sexual response by increasing blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral regions.

There are natural ways and then there are products and supplements that can help you cure the lack of sexual desire for females. Whichever you choose to use, it’s still best to identify the root cause of the condition. It is only through this way where you can totally find cure and be able to address the condition with the help of sexual enhancement pills for females.


  • Bethany says:

    This product tingles nicely when applied and is great as a part of foreplay. I was very pleased with the results. I can usually get in the mood but this made it much easier to have an orgasm.

  • Beverley says:

    Vigorelle is a great product to try but I would recommend Provestra. They are in pills form and work from inside of your body to restore your sexual desire. Vigorelle is Beverleymore like a temporary solution.

  • Candiss says:

    I just recently went on pills to lower anxiety and have noticed a giant decrease in my sex drive. I only plan on being on those pills for a month. I am worried that I will never get it back even if I stop. Anyone know if Vigorelle can restore my sex drive?

    • Mallory says:

      I have experienced this as well with my pills I take for panic attacks. It was fine at first but it got lower and lower and now my husband and I don’t have sex at all. I fear for my marriage.

  • Britney says:

    I did have the best sex I’ve had in a couple years. So much more passionate. I didn’t have much faith In her solutions pills but I’ve taken them daily and it’s opened my heart and sex drive.

  • Albertyne says:

    At first, I didn’t think these were working but I stuck it out. Her Solutions pills increase in my libido it was very gradual but it was real. I didn’t notice any side effects other than the intended ones.

  • Cimberleigh says:

    I’ve been taking them for 3.5 weeks now. At about 2 weeks I started noticing a difference in my drive for sex, which was non existence prior to taking the pills. Now, I’m experiencing emotions that have been “hidden” for years. I’m experiencing a softer side of me more than i am experiencing a higher sex drive. I’m sure they’re linked though. I’m a big cry baby lately. Tears of joy too.

  • Marleina says:

    Wonderful female enhancement product! After trying some others, I understand it’s the best. It gives me often amazing sex I could only dream. I thought I lost interest to sex long ago but this product helped to feel like a real woman again

  • Teela says:

    I am using Provestra pills, the price was good and the pills seemed to work well. My periods became regular again and my husband really appreciates that my sex-drive has returned

  • Tionna says:

    Absolutely excellent one of the best products i have used my pleasure has increased a lot ever since i started using these i enjoy it much more, recommend to anyone wanting more pleasure.

  • Maria says:

    ” My sketchy little friendling can have quite little desire for sex without first smoking a spliff. Chocolate combines quite nicely with weed and has saturated fat and such which friendling considers must assist weed in increasing libido and intensifying the whole sexual experience…

    A bloke who knows this friend ling told her that mephedrone makes “”girls get bare horny””. Friendling doesn’t find this so much, and hasn’t really discussed this with any other female. The only thing she’d say is that she’s possibly easier to coerce into having sex when snorting drone than she would be sober, as she’s in a more euphoric and confident state.”

  • Eva Adam says:

    My fem friend loves to masturbate/watch porn/have sex on uppers. Meth/ice usually made for the best sex, with increased energy, stimulation and confidance. She finds that she does some very dirty things when under the influence, and can sometimes even be embarrased about it later. Trouble with meth is that she becomes fixated on sex, and if she doesnt have the right tools around her at the time can end up feeling very frustrated.
    Mdma is good once she gets started. She won’t feel horny until her man starts to touch her, then she can’t stop her orgasms after that. very nice.
    Weed is ok, but really speed/ice shit all over it.

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