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Surprising Kissing Facts


Kissing is a form of art and is one of the most functional portions of foreplay throughout sex. Kissing can aid you to burn calories, this can get you going, it can help to improve a relationship, and an impeccable kiss can surely turn you on. However, there are some things you didn’t know about kissing.

So, whether you called it as making out, tonsil hockey, snogging or smooching, here are the surprising facts about kissing that you never knew.

Kissing originates from gross beginnings

Did you know that according to researchers, they are not sure where the act of kissing came from; however, they have some ideas where it may have had its origin. They state that mothers used to chew up their food and spit into to their kid’s mouths. A lot of historians say the very first recorded kissing acted in Sumer, the first civilization.

Surprising Kissing Facts

Further, the Bible and the Egyptian poetry also refer to kissing. They note that Alexander the Great might have spread the action after conquering India, wherein kissing was a common practice.

Philemaphobia is the fear of kissing

Yes, it’s true. The fear of kissing is real. Called as philemaphobia, the fear of kissing is common among inexperienced and young kissers who are afraid of doing something strange and awful, although it can be massive at any age.

Surprising Kissing Facts

This kind of phobia can be caused by several factors, which includes a fear of germs, fear of touch, a fear of intimacy as well as fear of bodily odors. Since serious philemaphobia can affect a person’s overall welfare and capability to pursue a romantic relationship, this condition may need treatment.

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Kissing comes naturally, but our methods can change

You are kissed by birth, and other animals appear to kiss as well. For instance, Bonobos, a kind of Chimpanzee have been known to smooch for around twelve minutes straight, while fish touch lips and giraffes prefer to entwine necks. So while every individual seems to be programmed to understand what to do, most of us pick up those culture-specific methods from TV and movies.

Surprising Kissing Facts

Did you know that there are things you can learn to make kissing lips a better experience? By lying off the pressure – this generates the stress hormone known as cortisol.

Men prefer tongue more than girls do

In case you didn’t know yet, men are more likely to show a preference for wet, open-mouthed kisses, and girls are continuously complaining about the excessive tongue. Well, there is a reason why a lot of men do this. An open mouth enables men to dose women with few amounts of libido-increasing testosterone through their saliva.

Surprising Kissing Facts

Use red to make your lips more seducing

You will find something about women trying to make their lips the same as Angelina Jolie’s. A lip of a woman starts to thin with age as the estrogen levels decline. Therefore full lips can tell fertility. However, too much plum could flop. According to experts, if you have too big lips, there is a probability of having the opposite effect.

Surprising Kissing Facts

You can prevent turning off people that you wish to attract by using bright red lipstick. Choosing red in particular is rated the most seducing in research.

Kissing can be addictive

Ever lip kiss someone and cannot get enough? This is because of dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good brain chemical, which kicks into high gear every time you kiss making you elated and even more obsessed with our partner.

Surprising Kissing Facts

While this feeling is the same to addiction, dopamine is more plentiful in the early stages of a relationship and reduces as the novelty of your partner wears off. However, because dopamine is more abundant when you are with a new love, it fuels you up, making it addictive nature.

Kissing while drunk can increase the passion

On the contrary, alcohol and drugs stimulate some of the similar brain chemicals as a kiss so you could mistake the substance-induced high for passionate feelings regarding your partner. However, if you are seeking for something casual, kissing lips experience can be much better after a drink or maybe a two.

Kissing plays as a drug, so when a lot is riding on it, you must go with the most definite impression of what you feel that is perhaps more obvious when you are sober.

Surprising Kissing Facts

International Kissing Day History

The famous International Kissing day was founded in 2006 to concentrate on the kissing lips, which takes place between partners and to rejoice the place it holds in the society. One of the most amazing facts about people kissing is that 5% of individual more than 45 years old are locking lips at least 31 times per week! Events are also prepared all over the world to celebrate this day, with activities for those who are searching for them and for those who have lovers.

Kissing you helps lessen stress

After a busy and stressful day at the office – fight the need to plop down on your couch. Call your partner over and give her some smooch instead. According to Oxford University, they found out that people who were able to kiss more than average were suggestively less depressed and stressed than people who didn’t.

It is because kissing – and other kinds of behaviors might reduce your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Also, the research all recommends that being affectionate can make you feel more optimistic and happier.

Surprising Kissing Facts

Kissing is something, which all of us have done. There are loads of benefits, which medical researchers have discovered to be connected kissing. From firming up your face, burning calories, to cleaning your teeth, kissing is not just for fun. It doesn’t matter your ability, background or age, kissing is here to stay at all times. Except if you live in countries where people kissing are punishable by the law and illegal.

Hope you enjoy these kissing facts. Happy kissing folks!

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