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The Quick Guide To Giving A Woman The Best Orgasm Of Her Life


Have you finally mastered the art of how to make a girl cum? Giving a woman the best orgasm might be hard, but it is not impossible. There are various tricks on how to make a girl orgasm. If you want to give your partner an intense orgasm, you need to know these tricks and tips.

Tips on How to Make a Woman Orgasm

Explore her Body

Get to know your partner’s body if you want to learn how to pleasure a woman. Explore your partner’s body slowly. Touch her everywhere and note where she reacts. You may also want to watch her please herself to see where she loves touching herself. If you’re going to be direct, you can ask her where she wants to be touched.

Spend More Time on Foreplay

Looking for the answers on how to make a girl come? You should consider spending more time on foreplay. Female oral sex is great if you want to get your partner to reach the big “O,” but you should not forget other fun foreplay options. Performance anxiety causes a lot of female orgasm problems. Women have to be at the right moment to have an orgasm. You can lick her neck, talk dirty, suck her nipple or rub your penis against her vagina or clitoris without actually entering her. This is one of the effective steps on how to give a woman the best orgasm.

The Quick Guide To Giving A Woman The Best Orgasm Of Her Life

Communicate with Your Partner

Communication is essential in any relationship. Tell your partner not to fake her orgasm. Women want their partner to feel like they are doing a good job, but they may fake their orgasm if you are taking too long to get her there. You don’t want that to happen, so you should be frank with her and tell her not to fake it. Tell her that you want her to enjoy an orgasm no matter the effort or time it takes. This will reassure her and help you avoid any miscommunication.

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Stimulate Her Clitoris

One of the steps that you should learn on how to make her come, you should stimulate her clit. Most women only orgasm when their clitoris is being stimulated. Some can’t orgasm at all even when their partner is doing penetrative, oral or digital sex. You should not pull the clitoral hood up immediately. This is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when learning how to make her orgasm. After all, you don’t want your partner to have painful sex.

The Quick Guide To Giving A Woman The Best Orgasm Of Her Life

You might think that revealing the clitoris would give her greater pleasure, but it will not. Well, not right away. Pulling the clitoral hood up would be painful and uncomfortable. The clit will tell you when your partner is ready to have her clitoral hood pulled up. When your partner is sufficiently stimulated, her clit will get engorged and reveal itself.

You should also use lubrication. It doesn’t matter whether you are using your hands or having penetrative sex. You should slather her clitoris with lube. Aside from making things easier for you, it also prevents the clitoris from swelling or bruising due to dry rubbing.

There are sex positions that stimulate the clit like the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) missionary. To do this position, you have to get as far above your partner as possible in a missionary position. This will allow your pelvis to grind against her clitoris while you thrust in and out.

If you want to know how to give a girl an orgasm, you should always pay attention to her clit. Whether you are penetrating her, using your fingers, going down on her or using a sex toy, you shouldn’t forget to stimulate her clit.

  • Use Sex Toys

Whether you are learning how to give oral sex or how to go down on a girl, you should consider using sex toys. There are vibrators and dildos that you can use to stimulate her clit and help her reach an orgasm. Sex toys can also help spice up your relationship. You can use a vibrator on her clitoris while you penetrate her.

The Quick Guide To Giving A Woman The Best Orgasm Of Her Life

  • Read Erotic Books or Watch Videos

You can watch videos like a girl going down on the girl or read erotic books together with your partner. This is an awesome way to learn how to get an orgasm. There are a lot of adult websites where you can watch videos and read erotic materials for free.

  • Be Patient

You should be patient as well. The fact that you want to help her reach orgasm is a huge turn-on. Just don’t pressure her to come sooner. Keep in mind that the clit is different than your manhood. If you start getting impatient or frustrated about it, your girl may never come. You are thinking about her reaching an orgasm, but she is thinking about it ten times more.

If you pressure her into having one, do you think she will be able to have one? No. It is normal for the vagina or clit to take more time to climax than the penis. It can take about fifteen to forty minutes. It may seem like a very long time, but you have to accept the fact that this is completely normal. However, what’s worse than the time it takes to orgasm is being with someone who doesn’t care whether you climax or not. Don’t get upset with your partner or yourself if she is not there yet. Just enjoy your journey to the big “O.” If you can’t make her climax this time, you should not worry. You just need to try again and again.

The Quick Guide To Giving A Woman The Best Orgasm Of Her Life

What is an orgasm for a woman? Women may have different definitions for an orgasm, but if you want to help her reach it, you can follow the tips stated above. If you know how to orgasm or how to make a woman come, you will definitely enjoy mind-blowing sex every time. Your partner will also be happy to reciprocate your effort.

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