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The 5 Best Sex Toys to Use with your Man


The majority of adult sex toy enthusiasts are known to have sex toys which are specifically targeted to the needs of females. This includes butterfly stims. However, there are also a huge number of sex toys for the female that can be used for male as well. Read on to know the sex toys for women that can be used by men as well.

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  • Fingertip Massagers

Alongside small vibrators, a fingertip massager is the best items to use in foreplay. A finger massager is available as supple sleeves which fit onto the finger and it comes with a raised textured surface and ones which have a vibrating included. You can use this sex toy to gently touch the surface of your man’s skin to get them ready for sex or lovemaking. Also available are finger stimulators that have tapered ends for use in anal playing for your man.

  • The Mini Massager

As the name suggests, this sex toy is super discreet. You and your man will surely love this massager as there is nothing more daunting than a huge libido, most essentially if you are utilizing a sex toy with your man for the very first time. If you are introducing an adult toy into your lovemaking for the very first time, begin with the small one. This small massager is also known as Pocket Rocket that is tiny enough to help you turn your partner on. This will surely drive your man crazy and beg for more. Opposed to other types of vibrators out there, the vibrators are as efficient and strong, these are extremely small and you don’t even know that you are utilizing a toy. Turn your man on even more through taking the first move and begin playing. Soon you will get your man going.

The 5 Best Sex Toys to Use with your Man

  • Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are one of the best sex toys for men and the best sex toys for the couple as well. They are available as either single-ended or open-ended sleeve. The single ended type of penis sleeve normally has an extension at the top of the sleeve that allows the guy to add supplementary inches to the penis that enables the receiving partner to enjoy a deeper level of penetration if wanted for. Some also have pleasure nodules on the surface. On the other hand, the open-ended type is accessible either as in a pack or as singles and have a diverse, stimulating surface on the exterior that invigorates the female.

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  • G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot is also one of the best sex toys for women. If like to intensify your masturbation or if you want to put something new to the bedroom collection with your partner, then this is the best toy available to have. This vibrator is easily recognized by their shaft harshly twists or curve near the top, which allows for the utmost pleasure. This type of vibrator can also be used to your man as a prostate vibrator. For sure this will give him an intense pleasure and that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

  • Magic Wand Personal Massager

This is also one of the best sex toys for women that can also be used for a man. This magic wand massage uses by the woman to stimulate the clitoris with the help of the controller. It has varying speed and pressure, so you can choose one that fits your need. However, this can be used for man as a prostate stimulator. The prostate is the one that makes the man reach sexual climax. If you just know how to massage it, for sure he will be moaning and groaning with pleasure.

The 5 Best Sex Toys to Use with your Man

  • Remote Control Adult Toys

A remote control sex toy is one of the most common types of sex toys for couples lately. This type of sex toy is usually wireless with some of them have a range of up to ten meters. Just pass on the controller to your partner and let the fun begin. Normally coming with multiple speed functions on hand through touching a button, remote control sex toys could be utilized any place provided the fact that they are within the range of the remote control. If the female is wearing a bullet vibrator and the man has the controller, she could have any level of sensation while not being in charge.

  • Sex Toys for the Shower

To assist you to enjoy your shower sex there are many types of sex toys available such as an attachment which transforms your shower into a steamy and wild bath. This allows you to do any sexual position in order to make the fight more intense.

Adult toys which are traditionally related to sole use could also be utilized as sex toys for couples. A rabbit sex toy like for example can be utilized by a girl to please the man rather than the female using it on her own. Similarly, a woman could utilize a male masturbator in her vagina rather than use it as a solo toy. Use your imagination and enjoy sex toys together.

The 5 Best Sex Toys to Use with your Man

These are just some of the best sex toys that you can use for a man. There are lots of stores out there where you can buy sex toys, but 3 of the most reliable and dependable stores are Tootimid.com, Fullextend.com as well as edenfantasy.com.

Top 3 Best Sex Toy Stores Online

Here you can only find the best sex toys for men, best sex toys for women and best sex toys for couples as well. All you have to do is to do a proper research and ensure that the one you are getting is the one that you need. Each product has a description in order to help you get to know more about the product including the material, how to use, and how to keep it clean and mostly the price. These sex toy stores online most of the time updates the products they offer, so make it a point always to visit these sites each time you want to buy a new sex toy. They also offer a huge discount and the delivery is so discreet than other distributors.

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