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Signs of Impotence in Male


What is impotence or popularly known as Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a guy to maintain an erection. It could either be the fact that the erection isn’t firm enough for having intercourse or it could be the fact that erection cannot be maintained for a longer time. Or it may also because this guy is unable to ejaculate. At some point in their lives, a lot of men are very much likely to experience impotence issues.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable, but before knowing the symptoms and the right treatment, it is important to know what causes impotence.

Common Causes of Impotence

ED can be due to diverse factors which include psychological, physical as well as lifestyle-related problems.

  • High Blood Pressure

If you are experiencing high blood pressure, it might prevent arteries and veins in your penis from dilating up fully. This causes a restricted amount of blood flow to your penis and eventually causing impotence or ED.

  • Aging

When you reach the age of 40, the level of prolactin augments, stimulating dihydrotestosterone conversion, causing enlarged prostate as well as erection difficulty in most men.

Signs of Impotence in Male

  • Uncontrolled Diet

An uncontrolled diet which is rich in trans-fat and saturated fat can cause too much build up of fat in the veins and arteries in your penis. Fat is needed for proper brain function, but too much intake causes it to build up in the veins and arteries in your brain and penis. That is also why some experts indicate that impotence is one of the many signs of stroke and heart diseases.

Read the Following Methods:

The cigarette has nicotine that is stimulative. It leads to exhaustion of oxygen in your bloodstream, triggering your heart to beat faster than usual to carry more oxygen to various parts of your body. It also causes the depletion of the level of nitric oxide, this substance which dilates or relaxes blood vessels, allowing them to bring more blood to your penis and helping to make and maintain a hard and longer erection, released from the top of your penis leading to ED.

  • Diabetes

To have a healthy sex life, a guy needs to have healthy blood vessels, nerve as well as a healthy libido and male hormones to obtain a strong erection.

Diabetes might cause serious impairment to one’s blood vessels and nerves that aid erection. So, if one contracts diabetes, he might have the normal level of the hormone and desire to have sex, but a firm erection might be hard to obtain.

Stress, Anxiety, and Frustration

The failure to have an erection might not always be due to a physical cause, stress, and anxiety over performance could, in fact, cause a guy to also have a problem with erection. Experts from the American Urological Association, however, 75 percent of ED cases are due to physical factors instead of psychological.

Signs of Impotence in Male

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

ED or impotence is curable in almost all the cases. However, there is a need to know and analyze the signs of impotence at an early stage. This will help you to avoid any further complications. ED or erectile dysfunction is very common amongst men, recently, change in lifestyle has increased the chances of many men experiencing this issue.

Any man incapable of obtaining sufficient hard erection even after stimulation, and under appropriate circumstances for sex, might be experiencing from impotence. Infrequently almost everyone experiences such situation at some point in life but frequent and consistent episodes of this seek immediate medical advice and attention. If a guy is experiencing from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety or diabetes and has begun taking certain treatment for addressing any of these issues and later on faces issues associated with erection or weak erection must visit a doctor. The research found that certain medicines may initiate problem of erectile dysfunction.

Signs of Impotence in Male

Evidence has revealed that men are experiencing erectile dysfunction initially obtain sufficient stiffness in their penis but are not capable of holding it for the pleasing and satisfying duration. This is also one of the many signs of erectile dysfunction. This situation suggests that soft tissues present in the penis are not able to hold the blood for enough time that signifies weakness in the male organ.

Loss of sexual desire or low libido can happen because of many reasons that might be physical or psychological. Lack of sexual desire could cause episodes of ED as well. It becomes intricate to identify that issue is of Ed or low libido. Expert advice is important if you have declined fantasies of sex, lack of interest in sexual intercourse as well as irritation or lesser interest in the activity that uses to stimulate him previously.

Lazy erections are also erectile dysfunction signs where men get an erection but lost it when it’s needed the most, or it’s too weak to perform. These conditions when frequently happening for over two weeks need abrupt medical attention. Some men might have a weak erection during intercourse, but it doesn’t mean that their Mr. Sniffles can’t go hard. Some can still obtain a hard and full erection while they are asleep or if stimulated by auditory or visual stimulation. This suggests that it might be due to psychological reasons that stop a person from doing.

Signs of Impotence in Male

Is there Any Cure for Impotence?

There are natural alternatives to drugs for impotence which also address erectile dysfunction issues for men. You can find these products online. Some of these male enhancement pills are CaliPlus, VigaPlus and VigRX Plus. These are herbal supplements that you can purchase online for a fraction of the cost, which treats, Ed much like over the counter drugs does.

Aside from being effective, they also cost less and most of all they don’t have any harmful effects because only contain all-natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are proven effective and safe to use. In fact, some were used by ancient people hundreds of years ago. You can read customer reviews of these all-natural remedies and know the number of men who are benefited by these products and make your choice wisely.

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