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Tricks to Have the Best Orgasm


Are you prepping up for a night of passion and dirty fantasies for your dream girl? If so, don’t forget to learn some orgasm tips to ensure you can make an impression in the bedroom. If you are looking for ways on how to make your wife orgasm or on how to make your girlfriend orgasm, then this is exactly the article that you are looking for.

No one can deny that sex is the foundation of any relationship. While you can have a great relationship with your wife or girlfriend regarding personality, without great sex it is likely it will fade away. This is why many couples don’t spare any effort in findings ways to keep the fire burning for as long as they can.

However, you cannot deny as well that sometimes relationships go through problems that end in sexual deprivation. When partners don’t love anymore, often sex just naturally gets out of the equation. However, it could be that the reason for the sexual deprivation is that one of them is unable to meet their sexual obligations to their partner.

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How to Have an Amazing Orgasm

The problem of being unable to satisfy their sexual partner is often a problem that men experiences. With erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and all kinds of sexual issues men often experiences, the question of how to make your girl orgasm becomes a pertinent one. On that note, here are some orgasm tips on how to have an intense orgasm.

Tricks to Have the Best Orgasm

Start with Mental Preparation

This could be you or your partner. Orgasm is in the brain, and that means the way you or her think can affect the whole process of how to climax. In that case, you should start by correcting any negative thoughts and reassure yourself that you can make her feel good. Whether the imperfections are yours or hers, set your mind and let her know that you can make her orgasm in pleasure.

Extend the Foreplay

Women love sex but what they love the most is when foreplay lasts for as long as possible. Women get turned on with foreplay, getting them on the mood for long, passionate sex. As such, focusing and extending the foreplay is one of the ways you can make her climax intensely. This, however, depends highly on how you understand her and what kind of foreplay turns her on.

Whether her favorite foreplay involves nibbling her neck, kissing her clit or massaging her back, the key is to do it repeatedly. Let her feel your flesh as you spread her body and taste her. Whisper her sweet nothings or if she prefers, dirty words too. Foreplay is all about making her comfortable so she will be really for the main event.

Stimulate Her Breasts

A woman’s breasts have an amazing sensual stimulation that can easily lead to her climax. As her man, you need to know the ways to stimulate and pleasure her through her breasts. It is not just by caressing her breasts but also in how you do so.

Tricks to Have the Best Orgasm

One way to stimulate her breasts is by sucking it but don’t do it as if you are a baby. Do it sensually and teasingly. Letting your tongue run through her cleavage, licking it and tasting it can also add an amazing stimulation. When her breasts become wet, run your hands or even chest, so it becomes so tender she is almost aching.

Stimulate Her Clit

After to her breasts, her clitoris is one of her parts that have a great deal of stimulation. In fact, stimulating her clit is one of the biggest contributors to her coming to orgasm. Men who know how to stimulate clitoris are sure to know how to make his girl cry out in pleasure. Constant licking and sucking are important to make it tender.


This also gives a woman with an almost out-of-this-world feeling, making her cum with an inexplicable feeling. When you’ve thoroughly stimulated heTricks to Have the Best Orgasmr clit, and her vaginal fluid is all over the place, rub her slowly to achieve a rhythmic beat that makes her ache for you. If you repeated doing it, you are sure to make her feel like the pressure is building in her bud that she wants to cry out.

Focus on the G-Spot

The G-spot is a part of her that really gives maximum sexual pleasure. This is the part of the female genitalia said to contain nerve endings that all work out in your goal of making her cry in pleasure for an intense orgasm. One thing about stimulating the G-spot is there is no clear rule about how to hit it. Stimulating the G-spot relies more on your instinct.

In that case, pay attention to how your partner responds to you. It is within your discretion in realizing what your woman’s G-spot is. As you have intercourse with her, you will notice how her response changes automatically when you hit her G-spot. Once you find it, stay there for as long as you can and give it a well-deserved focus for an orgasm like she never experienced before.

Tricks to Have the Best Orgasm

These are some of the best orgasm techniques to make her climax, but there is one important thing to remember. You need to manage somehow manage the gap between a man and woman’s orgasm if you want her to have a wonderful experience. It is natural for men to climax faster from women that sometimes they can do it twice, even thrice, before a woman orgasm.

In some cases, it could be premature ejaculation, but in natural cases, it could be a real bother and unsatisfying to her if you need to slow down for your penis to recover. In these cases, you can use certain medications and exercises meant to add extra firmness and even more volume of semen. You can take medications that can keep your penis erect extra longer.

By keeping a longer, firmer erection together with the orgasm tips mentioned above, you can make sure to pleasure you woman intensely. Doing this is sure to elevate your sex life to a whole new level, your wife or girlfriend will feel more loved and satisfied with your relationship. Try these techniques to make your woman cry in an orgasm she never had before.

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