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Solo Sex


Men and women around the world are pleasuring themselves instead of having sexual intercourse. For men, it is very common to pleasure themselves using their hand. You might deny the fact that you have masturbation, but all people masturbate. Solo sex can be as-as good as having sex with your partner. In fact, some people find it more pleasurable than having sex with their partner.

If you are still single and hungry for sex, it will be a risk for you to go out and find your sex companion. If you are hungry for sex yet you don’t have one, solo sex is a life saver. Whether you are single or a newly divorced one, solo sex is good for you, and you can try some of the best solo sex positions. Having safe sex is one of the benefits of solo sex. Masturbation, after all, is the safest kind of sex of all and no one argues with it. With solo sex, there are no judgments, no disease, no heartbreak and no failure.

Solo Sex

The Truth about Solo Sex and Masturbation

The truth is that: you can take care of yourself every day. You don’t need someone to help you eat and sleep. It is you alone. You don’t need others just to make you feel comfortable. Orgasms are one of the best feelings you can experience with sex. However, if you are not yet ready to have sex or having several reasons for sex, then it is better to turn to male solo sex or female solo sex. It’s all right to masturbate while watching your favorite hope solo sex video.

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Masturbation is a way to soothe your hunger for sex. You can also have the control of your arousal than the actual sex. This is also a good and helpful preparation before doing the actual sex for you can control your orgasm and know how long can you last. Here are some of the solo sex tricks you can do while masturbating.

Solo Sex

  • Read Erotic Stories

Reading written erotic stories is an effective way to make you aroused. Although this is old fashion, this won’t go out of style in setting you on the mood. Today, reading erotic stories had been made easier because of the internet. You can browse for the best and hottest stories online. With the help of the internet, it is so easy to publish and write your own story. Reading can make you imagine and will make you aroused. Whether you are into some fetishes or you are into reading the Fifty Shades of Grey, or any erotic stories are very effective.

  • Vibrator Sex Toys

As you go on with your solo sex experience, you can also try new things to make your experience more exciting. You can select from the wide selection of vibrator online and make use of it in touching your body and your genitals. All you have to do is to experiment with it and see for yourself how it works. If you are still single, you don’t need to wait for the right guy to have amazing sex. Make use of this sex toys, and the moment you find your partner, you will more engage in sex. Knowing how to make yourself turn on will easily make you wet and ready for the actual sex of your life.

  • Watch Sex Videos

If you find reading a boring activity, then try watching sex videos and porn videos. You can choose from the different hope solo sex tape while you are masturbating. While you are watching the video, start touching your body with your hands. You can also try using a feather to arouse yourself. Feather is a different way of pleasuring yourself, and some women have used this for their lovers and themselves. You can also browse the internet for hot porn and solo sex video and see if you are doing the right thing. Different people around the world uploaded their solo sex videos to show how good they are in pleasuring themselves. If you are a woman, make use of your finger in pleasuring yourself and be creative.

Solo Sex

  • Benefits of Solo Sex

There are plenty of reasons why solo sex sessions are helpful for your health. If you are single and not yet ready to have sex, don’t worry. You can turn to solo sex and reap its numerous health benefits. Masturbation offers tons of benefits that will greatly contribute to your overall health. It can prevent cancer, boost your mood and provides you with self-esteem. Exploring yourself and being creative with masturbation will provide you will a pleasurable experience and good health. Below are the benefits of solo sex.

  • Improves sleep

With the process of ejaculation, a man releases chemicals like oxytocin and prolactin that naturally contribute to better sleep. Masturbation can make you achieve your orgasms and feel relaxed and be free from anxieties.

  • Helps to last longer

Are you afraid of your first sex? Try masturbating about an hour before the actual sex session. According to experts, masturbating before sex will give them a long-lasting performance in bed. It also builds stamina and gives you control and reduces premature ejaculation. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

  • Reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction

The best way to make your dick well-functioning is to keep it working. Doing regular masturbation and having sex more frequent can reduce the risk of having erectile dysfunction among men. Masturbation also increases the flow of blood to your genitals.

Solo Sex

Aside from the above benefits, solo sex can also increase your lifespan, prevents sexually transmitted disease, improves your heart health, and prevents prostate cancer and many more. You don’t need to be afraid of touching yourself and experimenting with it. Solo sex or masturbation is regarded as the safest sex since you are the only one involved. For both men and women, this is the chance to explore new, exciting and sexy things to give themselves real pleasure.

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